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As most of the regular readers of this humble little blog know, education is one of my pet issues.  The young are our greatest treasure, yet far too many of us give our children to the government for several hours each day.  But what happens during those hours?

Over the last several years there has been a push for more and more government run daycare services.  To illustrate what the left intends, and what they are teaching in some daycares, I’ll show you some excerpts from a curriculum developed by National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).  The source for this can be found at Edwatch.

The National Association for the Education of Young (NAEYC) certification is required for all Head Start centers with more than twenty children. NAEYC created the Council for Professional Recognition, which grants the Child Development Associate (CDA) credential for childcare workers.  The CDA is supported by TEACH.  TEACH started in North Carolina and stands for Teacher Education and Compensation Helps.  The program gives wage supports and scholarships to childcare workers so that they can obtain the CDA.  The CDA and NAEYC s childcare and preschool accreditation policy requires use of NAEYCs radical anti-bias curriculum.

Anti-bias Curriculum – Tools for Empowering Young Children
(Derman-Sparkes, NAEYC, Washington, D.C., 1989)


Definition of Whites: All the different national ethnic groups of European origin who as a group are disproportionately represented in the control of the economic, political, and cultural institutions in the United States. (p. 3)


Kay sets up…a ‘witch-healer’ table, where the children can make their own potions. (p. 9)

Revisionist History:

And if the hypothetical Indians who participated in that hypothetical feast thought all was well and were thankful in the expectation of a peaceful future, they were sadly mistaken. (pp. 87-88)


Definition of Homophobia: A fear and hatred of gay men and lesbians backed up by institutional policies and power that discriminate against them. (p. 3)

Sexual Identity:

…the purpose of these activities is to enable preschoolers to develop a clear, healthy sex identity through understanding that their being a girl or boy depends on their anatomy, not on what they like to do. (p. 53)

Make copies of an outline of a body as drawn by a preschooler, and in small groups, ask children to fill in all the body parts, and to show if the person is a girl or boy. (p. 53)

Activism with Young Children:

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Young children have an impressive capacity for learning how to be activists if adults provide activities that are relevant and developmentally appropriate. (;. 77)

Instead of one superhuman figure (usually a white male) righting wrongs all by himself, activism activities teach that real people, adults and children, make life better by working together. (p. 79)

Notice all the multicult and Marxist teaching?  Whites are bad, witchcraft good (though I seriously doubt they’ll have anything Christian in the curriculum).  Most if it is pretty standard Cultural Marxist fare, including the de-emphasis of individuality in favor of group identification.  This is what they want to teach pre-schoolers!

Here’s some more from the same source…

That chapter on activism is inspired an entire book called That’s not Fair! – A Teacher’s Guide to Activism with Young Children, which is also distributed by NAEYC. (Pelo and Davidson, Redleaf Press, St. Paul, MN, 2000)

One part of the curriculum describes a teacher reading books to the children in order to bring up big issues, issues that provoke debate, discussion, and often, activism project.

Teaching homosexuality:
The book goes on to describe the teacher’s reading of a book called the Trumpet of the Swan and how she uses it to deal with the issue of homosexuality. (p. 50-51)

The second part of the book focuses on the swan’s courtship and mating.  When Ann reads the book, she changes the gender of the main character from a male to a female swan.  When the main character is a female, her courtship of another female swan becomes the story of two women falling in love.  This invariably provokes conversation among the children about women marrying women and men marrying men.  It’s important to Ann that children feel comfortable around people who are lesbian and gay.  She wants children to expect to meet people who are lesbian and gay and to feel relaxed and at ease with them.  When Ann reads this book, the kids already care about Louise the swan by the time she begins to court Serina, her true love.  They can’t easily dismiss her or ignore her, because they are invested in her life and her happiness. (Emphasis mine)

If this isn’t blatant manipulation, I don’t know what is.  This is purposely made for manipulation and indoctrination.  It isn’t about tolerance, or actual diversity.  It’s about manipulating children into accepting a pre-determined point of view.  These are small children that have a very “black and white” system, of morality.  Their brains are not able to process abstract concepts.  So, the left, knowing this, attempts to implant Marxist ideology into this system.  Of course, this is repeated at different levels of the educational system. The obvious goal, create a Marxist!

