Fascist Friday (A day Late)


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I had wanted to start a new feature yesterday called Fascist Friday, where we cover the “tolerance” and “diversity” embraced by the useful idiots out there.  But, Henry Waxpaper had to open his pie hole and I just couldn’t resist.  So now, here’s Fascist Friday, a day late.

It seems that the useful idiots like to talk about “diversity” and “tolerance” a good bit.  But there must be something funny in that Kool Aid they drink, because things don’t add up.    For example, GLSEN promotes it’s annual “Day of Silence.”  Supposedly, this day is to promote “tolerance” and end bullying.  However, there doesn’t seem to be any options for those that disagree-not with ending bullying, but to having the pubric skrools being used for political/social indoctrination.  Case in point, there is a assortment of religious organizations that have committed a great sin (heh-heh) in the eyes of the homosexual lobby.  Their sin is that they are encouraging their members to keep their children home from their local child socialist indoctrination centers on the day of silence.  They also have the audacity to resist the efforts of the state to indoctrinate their children.  Afer all, where are all of the future useful idiots going to come from if they can’t be brainwashed in the skrools?

Now, how did the adherents of “tolerance and diversity” react?  Well, look here…

Yup, the useful idiots REALLY embrace “tolerance,” don’t they? Just don’t have an opinion that’s different from theirs, or you’ll get a message like this.

Isnt Tolerance Great?
Isn't Tolerance Great?

Any questions?

  • I’ve seen the video and read the article about the claims made in the video and there are MANY problems with both. While I am not excusing anything, the footage is not from any Day of Silence event. Also, why haven’t the police been called. If I receive threats, forget the media because I’m calling the police. But yet this/these groups ran to World Net Daily instead as well as found time to create a video.

    Too many questions to give the claims any credibility.

  • I don’t think it is even suggested that the video footage are from a Day of Silence event. I am familiar with the footage and am aware that they are separate incidents. The point is that when someone has a disagreement with libs, the libs resort to threats, intimidation, and occasional violence. The footage proves that pretty well, and there are dozens of other videos that could be posted that show libs acting like tantruming children when something happens that they don’t like. While the threats that these groups received are clear, they are probably subtle enough that they police couldn’t do much. When you see the footage of the libs pursuing the Mormons, they speak openly that they are going to follow them to where they live, and there are police right there, yet they did nothing.

    The footage and comments do speak for themselves. The lib definition of freedom of speech is this: You are free to agree with liberalism as much as you want. Dissent is not an option.