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Oklahoma Muslim Arrested After Threats To Behead Coworker

  Oklahoma, we have a problem that needs to be dealt with. After the horrific beheading of Colleen Hufford by Muslim convert Alton Nolen last week, it is now being revealed that another Muslim living in Oklahoma has been arrested for threatening to behead a female coworker. The Muslim is Jacob Mugambi Muriithi, a Kenyan native who was living and working in Oklahoma. In one of the most conservative states in America, we seem to have a problem with radical Islam. News OK – In a bizarre coincidence, a fired Oklahoma City nursing home employee was arrested Friday after a […]

Dem Rep. John Lewis Says He’s “Terrified” Racist Tea Party Will Tear Obama Down…

Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers. Playing the Race Card. The Democratic Campaign Tactic that never grows old… /sarcasm off Yeah, John, Obama’s presidency is in a tailspin and he did it all by himself. Subject: Terrifying From: John Lewis <[email protected]> Date: September 27, 2014 8:58:29 AM EDT To:  Drew Barack Obama’s election was one of the proudest days of my life. I felt like I had spent decades fighting for that moment…and in many ways I had. But now 6 years later, Republicans are trying once again to tear the President down. And quite frankly, it terrifies me what they could do […]

Bam! Emeril Slams ‘Obama Nonsense,’ Laments Decline of Restaurant Industry

Hat/Tip to It seems all areas of our society are waking up to the nightmare that is named Obama… As a celebrity chef, cookbook author, and TV personality, Emeril Lagasse is one of the most well known chefs in the country, and with a net worth of about $50 million and a food empire that brings in an estimated $150 million, he’s one of the wealthiest, too. So it was surprising to hear him say at a recent event that he has “nowhere to go, really—other than broke.” The reason? Predictably, Big Government. “It’s becoming a very challenging industry to […]

Some Surprises In The News and Some News That’s Not Surprising

Some people like surprises and some don’t. But, surprises happen whether we like them or not. Here are few things I found surprising in recent news stories: 1. Remember flight MH 17 that was downed over eastern Ukraine back in July? After weeks of US and European leaders blaming Russia for downing the plane and causing the death of 298 passengers and crew and Russia vehemently denying the charge and calling for an international investigation into the cause of the crash, the public still has no “official” answers. So, it was surprising to read that lawyers for the families of […]

World’s Deepest Pool in Italy Lets You Dive Down 12 Stories

Hat/Tip to Fox News. Talk about a heart-stopping plunge. A new pool in Italy holds a world record for the deepest swimming pool ever built and has depths equivalent to a 12-story building.   Let that sink in for a moment. Y-40 Deep Joy pool is a terrifying 137-feet deep and 59-feet wide.  Housed on the grounds of Hotel Terme Millepini near Padua, Italy, it was designed by architect Emanuele Boaretto, who wanted “to build the best swimming pool in the world.”  In June, the Guinness World Records-certified it as the world’s deepest swimming pool for scuba diving. Too chicken […]

ISIS Calls For World-Wide Jihad: Releases Tape Calling For All Muslims to Murder All Non-Muslims

Hat/Tip to D.C. Clothesline and Pamela Geller. Hey, they’re just following the Qur’an: “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.” (8:12) “So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captive and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, leave their way free to them.” (9:5) “Those who reject Allah follow vanities, while those who believe follow the […]

School Security Guard to Army Officer: You Can’t Come In While Wearing Your Uniform

Hat/Tip to Fox News. As seen on Fox and Friends Fox and Friends asked its viewers what story outraged them the most this morning. And this one out of Michigan was an easy winner: an Army officer was apparently told he could not enter his daughter’s school because he was wearing his Army uniform. His wife, Rachel Ferhadson, explained what happened via phone. Ferhadson and her husband, Lt. Col Sherwood Baker, had stopped at Rochester Adams High School in Rochester Hills during the day to clear up an issue with his daughter’s class schedule. But when Baker tried to go […]

70% of Families From Obama’s Illegal Alien Surge Never Showed Up for Their Appointments

  Remember all those kids and families who came streaming across the border thanks to Obama’s lax enforcement policies and promises of amnesty? Remember how DHS swore they’d keep track of them while processing their paperwork? Yeah, it didn’t work out like that. Tens of thousands of young families caught crossing the border illegally earlier this year subsequently failed to meet with federal immigration agents, as they were instructed, the Homeland Security Department has acknowledged privately. An official with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement revealed that about 70 percent of immigrant families the Obama administration had released into the U.S. […]

Beheading In Oklahoma – Workplace Violence Or Islamic Terroism?

  I am late in getting to this story because of time constraints and other responsibilities. In fact, I think my family knew about the beheading in Moore, Oklahoma before I did. I learned about it from OK Politechs late yesterday afternoon. By now, everyone knows the story. Alton Nolen, a recent convert to Islam, was fired from his job at a food processing plant in Moore. He returned to the plant, hitting a car in the process, went inside and commenced stabbing the first person he saw. That person was 54-year-old Colleen Hufford and before he was finished, Alton […]

Climate Science Devolving Into War of Information? [Guest Post]

Antarctic ice anomaly June 2014 A rather large group of outspoken politicians and scientists, aided by the mainstream media, continue to present a public face of near certainty regarding the current state of climate science. However, the truth behind the scenes is anything but certain. In fact, it would probably not be an overstatement to say that climate science has never been less certain. Indeed there are multiple facets to the issue of climate change, even among those who believe humans are causing or contributing to our ever changing climate. Uncertainty is part of science. Scientific method states that scientists […]

