Fascist Friday: The Saga Continues…


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The Liberal Zone has been a very busy place this week.  There were a number of stories to consider for Fascist Friday.  We had the messiah signing his army of Useful Idiots into law.  We had more “tolerant” and “diverse” commentary regarding the Tea Party Movement.  We had Planned Fascism telling underage kids to lie to legal authorities regarding statutory rape.  After much consideration, I have to go with the gay community for attacking people that supported Prop 8 in California.  A few months back, there were stories about libs suing to find out who contributed to groups supporting Prop 8.  The concern was that the libs would use that information to harass, intimidate, and otherwise threaten anyone who disagrees with them.  Of course, the media and the courts ignored those concerns, and this story from the Weekly Standard represents the predictable result.  While I don’t believe that this specific example is  a result of any lawsuit, it does represent what happens when the forces of “tolerance” and “diversity” discover that someone has the audacity to have a different point of view.

In November, the San Francisco Chronicle published the names and home addresses of everyone who donated money in support of California’s Proposition 8 marriage initiative. All available information, plus the amount donated, was broadcast. My name is on that list.

One night in early February, I drove home to find two cars, two men, waiting for me, unannounced, in the dark. Reporters for the Daily News, they were publishing a story on me and Prop 8 the next day and wanted a live quotation. Serious interviews are arranged ahead of time. Besides, I had filed enough newspaper pieces on deadline to know that copy is well into the can at 7 P.M. This was intimidation, not fact-gathering.

Where is the story, I asked, if I have not said anything? The response was: “We have documents.” Sound familiar? For half a second, I thought of saying that Prop 8 left intact all the legal advantages of civil union. It took nothing away. But I was too surprised by having been singled out. After a few heated words–none of them equal to what, in hindsight, I wish I had said–I went into the house.

Hmm.  “Newspaper reporters” waiting at someone’s house, with no request for an interview.  A vague mention of “we have documents.”  Was a message being sent, like, “we know where you live?”

The question was an undisguised indictment that triggered a barrage of virulent mail and threats of blacklisting. Suddenly, I was “a vampire on the gay community” who should be put out of business. As one note put it: “Your career is over, you nasty piece of s–. F– off! WHORE!”

Wait a minute!  You mean the followers of the philosophy of “tolerance” and “diversity” engages in trying to ruin a person’s livelihood?  Or is it that the libs are only tolerant of people that DO EXACTLY AS THEY ARE TOLD??

But no matter. I was up there now with Halliburton and Big Oil, a class enemy. The brownshirts came out in force. Within 24 hours, the “story” spread from one gay website to another, even to Vancouver (“Typical greedy American bigot”), France, and Belgium. My home address and email were repeated in comment sections in which readers egged each other on to “make the bitch pay.” Militants trawled for editors and gallerists I had worked with to warn them that “the Gay Community is looking at our adversaries and those who may support them.” (One former editor blind-copied me his exchange with an aspiring storm trooper who threatened a boycott for those “having an association” with me.)

Whoa thar!  I thought blacklisting people was an example of McCarthyism!  I mean, lets forget for a moment that McCarthy was RIGHT, but isn’t that supposed to be, like, BAD??  What exactly do they mean by “make the b*tch pay?” Or, let’s consider that we’re dealing with libs here and give this simple explanation.

1.       Conservatives, or any other group for that matter, boycotts or blacklists people opposed to them:  BAD, VERY VERY BAD!

2.       Liberals do the EXACT SAME THING:  IT’S ALLLRIIIIGHTTT!

For the rest, let’s take a look at some of the comments that she did receive.

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How dare you use gay people as inspiration and then stab these people in the back by fighting to limit their rights. You are a disgusting, pitiful, opportunistic bitch

I don’t understand why you would want to deny love in this world, no matter what form it takes. I can’t imagine your motives, can’t imagine your hate.

Note:  A big time liberal rule is that anyone who disagrees with a liberal is engaging in “hate.”  It’s a handy little invective designed to distract from the actual facts of the situation by using a loaded, emotional term.

Homosexuals rule the World of Creativity, and that is whom you just f–ed with!

You represent the most despicable type of artist and human being. I do hope that you feel the financial pain your actions will bring. May God bless you with financial ruin for your treacherous deed.

Because I love delusional bigots, I hope you never see another dime, bitch.

Can you just feel the tolerance oozing from these comments?

Eat shit and die, c–.
Eat c– and die, bitch.
You right-wing, heterosupremacist t–.
You are the moral equivalent of a Jewish Nazi. Roast in hell, you filthy c–.

Isn’t the respect for diversity touching right here?

Let’s give the recipient of all of this “tolerance” have the final word.

Until now, donating to a cause did not open private citizens to a battery of invective and jackboot tactics. While celebrities sport their moral vanity with white ribbons, thousands of ordinary Americans who donated to Prop 8 are being targeted in a vile campaign of intimidation for having supported a measure that, in essence, ratified the crucial relation between marriage and childbearing. Some in California have lost their jobs over it; others worry about an unhinged stranger showing up at the door.

Who was it who predicted that if fascism ever came to the United States, it would come in the guise of liberal egalitarianism?

Ah yes, tolerance and diversity.  Isn’t it great?  Just don’t make the mistake of HAVING A DIFFERENT OPINION!!!!

How ya likin’ that change?

  • Oh…now you’ve done it. Nice knowing you, pal.

  • That’s always possible. I have dared to point out the hypocrisy. But then again, I don’t intimidate easily, and any action they would take against me would be recorded and posted for the world to see.

    The sad thing is if they are successful with their “thought crimes” legislation, they’ll try to silence any dissent anyway, so it may be a moot point.