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Your Smile For The Day: Polish Soldier Names His New Son After U.S. Soldier Who Gave His Life To Save Him In Afghanistan

Hat/Tip to Nickarama at WeaselZippers. Stories like this, show just how much positive influence America has on the rest of the world. Here, a US soldier bravely gave his life to save a man who he probably didn’t know all that well. It was an instant decision and one that ended the life of a brave American. But it began a relationship that is helping to heal wounds brought about by the horrors of war. On August 28, 2013, U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Michael H. Ollis, 24, during a Taliban attack on a NATO base in Ghazni, eastern Afghanistan. Taliban […]

Must See Video: Caught On Tape, Encounter Between Police And Private Citizens

  It seems that since the incident between Ferguson, Missouri Police Officer Darren Wilson and Michael Brown that more and more police encounters are being caught on tape. This is no exception, and this incident involves another Missouri police department. In the following video in Kansas City, Missouri, The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department was out looking for people. And when they spotted a subject, they went after them, in a sting operation the likes of which this country has never seen. . . .

US Census To Make Category For Middle Easterners (Muslims)

Hat/Tip to BFH at On the face of it, this appears to be just a innocuous, bureaucratic change in the way census forms are filled out. But make no mistake, this is just another step in the march to the Islamic Caliphate that Muslims have sought for centuries. By granting them a separate category when it comes to denoting race, then it also gives them more access to benefits handed out at tax payer expense. When will we ever learn our lesson? The federal government may allow those of Middle Eastern and North African descent to identify as such […]

Scott Walker And The Art Of Winning

Hat/Tip to Nickarama at WeaselZippers. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has been flying under the national radar, so to speak. What he’s accomplished in Wisconsin, a deep blue, Union state, is nothing short of amazing. If they made a movie of his election win, then his win against a recall, and re-election where he keeps getting more and more votes, then no one would buy it. The critics would say it’s too “Pollyanna,” that the “feel good ending” was just not believable enough. But real life sometimes doesn’t imitate art, because that is just exactly what happened to Gov. Walker and […]

Dagwood Bumstead Dead of Heart Attack!

Dagwood Bumstead, office manager at the J.C. & Dithers construction company, died at his home today of an apparent heart attack minutes after finished one of his patented “Bumstead” sandwiches.  First responders at the scene tried desperately to revive him as his shattered wife, Blondie looked on. “We tried everything” said a paramedic. But given his unhealthy lifestyle, I mean we found nothing but uneaten sandwiches next to him, it is a wonder that he lasted this long. According to Bumstead’s wife, he had just returned from the kitchen carrying one of his sandwiches when he collapsed on the sofa. […]

Judge Accuses Justice Department Of Committing Fraud In Whistle Blower Case

    Hat/Tip to Cardigan at  Judge Francis Allegra is accusing seven government lawyers of obstructing justice after an official intimidated a witness in the trial. He has actually banned the accused lawyers from his courtroom, in this case. Watch the video:   From any neutral viewpoint, it’s a big and serious story when a federal judge (appointed by Clinton) accuses seven Justice Department attorneys of fraud in a whistleblower case. In essence, the judge is alleging the worst sorts of ethical violations–possibly criminal–against the very government attorneys who are supposed to protect the public’s interest. In a newly […]

When Democrat Hero FDR Confiscated American Citizens’ Gold — At The Point Of A Gun

Hat/Tip to Nick Sorrentino at Doug Ross @ Journal. He was instrumental in the Allied victories in WWII, but his economic policies were disastrous. A little tidbit that is all but forgotten is the fact that Roosevelt forced all Americans to turn in their gold, or else. FDR, the man who studied Mussolini, who birthed the current intrusive state, who started the drug war in earnest, who put Japanese Americans into concentration camps, who extended the Depression years longer than it needed to be and thereby contributed to the genesis of the Second World War, who tried to pack the […]

MSNBC Does It Again: Reporter Calls Chris Kyle “Racist” Who Went On “Killing Sprees”

Hat/Tip to John Nolte at The same network who brought you, on Memorial Day weekend, Chris Hayes saying he was troubled by the term “fallen heroes” when speaking about US military personnel killed in the line of duty. Now we’ve got a reporter named Ayman Mohyeldin who decided to take it upon himself to label Chris Kyle a racist who, instead of serving his country, went on “killing sprees.” Editor’s Note: What a tool. Transcript via Newsbusters: MOHYELDIN: A lot of his stories when he was back home in Texas, a lot of his own personal opinions about what […]

Breaking News: Romney Makes Decision On 2016 Run For POTUS

Hat/Tip to Foxnews. He’ finally made the announcement! Mitt Romney announced Friday he will not run for president in 2016, after briefly flirting with a third White House run — a decision that only slightly narrows the crowded field of potential Republican candidates.  “After putting considerable thought into making another run for president, I’ve decided it’s best to give other leaders in the party the opportunity to become our next nominee,” Romney told donors on a conference call Friday morning.  The announcement comes after the 2012 GOP nominee, who repeatedly denied interest in another campaign, surprised donors earlier this month […]