Man Who Beheaded Woman in Oklahoma Had Ties to Radical Islam: MSM Tells Another Story

Hat/Tip to Newsmax and Gateway Pundit and ABC News, NBC News, CBS and MSNBC. It is not only a sad state of affairs when our news agencies go to great lengths to NOT report something; it is also detrimental to our society as a whole. A Democratic Republic, such as the one our Founders gave us, depends on vigilant and suspicious news media. For the most part, we do not have that in this country in the year of our Lord, 2014. Case in point, the recent story of the man who killed by beheading a co-worker and tried to […]

The return of Ten Buck Friday, Support Thom Tillis for U.S. Senate

Week Four of a Nine Week Mission, to Seek Out new life for the Senate, to Boldly Throw Out clueless Harry Reid!! Focusing on the Senate races is it worth ten bucks a week to you (2 12 packs of Dr. Pepper?) to eliminate Reid’s control and give the Senate responsible leadership again? With that in mind, this week we look to the open Senate seat in NC. Can you contribute just $10 to Senate candidate Thom Tillis? Real Clear Politics has Tillis up 1.0 points on the average, and rates the state as a toss up. You can contribute […]

President Obama Apologizes For America To The United Nations

Forgive me if my rantings get a little out of hand this morning. I really do not intend to continually bash President Obama, day after day after day, but some things need to be mentioned. They bear harping on because they are so completely ludicrous and outrageous. President Obama started off his first term in office by traveling the world and apologizing for the wrongs of America. Do we have our problems? Most certainly, we do. But unlike any President before him, he had no problem going to foreign soil and bashing America. He apologized for what he considered to […]

One Good Thing Emerges From Obama’s ISIS Strategy

    Hat/Tip to James Rogers at Fox News. Up until we started bombing ISIS targets in Syria, our top of the line military fighter jet had not been tested in an authentic combat situation before. Now that time has come and the F 22 Raptor is passing with flying colors. The Air Force’s costly and controversial new F-22 Raptor made its public debut during bombing runs over Syria earlier this week and defense experts said they were impressed by the first glimpse of its lethal firepower. “It seems to have been very successful – it was designed to have […]

ISIS Terrorist: We’ll Attack NYC Soon

    Hat/Tip to Newsmax. Looks like the “JV” team has it’s sights set on the Big Apple. An Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist has said that the extremist Islamic group has planned an imminent attack on New York City and that his jihadist “brothers” are in the process of finalizing a plan. According to The Washington Times, Farah Shirdon, also known as Abu Usamah Somali, told VICE News “A lot of brothers there are mobilizing right now… Mobilizing for a brilliant attack, my friend.” In the comments captured on video, Shirdon also called on President Barack Obama to take seriously […]

Muslim Beheading Of Christians in America: Why Is That Not Headline News?

What is up with America’s major news sources (MSM)? Apparently they saw no “political correctness” conflict in their reporting on the ISIS beheadings of American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff or British journalist David Haines. So, what changed since February 2013 when two Christians were beheaded by a Muslim in New Jersey? The Minority Report then and now Asylum Watch would like to know why the MSM has only now found their voice.  Of course the beheadings were covered extensively by the blogosphere. Here’s some excerpts from the linked article to refresh your memory:   Authorities in New Jersey allege […]

President Obama Orders Bombing of Scottish Militants

Reacting to outrage over atrocities committed by Scottish separatists, President Obama today ordered a series of strikes at the heart of the Scottish Caliphate. “The civilized world has seen the horrors of the advance of Scottish culture” declared the President. We as a people can no longer stand by and watch the Scottish overrun the entire British Isle.  We owe it to our English friends to come to them in their time of need. I have called Queen Elizabeth and have assured her that we will stand by England in its hour of darkness. The United States and England are the two bastions […]

Keeping Our Children Safe At School With Grenade Launchers?

Militarization of our police forces has been a hot topic off and on. It became a very hot topic after the Fergusun, Missouri fiasco and, as a result, the federal government has initiated another “investigation” into to their own role in supplying military equipment to police forces around the country. Interestingly, the negative reaction has come from both the sides of the political spectrum. I’m wondering why we haven’t seen this same bipartisan outrage over the militarization of our public schools? You’re not aware that public schools are also being militarized? Maybe that’s because the story is being under reported […]

Journalism in the Age of Obama: All the News The White House Lets Them Print

To be fair, the First Amendment enjoins Congress from restricting freedom of the press. I just never expected to see our legions of wannabe Woodwards and Bernsteins acquiesce so easily to White House censorship. White House press-pool reports are supposed to be the news media’s eyes and ears on the president, an independent chronicle of his public activities. They are written by reporters for other reporters, who incorporate them into news articles about President Obama almost every day. Sometimes, however, the White House plays an unseen role in shaping the story. Journalists who cover the White House say Obama’s press […]

Mom Bakes ‘Vagina’ Cookies for 2nd Graders – Has Melt Down When Teacher Doesn’t Use Them

Hat/Tip to Maria Guido at At first when I read this story, I thought it to be the work of our very own, very acerbic Manhattan Infidel. But no it wasn’t and yes, you read that right. A mother of a second grader decided that when it was her turn to bake treats for the class that Friday, she would bring in cookies made to look like vaginas so that the teacher could teach the kids about, well…vaginas. Editor’s Note: Before you rush to Google this, as far as we can tell, the mother in question was not Rosanne […]