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Democrats Now Hold Majority of Appellate Court Seats

Hat/Tip to Sandy Fitzgerald at Newsmax. Quietly, almost as if he applied his inane ‘leading from behind’ strategy to filling the courts, President Obama has begun tipping the scales of justice over towards the left. President Barack Obama has been quietly reversing the federal appellate courts’ balances over the past six years, with Democratic appointees now holding the majority of seats on nine of the country’s 13 United States Courts of Appeals. It’s a little-noticed shift with far-reaching consequences. “With all the gridlock, it is forgotten that one of the most profound changes this Congress made was filling the bench,” […]

Shaneen Allen vs. Ray Rice – You Be The Judge

Shaneen Allen is not a new name on Political Realities. I have written twice about her plight after she accidentally went afoul of New Jersey’s antiquated gun laws. You can read those posts here and here. Suffice it to say, this young mother of two young boys from Philadelphia never envisioned being thrown in jail for bringing a gun legally purchased in Pennsylvania into New Jersey. As much as that may be, that is what she is facing. It seems the Garden State doesn’t abide by anyone bringing a gun into their state that isn’t approved and they are throwing […]

Defence of Fort M’Henry: The Story of our National Anthem

Today, on the 200th Anniversary of the writing of our National Anthem, I thought it would be interesting to learn about the night Francis Scott Key penned it. ~~~~~ Francis Scott Key was a lawyer from wealthy Maryland family which owned an estate called Terra Rubra. He was born in August of 1779, and at the age of 10, Key was sent to grammar school in Annapolis. He graduated at 17 and began studying law there, working in his uncle’s law firm. By 1805, he had a thriving law practice of his own in Georgetown. He eventually appeared before the […]

Experts: Beheadings Driving Jihadi Recruitment to ISIS

Hat/Tip to Todd Beamon at Newsmax. Thanks to President Obama’s ‘leading from behind’ nonsense, ISIS is more empowered than ever to continue their reign of terror, unafraid of ANY response from America. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’s reported execution of British aid worker David Haines is likely only the latest in what promises to be an escalating, serialized slaying of innocent people to prove its terrorist credentials and recruit more members, national security experts told Newsmax. “They are the ones. It is not al-Qaida,” former House Intelligence Committee Chairman Pete Hoekstra said. “They are trying to recruit more […]

Defending Yourself IDF Style

  Hat/Tip to Leon Leonard The Israeli Defense Forces are responsible for defending their homeland from surrounding Arab states 650 times the size of Israel. They can ill afford to be unprepared for self defense, and this level of readiness extends from the highest sophistication of their Iron Dome Missile Defense down to basic self defense. Watch this video and be prepared to be amazed at this 20 year old woman as she instructs the IDF in self defense. Post by The Jewish Standard.

5,000 Covert ‘Boots on Ground’ in Syria by Year’s End

Former CIA Director, Gen. Michael Hayden Hat/Tip to Greg Richter at Newsmax. Even though we’re not going to put boots on the ground in Syria, we’re, uh, well – we’re gonna have boots on the ground in Syria. Yeah, the most transparent administration on earth strikes again… Despite pledges from the White House that no American ground troops will be sent to fight the Islamic State (ISIS), Gen. Michael Hayden, former head of the CIA and NSA, thinks that up to 5,000 Americans will be on the ground by the end of the year. “It might be through covert action […]

Manhattan Infidel: My Exclusive Interview with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

Today at Manhattan Infidel I am pleased to have an exclusive interview with New York’s junior Senator,  the lovely Kirsten Gillibrand. MI: Good afternoon Senator Gillibrand. KG: You called me lovely?  You called me lovely?  I am not your girl toy! MI: Um, sorry. KG: Would you call Chuck Schumer lovely? MI: Well no.  He’s quite homely. KG: Precisely.  I am so sick of you non-Democratic men and your non-Democratic double standards of sexism. MI: Okay, okay.  Let’s start the interview.  In your new book you talk about a senator who called your porky.  Which senator was this? KG: I don’t remember.  I don’t remember his name. […]

The return of Ten Buck Friday, support Joni Ernst for U.S. Senate

Week Two of a Nine Week Mission, to Seek Out new life for the Senate, to Boldly Go where our nation has been before! Once again focusing on the Senate races (Republicans need just six seats to oust the Dimbulb from Searchlight, Harry Reid as majority leader), is it worth ten bucks a week (30 pkgs. of Ramen?) to eliminate Reid’s control and give the Senate responsible leadership again? With that in mind, this week we look to the open Senate seat in IA. Can you contribute just $10 to Senate candidate Joni Ernst? Real Clear Politics has Ernst up […]

President Bush Predicted What Is Happening In Iraq

  This post is not to debate the eight years George W. Bush served as President of the United States. I agreed with much of what he tried to do, but also had my disagreements with his policies. Having said that, I have always admired the man as someone who holds the distinction of being President during a terrible time in our history. Very few Presidents have had to deal with the issues he had to face while in office. Given the chance to talk at length with any public figure, past or present, I would choose President Bush, hands […]

DHS: Barack Obama can not be legally employed in the U.S.

