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Leading From Behind Or Just Plain Scared?: Obama Cowers As Iran Hijacks A U.S.-Flagged Ship

Hat/Tip to Doug Ross @ Journal and Sara Noble at The Independent Sentinel. Either he’s afraid of the Iranians or he is okay with what they did. Any guesses? The U.S. should not allow Iran to seize any ships but President Obama’s Pentagon has found some lawyers who advised them they don’t have to defend a seized ship sailing under the Marshall Islands flag, despite the fact that the Marshall Islands is a U.S. protectorate What a message. If an ally’s ship is seized, the U.S. will look for a lawyer to say they don’t have to defend them. President […]

Audio: Mark Levin Says Baltimore Prosecutor Is A HACK And A DISGRACE

Hat/Tip to As usual, Mark Levin knocks it out of the park on the flimsy excuse for justice in Baltimore. Mark Levin opened his show tonight with blistering analysis of the announced prosecutions of Baltimore police officers, saying it all amounts to mob rule. He points out that the prosecutor, who brought the charges today against the six officers involved in Freddie Gray’s arrest, based these charges on a complaint as the investigations aren’t even completed yet. Further, he said that some of these charges are utterly absurd and that this prosecution is all about politics. Levin says this […]

Pizza Shop Worker Loves Seattle’s New $15 Minimum Wage, Until He Finds Out That It Cost Him His Job

Hat/Tip to Ashley Dobson at RedAlertPolitics. Fifteen bucks an hour? Score!!!! Then reality sets in… Pizza shop worker Devin Jeran was excited about the raise that was coming his way thanks to Seattle’s new $15 an hour minimum wage law. Or at least he was until he found out that it would cost him his job. Jeran will only see a bigger paycheck until August when his boss has to shut down her Z Pizza location, putting him and his 11 co-workers out of work, Q13 Fox reported. He said that while the law was being discussed all he heard about […]

Clinton Foundation Stench Driving Away Donors

  Hat/Tip to and Hot Air. Why? Well maybe part of the problem is the stellar endorsements that Hillz has gotten, such as these that are adding to the odor of something, not quite right… Lesbian PAC Endorses Hillary, She Will Lick The Competition … or Larry Flynt Endorses Hillary, Centerfold To Follow? Gee, I wonder why? After all, many of them haven’t yet been identified. Ken Vogel explains that the publicity surrounding the influence-peddling schemes at chez Clinton has potential donors looking elsewhere, but … does that apply to those who still want to buy influence? Hmmm. Actually, the fact […]

‘Stand By Me’ Singer, Ben E. King Dead At 76 Years Old

Hat/Tip to and the NYPost. One of the most cherished voices in music died on April 30, 2015. Ben E. King wrote and sang some of the greatest songs in the American lexicon. Of course, everyone associates him with his signature hit, “Stand By Me,” but he also had a hand in “There Goes My Baby,” “Spanish Harlem” and “This Magic Moment” among others. Ben E. King, singer of such classics as “Stand By Me,” ”There Goes My Baby” and “Spanish Harlem,” has died. King died Thursday at age 76, publicist Phil Brown told The Associated Press. Brown did not […]

Raw Video: Pain Is Temporary, Quitting Lasts Forever

Hat/Tip to I Hate The Media and ijreview. Captain Sarah Cudd overcame adversity in an inspirational video that shows us all what “never quitting” looks like. According to a video published on Live Leak: CPT Sarah Cudd from Public Health Command, Fort Knox is only 1 of the 46 candidates who earned the EFMB yesterday at Fort Dix, NJ..27 April 2015. This is her last few seconds of the 12 Mile Foot March. The Foot March is the last event of the Expert Field Medical Badge (EFMB), and must be completed within 3 hours. If you want it, you have to […]

Larry Flynt Endorses Hillary, Centerfold To Follow?

Hat/Tip to I Hate The Media. What more can be said, really? . . .

Chris Christie Ally David Wildstein Pleads Guilty To Bridgegate Charges

The partisan Democrats at Eric Holder’s Loretta Lynch’s Justice Department have landed their first punch against presumptive GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie. They convinced David Wildstein, a long-time Christie ally and friend, to admit he conspired to close lanes of traffic leading to the George Washington Bridge as “punishment” to Fort Lee mayor Mark Sokolich. Former Port Authority official David Wildstein today pleaded guilty to a two count information, admitting to a federal judge that he conspired with Bridget Kelly and Bill Baroni to close lanes of traffic leading to the George Washington Bridge as punishment to Fort Lee Mayor […]

“Lone Survivor” Makes Once In A Lifetime Offer To Mom Who Smacked Down Race Rioting Son