Jesse Ventura When Asked If He Regretted Suing A Widow And Orphans: “Not At All”

Hat/Tip to Patrick Howley at The Daily Caller and Ben Shapiro at Truth Revolt and Brandon Webb at Loudmouth, Conspiracy Nut and Tinfoil Hat wearing former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura is digging his hole within the SEAL and NSW community deeper by the day, it seems. His latest buffoonery was in response to this question: Do you regret suing Chris Kyle and his widow and orphan children? Ventura’s immediate response? “Not at all.” Worse yet, he is painting himself as the victim here. Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura told The Daily Caller that he does not regret suing “American […]

King Andrew, Lord Mayor Wilhelm Jr. Have “Absolutely No Regrets” Over Shutting Down New York City

Monday as New York City braced itself for a potential blizzard King Andrew Cuomo of New York and Lord Mayor Warren Wilhelm Jr. made a controversial decision:  Subways, the lifeline of the city, will be shut down. As the world now knows the so-called “Blizzard of 2015” was a bust, leaving only six inches of snow in the city.  I sat down with the duo to discuss their decision and the reasoning behind it. MI: Good afternoon. Let’s start the question everyone wants to know. Why did you shut down the subways?  In New York City, where many do not own cars, […]

Sequester? That’s Old News: President Obama Wants To INCREASE Spending

It’s all I can do to keep from stepping out of my door and shouting to the top of my lungs, WE TOLD YOU SO! The next liberal who tries to tell me President Obama has cut spending, etc., I will find it hard pressed to keep from calling a liar. Anyone with one eye can look and see he has done no such thing. The only time he has cut spending has been in the area of defense. He suggested the sequester spending cuts and then threw a temper tantrum when the Republicans took him up on his idea. […]

Welcome To Obamaville: Where 1 In 5 Children Are On Food Stamps

This past weekend I had an Obamabot angrily inform me that his Dear Leader has finally fixed George Bush’s mess, and our economy is now roaring along like never before. “Just look at the stock market!,” he sneered.The irony of him working 3 part-time jobs (with no benefits) instead of the much higher-paying full-time 9-5 job he had during the Bush Administration was lost on him. So I guess he won’t believe his lyin’ eyes today when he reads the latest news out of the Census Bureau. Or he’ll blame Rethuglicans for sabotaging The One’s munificence again. Sixteen million children […]

Sharyl Attkisson Testifies: DOJ ‘Bullied And Threatened’ Her For Telling Truth

Hat/Tip to Sandy Fitzgerald at Newsmax. Sharyl Attkisson rose to fame, in the journalist’s world, anyway, as a tough-as-nails, call it down the middle, let the story lead her to the truth, Investigative Journalist. She’s done stories on government and its various administrations – both Democrat AND Republican throughout her entire 30+ year career. And the left was fine with that, when it was the GOP she was digging dirt up on, but since 2008, the push back by the thin-skinned Obama administration and their sycophants in the Main Stream Media shows they’ve no tolerance for any such reporting. Attkisson […]

Must See Video: McCain to Protesters: ‘Get Out of Here, You Low-life Scum’

Hat/Tip to Newsmax. A large part of the base of the Republican Party doesn’t think too much of Arizona Senator John McCain, but every once in a while, he gets one right. Today is one of those days. Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain has kicked protesters out of a budget hearing, calling them “low-life scum.” The upheaval came Thursday on Capitol Hill after members of an anti-war group calling itself Code Pink approached a witness table where former secretaries of state Henry Kissinger, Madeleine Albright and George P. Shultz were testifying. The protesters carried signs calling the 91-year-old […]

I’m Not Sure Why These Things Aren’t Everywhere: Part 6

Packing tape that is easy to open. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bike racks that don’t take up sidewalk space. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Caution signs that are funny. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Victory For Consumers: FCC Rules No More Blocking Wi-Fi In Hotels

Sorry Marriott, you can’t block personal Wi-Fi hotspots. Because, freedom! On Tuesday, the Federal Communications Commission issued an “Enforcement Advisory” stating that blocking W-Fi in hotels is unequivocally “prohibited.” “Persons or businesses causing intentional interference to Wi-Fi hotspots are subject to enforcement action,” the FCC bluntly stated, referencing a dispute between Marriott and its customers who said the hotel chain had blocked their personal hotspots to to force them to pay for Marriott’s Wi-Fi services. “The Enforcement Bureau has seen a disturbing trend in which hotels and other commercial establishments block wireless consumers from using their own personal Wi-Fi hot […]

Slippery Slope: Sharia Forcing Its Way Into Texas

Hat/Tip to Warner Todd Huston at LibertyNews. This is how it started in the United Kingdom and other nations that have knuckled under and allowed this sickness to infect their countries. It has now been confirmed that a Muslim community in Dallas, Texas has somehow been allowed to set up their own extralegal sharia court to pass judgement on members of their community. It’s all quite outside the real court system in Texas. This is the first step toward destroying our own culture and allowing Islamization to begin. The Imam’s who claim to be “judges” in this extralegal “court” say […]