It’s September 11 again. As we remember those that perished at the hands of Islamic terrorist in 2001, as well as their families and loved ones, we must also remember those that died in Benghazi; again at the hands of Islamic terrorist. September 11th has truly become another day of “infamy” for Americans. I can’t help but wonder if that self-centered egomaniac we have as our President will think about anything other than himself today. We, or rather most of us, have come to learn that for Barack Obama to think about anyone other than himself would be totally out […]

Muslim Father Shoots And Kills Seven Year Old Daughter After Custody Battle With Ex-Wife Who Rejected Islam

Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers and The Daily Mail. Once again, the religion of “peace” strikes again. Sickening, but before I get a bunch of comments saying I shouldn’t connect the acts of a lunatic to a religion, I say this. The man was angry because his wife rejected him and his ‘religion.’ And just how many stories are there of men killing their children because their wives rejected Christianity? Just horrendous… Via Daily Mail: This is the first picture of a father who shot and fatally wounded his seven-year-old daughter amid a bitter custody battle with estranged wife. Yasser Alromisse, 46, […]

28% of Americans Think Country is Headed in the Right Direction

Maybe they’re in the poverty or racism industries.  Or, maybe they are mentally impaired in some way.  But, the fact remains-28% of Amerikans think the country is going in the right direction.  Here is an artist’s rendition… And when the final destination burns, they’ll blame Bush!

Bill Whittle: Tie-Dyed Tyranny

Bill Whittle’s latest Firewall video is out, titled, Tie-Dyed Tyranny… H/T:  America’s Watchtower  

“If you like your plan, you can keep it” …250,000 Virginians to Lose Their Plans

ObamaCare damage is still happening.  This fall, 250,000 Virginians are going to learn that voting for Obama means losing their plan, and paying more for less coverage.    Of course, liberals will say that they were crappy plans.  After all, their old plans didn’t force men to have maternity coverage!   And, those same liberals will say that the people that are losing their plans are too stupid to realize that they really wanted to pay a lot more-for less coverage!

Educational Stupidity: DC Schools Declare World Traveling Piano Prodigy ‘Truant’

Imagine that you represent an embattled urban school system.  Plagued by decades of failure, waste, and ridicule, you have one saving grace-a young student that is a piano prodigy.  This student travels the world; winning competitions and amazing world wide audiences with her talent.  You might want to publicize that to perhaps enhance your own embattled image. Nah, declare her ‘truant’ and threaten her parents! Avery Gagliano is a commanding young pianist who attacks Chopin with the focused diligence of a master craftsman and the grace of a ballet dancer. The prodigy, who just turned 13, was one of 12 […]

Racial Violence: Two Black Women Force White Tenants out at Gun Point, Tired of ‘White People Moving Into Area’

Note:  Liberals out there claim that racial violence does not occur.  So if you read the factual report below, and discover that racial violence is indeed happening, you are a racist.  Because racism! Consider yourself warned. Apparently, there are places in New York in which Whites are simply not allowed to live.  The New York Daily News has more… Two women were arrested after they robbed and then intimidated three tenants out of their Brooklyn apartment — and the crime was partly motivated by race and class resentment, law enforcement sources said. Precious Parker, 30, and Sabrina James, 23, knocked […]

Vikings Star Adrian Peterson Deactivated Due to Arrest Warrant for Child Abuse

Minnesota Vikings star running back, Adrian Peterson has been deactivated due to a warrant being issued for his arrest for alleged child abuse.  ESPN has more… Here is more… Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson has been indicted by a Montgomery County, Texas, grand jury on charges of reckless or negligent injury to a child and a warrant has been issued for his arrest. The team deactivated him for Sunday’s home game against the Patriots. Peterson’s attorney, Rusty Hardin, told in a text that Peterson “certainly will” surrender to authorities. Hardin issued a statement Friday saying his client’s conduct […]

That DNA test is NOT necessary! The End

            Thanks David! Originally posted at Woodsterman!

Watch a Piece of the Sierra Nevada Fracture on Video!

Ever want to see rock crack under natural forces, right before your eyes?  It was captured on video.  Check out the Sierra Nevada cracking! That is pretty awesome! H/T: Kim Komando

Ebola Spreading ‘Exponentially’ According to WHO: Liberia Hit Particularly Hard

While the story has died down in our MSM, the CH 2.0 has continued to cover the Ebola outbreak in Africa.   Don, Jim, and myself have published posts, and had done so even prior to the story getting widespread attention.   It is a tragedy in the making, and will become far worse, unless greater efforts are made to contain it. It appears that the deadly Ebola virus is breaching attempts to contain it, particularly in Liberia, where the WHO is reporting ‘exponential’ rates of infections.  NBC has more… WHO and other groups have been warning that the situation in […]