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ISIS Calls On Muslims In America To Go To Homes Of U.S. Soldiers And “Slaughter Them”…

Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers. Is there any doubt that ISIS means to follow through on this? Via Fox News: A law enforcement bulletin obtained by warned that Islamic State fighters have increased calls for “lone wolves” to attack U.S. soldiers in America in recent months, citing one tweet that called for jihadists to find service members’ addresses online and then “show up and slaughter them.” There will be “a continued call – by Western fighters in Syria and terrorist organizations – for lone offender attacks against U.S. military facilities and personnel,” warned a July law enforcement intelligence bulletin from the […]

They Fought For Our Freedom, Now We Fight For Their Peace – Must See Video

Hat/Tip to TruthUnCensored. In the wake of the Obama Administration’s VA Scandal, where the term ‘death panel’ became all too real for some of our Vets and their families, it is a pleasure to spotlight a group that is doing what they can to stand up for our brave men and women of the military. The band, Five Finger Death Punch, or 5FDP has a song and a video that focuses on the problem of our homeless Vets. Now the type of music may or may not be your cup of tea, but the video is moving and the campaign […]

What? Me, Worry?

Here in the land of 21st century socialism, where I live, it was clear to about 40% of the population in 2002 that the country was coming apart at the seams. There were mega-protests by the opposition in the streets of the capitol and in all the major cities. Foreign news media were here in abundance and reporting on the crisis. The president at the time and other high officials would take to airwaves and say day after day ” ¡Aqui no passa nada!” (Here? Nothing’s happening here). The opposition protestors were quick to turn that phrase in their own […]

Scratch a Democrat and an anti-Semite Comes Out

The Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, and Elizabeth Warren Edition VP Joe Biden colorfully slandered Jews yesterday with an offensive medieval stereotype. “My son as attorney general, the year in Iraq, came back and that’s one of the things that he finds is, was most in need, when he was over there in Iraq for a year, people would come to him and talk about what was happening at home, in terms of foreclosures, in terms of bad loans that were being, I mean these Shylocks who took advantage of these women and men while overseas.” The reference is from Shakespeare’s […]

Free Money Ain’t Free

Census figures show that over a third of Americans are receiving some means tested welfare; i.e., Medicade, food stamps, housing assistance, and other forms of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families as was reported by Fox News in late August. Of course, this is not surprising to anyone paying attention. This so-called recovery which we are told we are experiencing has been very lopsided in favor of the upper income folks and especially the Wall Street crowd. Inflation is low according to the Federal Reserve, but most people are seeing their cost of living go up while income is stagnant or declining. […]

Maxine Waters – Sharia Law Is Compatible With The Constitution

As most of you know, I have a problem with Islam. To be bluntly honest, I don’t trust Islam to not turn radical in its intentions and desires. Time after time, it has been proven it can not be trusted. Even though we are told over and over again that it is merely a religion, just like any other religion, anyone with an eye that will look honestly at the facts can look and see Islam is unlike any other religion. So much so that I wonder if it can really be considered a religion. It is more of a […]

Government Study (Once Again) Shows Fracking Does Not Harm Drinking Water

Hat/Tip to Michael Bastasch at The Daily Caller. File this one under “you’ll never hear this on the evening news.” The Energy Department has released a study that once again shows that hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is not harming drinking water supplies in the Marcellus Shale region. The DOE’s report found no evidence that fracking fluid or natural gas migrated into drinking water aquifers. The report found that “fracture growth ceased more than 5,000 feet below drinking water aquifers and there was no detectable upward migration of gas or fluids from the hydraulically-fractured Marcellus Shale.” Not only was the Department […]

Obama Snubs Disabled Veterans, Refuses to Attend Memorial Dedication for Them

Hat/Tip to Adam Kredo at the Washington Free Beacon. The hubris of the President, particularly where the military is concerned is only outpaced by his enormous ego. President Barack Obama has declined to attend a dedication ceremony in October for a new memorial honoring American veterans who have been disabled fighting for their country in wars, according to sources close to the event. The American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial (AVDLM), the first such memorial of its kind, is set to be dedicated during a ceremony on Oct. 5 near the National Mall in downtown Washington, D.C. However, Obama, who […]

House Gives Obama Go Ahead to Arm and Train Syrian Rebels in War on ISIS

Hat/Tip to Stephen Dinan at The Washington Times. Well, it looks like our President has finally gotten around to planning on how to deal with ISIS, and the House of Representatives has given him the go ahead. The House voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to back President Obama’s request for permission to train and money to arm the more reliable forces among Syrian rebels, giving the first congressional approval to the White House’s still-developing war plans. Even though it was a big win for the President, many legislators still held deep reservations of one sort or another. But underlying the 273-156 vote […]

Code Pink Outraged that the U.S. is Bombing ISIS…

  Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers. Looks like the nut patrol is out in force again. It only took them, what? Six years to get around to protesting Obama? Maybe we should drop the Pinkos into the Islamic State’s “Caliphate” so they can see first hand how non-Muslim women are treated. Code Pink protesting during today’s’ Senate hearing on ISIS.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Redneck Style! Must See Video

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Second Amendment Style!   . .   .   .