  Hat/Tip to the Conservative Tribune. If more parents were like this Mom, then the Baltimore riots would have been a peaceful protest. Toya Graham has become an almost unanimous pick for “mom of the year” after she delivered a harsh smacking to her son for being involved in the rioting in Baltimore. Marcus Luttrell, former Navy SEAL and subject of the book and film “Lone Survivor,” apparently saw a bit of his own mother in Graham, as well. The veteran and American hero made an offer to Graham over Facebook, saying that he wanted to meet her and her family […]

White House Press Secretary ‘Earnestly’ Avoids Answering Questions About Hillary’s Foreign Donations

Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers. The most transparent administration on the planet evidently doesn’t bother with daily briefings, because they’ re never aware of anything, ever. Not only did the Clinton charity continue to take money from foreign donors, but they failed to disclose the donors as required under Hillary’s agreement with the administration to maintain transparency. Moreover, not only did Hillary not stop taking money, but money to the charity doubled during the time she was Secretary of State. White House? Oh, we don’t know much about the story… . . .

Disaster Area — Any Place Governed By A Democrat

    “I think we as a country have to do some soul-searching.” — Barack Obama “Barack Obama is right – America does indeed have some soul-searching to do, namely regarding the terrible mistake in allowing Mr. Obama to be its president.” — D.W. Ulsterman But bad as is the current pretender to the throne, it’s not only the man; it’s his Party.  From Vietnam to the Iran hostage crisis to the rise of ISIS; from Watts to Ferguson to Baltimore; from “what the meaning of is, is…” to “you didn’t build that,”  the tax-and-spend, cut-and-run resumes  of Democrats from […]

Self Identified Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders Challenges Hillary For Democratic Nomination

Hat/Tip to Fox News. Self described Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders, Independent from Vermont, has announced he is challenging Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders announced Thursday he is running for president, giving Hillary Clinton her first official Democratic primary challenger.  At a press conference, the independent senator and self-described “democratic socialist” said he is “running to win,” though he faces long odds against Clinton’s juggernaut political operation — and several other potential Democratic candidates.  Sanders, in throwing his hat into the ring, urged the media to discuss “serious issues” and […]

One Dad’s Awesome Response To School Principal Who Tried To Lecture Him

Hat/Tip to Oliver Darcy at The Blaze. The idea behind this letter might have been, at one time, penned in the best interests of the child. However, as government gets bigger and bigger, then you can begin to see the underlying condescension that this letter is virtually dripping with. Where the schools letter says, “The school district is not in the position of overseeing family vacations, or evaluating the educational nature of a family trip”, you can imagine the principal writing, “The school district is not in the position of overseeing family vacations YET, or APPROVING the educational nature of a […]

Straw Poll: Sarah – 79%, Hillary – 7%

Hat/Tip to Lance Thate at Of course this is a very unscientific poll, but it makes you wonder what a head-to-head match up between the two of them would be like, huh? Hillary Decimated by Palin in Today’s Poll The media and party polls continue to play each other off with this candidate or that one being beaten by Hillary. When another candidate beats Hillary, there is the proverbial declaration of “within the margin of error too close to call”. This is a never ending theme to fill airtime. The Town Criers ask you to consider their random poll. […]

“Stripped Away Of Opportunity?” What Hopelessness Is Not

Today Obama commented on the Baltimore riots and those who have been “stripped away of opportunity…where there are no fathers” to offer “guidance,” where “manufacturing has been stripped away; and drugs have flooded the community, and the drug industry ends up being the primary employer for a whole lot of folks….” The president intimates that burning buildings, cars, and looting businesses is the result of hopelessness. I assure you, this is not hopelessness. Drug addictions strip away opportunity, but a future is there if you want it. Robbing neighbors, burning cars, and destroying businesses strips away opportunity for the community […]

New Jersey Has 7 Of The 10 Counties In America With The Highest Property Taxes

  Anybody here remember a fellow named Chris Christie? He ran for governor, promising to “do something” about New Jersey’s perennially high property taxes. Boy oh boy, I sure do wish we’d elected that guy. Because according to a recent study, 7 of the 10 counties in America with the highest property taxes are right here in the Garden State. Where, rumor has it, Chris Christie is actually the governor. It’s no secret that New Jersey homeowners are hit with some of the highest property taxes in the nation. But just how high, relative to other parts of the country, […]

CONFIRMED: Obama “Siding with Iran” In Yemen Conflict

Hat/Tip to Doug Ross @ Journal and the Tower. What was it Obama said in his book? Oh yeah! “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” – Barack Obama, p. 261 The Audacity Of Hope. The Obama administration is “siding with Iran” while operating “over the heads of the Saudis” in its deliberations over the future of Yemen, Tony Badran, a research fellow for the Foundation of Defense of Democracies, wrote Friday in an analysis published on the Lebanese website NOW News. Badran noted that a number of administration officials, while publicly […]

Photography Is Patience And Timing

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