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Stop The Insanity: BBQ Pitmasters Told To Take Down American Flags

  Hat/Tip to Todd Starnes at When will the PC madness stop? And why would ANYONE agree to NOT fly Old Glory? Nothing says America quite like smoking a pork butt and flying Old Glory. “The sport of professional barbecue is extremely American and family oriented,”said pitmaster Jeff Petkevicius. So you can imagine Jeff’s extreme displeasure when organizers of an Alabama barbecue competition ordered him – along with other competitors to take down the American flags hanging from their barbecue trailers. It happened Feb. 27th at the Sam’s Club National BBQ Competition in Daphne, Ala., sponsored by the Kansas […]

Taking The Selfie To An Entirely New Level…You’ll Never Guess Where

  Hat/Tip to The Glow. And no, we’re not talking about the selfie in the picture above. You’ll never guess where the next generation of selfies will be taken. Imagine if you will, that a selfie-stick…   And a sex toy…   Had a baby… And voilà! You have the new “Selfie Stick For Your Vagina!!”   Yes, you read that right. No need to adjust your interwebz. They’ve become the hallmark of every rookie traveller around the globe, and now the humble selfie stick is getting a sort-of sexy makeover. A vibrator that films the view from up your vagina has […]

Are You Smarter Than A Common Core Fourth Grader?

  Hat/Tip to the Conservative Tribune. “Are you smarter than a Common Core fourth grader?” That was a question posed by an Arkansas Mom after her son showed her that if he answered a math question with the simple, logical, two step answer and gave the correct number, he would still get it wrong, because he didn’t do the Common Core 108 step version of the problem. Yes. Really. Common Core is falling apart — and the people leading the charge to end the controversial education standard are often the parents of frustrated children. Karen Lamoreaux is one of those parents. […]

Echos Of Churchill: 20 Best Quotes From Bibi’s Speech To Congress 2015

  Hat/Tip to Doug Ross @ Journal. Awesome speech by an awesome world leader. 20. For those who believe that Iran threatens the Jewish state, but not the Jewish people, listen to Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, Iran’s chief terrorist proxy. He said: If all the Jews gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of chasing them down around the world. 19. Iran’s regime is not merely a Jewish problem, any more than the Nazi regime was merely a Jewish problem. The 6 million Jews murdered by the Nazis were but a fraction of the 60 million […]

Time For Torches And Pitchforks: Dictator Obama To Impose New Taxes Via Executive Order

This president really does believe he’s our king. That we must bow before him. That he can impose his will upon us by fiat. The Constitution? That’s so old, who cares about it anymore? Certainly not anyone in his administration! He’s got a pen and a phone, and he’s going to use them to unilaterally raise taxes. President Obama really does think he is a king or an emperor of some type. Now he claims that he is going to use executive orders to raise taxes on us all. This arrogant prince thinks he can do anything he wants just […]

Benjamin Netanyahu Speech to Congress 2015 In Its Entirety

Hat/Tip to the New York Times. Benjamin Netanyahu is the type of leader that we need in this country. He is not afraid to call his enemy by their name, he is not afraid to stand up to those who threaten his country, and he puts the safety and security of his country ahead of all else. Our President is the type of leader who puts the safety and… Our President is the type of leader who is willing to stand up to… *sigh* Our President plays golf. . . .

Jane Harman Estimates $500,000 Unreported Algerian Donation To Clintons Got Lost In System

  Former Congresswoman Jane Harman (D-CA) takes a “guess” on Fox News Sunday, that the unreported $500,000.00 Algerian donation to the Clinton Foundation “got lost in the system,” and was never submitted to the State Department for approval. Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State at the time, and the buck would have, or should have, stopped at her desk for final approval, had it been questionable, which it surely was. Political candidates are not allowed to take money from foreign governments. Algeria is “foreign,” is 99 percent Sunni Muslim with 99 percent Berber/Arab ancestry. She was not a political candidate, […]

The New York Times Ad That Has The White House Furious

  Hat/Tip to the Conservative Tribune. The NYT is the bastion of liberal thinking and left wing smear tactics, so when it recently ran an ad critical of someone in the Obama Administration, it came (pardon the pun) out of left field… In something of a surprise move, the New York Times published an ad in Saturday’s paper from an American Jewish group that flips the criticism right back on Susan Rice, calling out her “blind spot” when it comes to genocide, according to the Gateway Pundit.   The ad, which features a picture of Rice next to several rows […]

Restoration Of America Radio Network: Great Common Core Interview Podcast Feb 27, 2015

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King Obama Has Been Given The Power To Unilaterally Raise Taxes By…King Obama