Another Obamacare Success Story: Businesses Cutting Jobs Ahead of the Employer Mandate

. On the plus side, you’ll have (allegedly) cheap health insurance, and more time to play golf. Because, thanks to Obamacare, your job just went poof! Businesses are cutting jobs due to ObamaCare, according to surveys by several regional Federal Reserve Banks. Health economist John Goodman noted that “three Federal Reserve Banks in Philadelphia, New York and Atlanta have surveyed the folks in their area and roughly one fifth of the employers are saying they cut back on employment.” “Roughly one fifth are saying they’re moving from full time to part time,” Goodman added. “More than one in ten are […]

Black Oakland Firefighter Accuses White Cop of Racism: Cop’s Body Camera Proves Claim False

Hat/Tip to Jason DeWitt at Top Right News. With the shootings in Ferguson, MO and Sanford, FL, racial tensions are elevated, particularly when an incident involves a black subject and a white police officer. Recently in Oakland, CA a black firefighter was walking home with his two sons after an Oakland Raiders game. They walked past the fire station where he worked and noticed an open door. While he was investigating it, police arrived due to a previous call about a break in at that fire station. What transpires next is a classic case of someone getting their hand caught […]

Pic of the Day: Six Years Too Late

Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers. Since Obama burst onto the national political scene, his detractors have tried to paint a rather unflattering picture of him. The McCain campaign took its cue from Hillary’s primary campaign and made efforts to link Obama with Bill Ayers, who was the radical domestic terrorist and co-founder of the violent domestic terror group, the Weather Underground. Asked directly about Ayers, Obama famously lied by saying he was “just a guy in the neighborhood,” and that they’d served on a board together. Wrong. This picture has been making the rounds on Twitter today. It is from a Nov. […]

Nut Case Of The Week Award

Last Sunday’s “Nut Case Of The Week Award” was a bit of a hit so Asylum Watch will make a regular feature as long as interest holds. You, dear reader, are encouraged to  offer your own suggestions. If you choose to do so, please provide a link to your source so we all can enjoy the nutty details. Your humble observer of the asylum we all have to live in will present his short list of candidates and at the end I’ll present “My Choice” for this week’s winner. If a one of your suggestions convinces me that “Your Choice” […]

Obama Utilizes Law to Fight ISIS That He Attacked Bush for Using

Hat/Tip to Andrea Billups at Newsmax. He was against it before he was for it… President Barack Obama first criticized a law passed under George W. Bush that authorized the use of military force without congressional approval, seeking its repeal. But now, the president is using it to his advantage, the Washington Times reports, as he goes after the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists with an assault of airstrikes. Bush’s Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) statute was first implemented in 2001 in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. But Obama, at least until a year ago, didn’t like […]

U.S. Has Highest Corporate Tax Rate in the Industrialized World

The U.S. Has the Highest Corporate Income Tax Rate in the Industrialized World The next time some Obamabot tries to tell you American corporations aren’t paying their “fair share” in taxes, show them this chart. See that bottom red line? The one that says “United States?” Yeah, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, and pretty much all Democrats believe a corporate tax rate of 39.1% is not high enough. Sane people might disagree. Any day now the White House and Sen. Charles Schumer (D., N.Y.) will attempt to raise taxes on business, while making the U.S. tax code even more […]

The Left Hates Teenagers

Common sense tells us that if something becomes more expensive, less of it is consumed. And, if that something happens to minimum wage workers, the same is true. A few days after Labor Day American Thinker ran a post titled Fast food strikers: meet your replacement robot. The article reported on how the far left SEIU had organized protests for raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour in several cities across America. Most of the protests took place near fast food restaurants. Many of the protestors were arrested for blocking traffic. The author  believes that these protests by striking […]

Democrats Now Hold Majority of Appellate Court Seats

Hat/Tip to Sandy Fitzgerald at Newsmax. Quietly, almost as if he applied his inane ‘leading from behind’ strategy to filling the courts, President Obama has begun tipping the scales of justice over towards the left. President Barack Obama has been quietly reversing the federal appellate courts’ balances over the past six years, with Democratic appointees now holding the majority of seats on nine of the country’s 13 United States Courts of Appeals. It’s a little-noticed shift with far-reaching consequences. “With all the gridlock, it is forgotten that one of the most profound changes this Congress made was filling the bench,” […]

Shaneen Allen vs. Ray Rice – You Be The Judge

Shaneen Allen is not a new name on Political Realities. I have written twice about her plight after she accidentally went afoul of New Jersey’s antiquated gun laws. You can read those posts here and here. Suffice it to say, this young mother of two young boys from Philadelphia never envisioned being thrown in jail for bringing a gun legally purchased in Pennsylvania into New Jersey. As much as that may be, that is what she is facing. It seems the Garden State doesn’t abide by anyone bringing a gun into their state that isn’t approved and they are throwing […]