Recycled Socialism


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I ran into this on YouTube.  This health care debate has happened before.  Here is Reagan’s take on it from 1961, and then from later in the decade.

The attempt is taking the same course and approach.  Reagan’s analysis closely matches many of our own.  Just as it happened in the past, leftist politicians have slipped and said that a small program for a targeted population will grow into a larger one.

Many of us have been talking of incrementalism.  I hadn’t seen this video until today, and I was not familiar with these early attempts to take over health care.  It does show that incrementalism has been the approach for decades, and this will likely continue.  This is why there can be no compromise with the left on “public options” or expansion of government programs.  They are meant to be expanded, and expanded, and expanded-until there is nothing left to private control.

  • Dr. Dave

    I heard this speech the other day on Bill Bennett’s morning show (with Ken Wall guest hosting). I’d say the 1961 and 1993 and 2009 results are going to be about the same: FAILURE.

  • Each time, they get closer. They’re going flat out this time. I think that they’ll fail too, but what about next time?

  • That’s the problem, we need to spend more time teaching our kids and hope that we can turn this thing around. I think people need to realize that this happened over decades because progressives knew that they could slowly train children in the public schools to think like collectivists. We gotta put a stop to it.

  • I love to listen to his old speeches, very good.

  • I agree, great find Matt. I suppose their incremental advancement will depend upon how steadfast we remain.

  • @ Leslie, You are so right!

    @ Right Wing Guy, I think I’m going to make Reagan speeches a regular feature. The man had a great grasp of Conservative principals, and was able to communicate them so well. It’s timeless really-freedom and liberty transcend time.

    @ Liberty Pen, we MUST remain steadfast, we can’t give an inch. Too much is at stake.

  • Don

    I have heard those Reagan speeches before. Stellar find.

  • We need another leader like Reagan..He had a way to make conservative principles understandable to everyone..I am a conservative at heart, both socially and fiscally..Reagan could convince the non-conservatives of the effectiveness of his programs, that’s what made him great..Keep putting Reagan up..Good Job as always Matt

  • amen bro!!! 🙂

  • Yep, I had seen some of the old speeches also—creeping socialism is not the problem now it’s rampant socialism like a run-a-way train.

  • @ Ron, good point. They’re still using the same methods though. I think either they lack the creativity to go outside their playbook, or they’re still afraid of us. Either way, it buys us time.