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SCOTUS Candidate Tells the Truth


The Libtards have had a problem lately.  They continue to be caught telling the truth!  Now, it’s not the “truth” that they want you to see and hear, but they won’t let a little thing  like reality interfere with CALLING IT SOMETHING ELSE!

Next lucky contestant?  It’s none other than Sonia Sotomayor, the SCOTUS nominee from the messiah SPENDULUS MAXIMUS!

The gentlemen at Verum Serum have again broke a big one! They posted this to Youtube on May 2nd!

Yeah, I know.  There has been over 9000 bloggers that have run with this in the last two days.  It’s just too irresistible!  I wonder how she’ll rule on all of the freedom-robbing legislation that the messiah will ram down our throats?  Heh-heh.

How ya likin’ that change?

  • Dr. Dave

    Since federal judgeships are proving grounds for “policy making,” how can she NOT be expected to make policy as a SCOTUS? It’s what the SCOTUS was meant to do…WAIT!

    It isn’t?

    Can I vote on taking this back? Oh…DAMN…I should have voted for McCain? How’s that fucking going to help me now?

  • Matt

    How ya likin’ that “change?”

    BTW, LOVED your blogcatalog messages!