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Forum is Here!


After trying to build a new forum (Auto-configure at paid host- not so good) , I just moved my old one over here.  It has…

1.  Chat + plus a shoutbox.  Both have been tested and seem to work.

2.  Video can be embedded.  My Firefox has a hard time viewing video in the blog or forum, so I’m not sure on functionality yet.

3.  I added a plugin that allows users to create a profile much like a social networking site.

4.  There is a Stop Forum Spam plugin to  stop those annoying spambots.

So join if you wish.   It could be fun to have the readers here going over stuff on a regualr basis.

  • Well done, I like the improvements.

    • Thanks! Maybe people will get interested in the thing. Ironically, the forum was started before the blog. There was such a lack of interest that I never fully tested everything. 99% of it does work, but I’m not too sure on the video embed. Feel free to try it out. Let me know if there are issues.

  • When will you get another avatar or thumbshot?

  • Yeah. I have to do the narration for my next video. Then, I’m going to figure out why that plugin doesn’t work. I’m using a newer version of wordpress here. It may just be that the plugin is no longer compatible.