Hat/Tip to Warren Todd Huston at Doug Ross @ Journal. Is there no limit to his power? Can no one stop him? President Obama really does think he is a king or an emperor of some type. Now he claims that he is going to use executive orders to raise taxes on us all. This arrogant prince thinks he can do anything he wants just by his say-so. No act of Congress needed. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest confirmed Monday that President Obama is “very interested” in the idea of raising taxes through unilateral executive action. “The president certainly has […]

Breaking News: Boehner To Cave, Expected To Allow Vote On Clean DHS Bill

  Hat/Tip to Drudge Report and CNN. Well, we’ve been expecting Boehner’s spine to turn to jelly, and frankly it’s surprising that it’s lasted this long. House Speaker John Boehner is expected to move soon — as early as Wednesday — to bring up the clean bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security for a vote on the House floor, according to two House GOP sources familiar with leadership discussions. A clean bill to fully fund the Department through the end of the fiscal year is what Democrats have been demanding, and conservatives have been fighting against. The plan […]

FedEx Driver Witnesses Something So Gut-Wrenching It Brings The Cops Running

Hat/Tip to the Conservative Tribune and Some stories just make you want to cry, this story will give you nightmares. To think what this little boy suffered through, for absolutely no fault of his own and from the one person in the world that little boys trust the most – his mother. In what appears to be a completely normal home in a neighborhood where extreme public violence is not commonplace, a FedEx worker driving by the Houston home immediately dialed 911 after the horrifying scene he came upon while driving by. The home is occupied by 23-year-old Jenea Muniga, her parents, […]

Snakes In The White House

Compared to Barack Obama, Benedict Arnold was a rank amateur… “President Obama has strengthened Israel’s defense in concrete and unprecedented ways …”— White House blog “They have to fly over our airspace in Iraq. Are we just going to sit there and watch?” — Zbigniew Brzezinski, Former national security advisor to Jimmy Carter The Bethlehem-based news agency Ma’an has cited a Kuwaiti newspaper report Saturday, that US PresidentBarack Obama thwarted an Israeli military attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities in 2014 by threatening to shoot down Israeli jets before they could reach their targets in Iran. Following Obama’s threat, Prime Minister […]

Jeb Bush: Common Core Transcript – CPAC 2015

  Jeb Bush provided talking points on Common Core today at CPAC 2015, and only talking points. His point? Common Core is not a “federal take-over, and it should not be a federal take-over.” Easy to say. Impossible to demonstrate. The federal government has no role in the creation of curriculum and content. The federal government should have no access to student I.D. or student information. ~ Jeb Bush Partial CPAC 2015 transcript follows some commentary directly below. The question for Jeb is, who is behind writing the standards? He wasn’t asked, but here is an answer: 2007, David Coleman and Jason Zimba found Student […]

Video: Donald Trump Has Harsh Words for Mitt Romney And Jeb Bush at CPAC… Crowd Cheers

Hat/Tip to the Conservative Tribune. Donald Trump is no politician. He is a blunt, say it like it is businessman and that is a huge part of his appeal. His bluntness was on display at CPAC this year, as well. The last week has been a bit rough for Jeb Bush. The former governor of Florida attended the Conservative Political Action Conference with high hopes for a 2016 presidential run, but he has been hit with a harsh dose of reality. Several prominent conservatives took time in their CPAC speeches to specifically criticize the brother of George W. Bush, and […]

New Documents Obtained Prove Hillary “What Difference Does It Make” Clinton Lied About Benghazi

Hat/Tip to Tom Fitton at Doug Ross @ Journal. Looks like Hillary’s chickens just may be coming home to roost… I’ve always believed that the Benghazi cover-up was about two presidential campaigns: Barack Obama’s reelection campaign and Hillary Clinton’s nascent presidential campaign. Why else would Hillary Clinton personally send out lies about Benghazi within hours, and then keep on pushing these lies until the truth could no longer be ignored. The truth about an attack by an al Qaeda group that killed our ambassador and three other brave Americans in the days before Obama’s reelection would not only have put […]

Restoration Of America Radio Network: The Conservative Syndicate Podcast Feb 23, 2015

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BREAKING: Kuwaiti Newspaper Reports Obama Threatened To Shoot Down Israeli Planes If They Attacked Iran’s Nuclear Capabilities

  Obama threatened to shoot down IAF Iran strike, because he wants Iran to get The Bomb The president who bombs everybody vetoed an Israeli first strike against Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities. Not only that, he threatened to shoot down IAF planes if they tried. In a shocking report, a Kuwaiti newspaper is claiming that President Barack Obama once threatened to shoot down Israeli jets if they went through with a plan to target Iranian nuclear sites. Citing “well-placed sources,” Al-Jarida claims that sometime in 2014, the Israeli government made plans to attack Iran when they heard that the United […]