But there is more…

Teaching a Marxist view of class struggle:
NAEYCs views on diversity and multiculturalism are evident in their publication Valuing Diversity: The Primary Years:

Teaching environmentalism:
The effort to indoctrinate children into environmentalist thinking is evident in the following quote:

When should environmental education begin-in the third grade; first grade; kindergarten? Even earlier. Environmental education based on life experiences should begin during the very earliest years of life. Such experiences play a critical role in shaping life-long attitudes, values, and patterns of behavior toward natural environments. (Tilbury, 1994; Wilson, 1994 as quoted in Wilson, Clearinghouse for Science, Mathematics, and Environmental Education, June 2003)

This quote says more about their efforts than the authors intended.  They do intend on shaping the opinion and belief systems of children.  Not to show them how to think, look at evidence, and make an educated decision.  No, that would lead them to another conclusion.  Their solution… guide them to their point of view, discredit any other belief system, and create a voting bloc of collectivists that will recite the party line.

If you are sending you child to daycare, please make sure that they are NOT using this type of program.  And, for goodness sake, get your child out of the public educational system!  We need to act NOW!

  • I thank God every day we made the decision we did to homeschool. It hurts not having the second income, but, DAMN, at least we’ve saved them from indoctrination.

    BTW: Second time this has happened to me tonight. I’m commenting on someone’s site (this time yours), and the CrackBerry tells me they’re commenting on mine. Too funny.

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  • My kids are out of school now, but were sent to a private Christian school for their last few years. Unfortunately that didn’t do much to keep them out of trouble outside of school – suppose that was mostly on us. But the curriculum was superb. Any of the kids that were interested in college just flat rocked on SATs and AP tests. There was an autistic kid who started there when he was about 12, who couldn’t complete a sentence. By the time he graduated, he had a full-ride scholarship to work on a nuclear engineering degree and wrote and starred in a very ambitious Christmas play. I could go on and on. And it was only $110/month per kid. The organization the school is part of offers a secular version of their program but NOT ONE public school district has dared to try it.

    What governments, unions, and various activists have done to public schools is so beyond disgraceful. Since my kids are out of school, this issue has kind of fallen off my radar. Thanks for keeping me in the loop of the kind of nonsense that they’re peddling these days.

  • Dr. Dave, indeed on the indoctrination. I can only image what our kiddo would be learning in the public school. As for the crackberry…great minds…great minds (I’m trying the lib trick of saying it multiple time to make it true).

    Thanks CL!

    innominatus, Kinda puts the lie to the funding issue, doesn’t it? After all, the kids do learn how to put a condom on a banana! The Constitution? Completely irrelevant! Thanks for the usual intelligent comments!

  • Don

    Excellent research sir! I am lucky being in the Midwest in a small town (less than 15,000), where I don’t have to worry as much about this type of fair.

    I spoke to the Principal of my teen’s high school today about El Presidente’s upcoming speech on the 8th. He said that he instructed all his teachers to view the speech first before deciding whether to let it be viewed by theor respective students. Also that if any parents so desire, their children may opt out of viewing it if their teachers use it as part of the curricula.

    As a side note, my suspension from Blog Catalog is over. I posted this picture and was suspended for it.

    Could this be the identity of a certain VERY, VERY, VERY
    blogger? One who throws up post after post after
    post after post on how wrong the “ruinous” right is and how the left
    is the answer to all our health care problems?

    I posted that in response to ruinousright’s link of a video of the Madcow show on MSLSD where she interviews a guy and he says the only people who oppose Obamacare are racist middle age white guys. The person says this at the 7:25 mark and ruin says (paraphrasing) “…and the guy talks about anticsrocks at 7:25…”

    He did not, to my knowledge get suspended for posting that I was racist, but I did for calling him the Iraqi Information Minister…

    So I contacted the moderator and he basically said that only conservatives get upset when they get suspended…

    Doncha just love it?

    Sorry for hijacking this topic, but I had to vent. lol

  • Don
  • As a mother I became of course very concerned about how my children would be taught> As a teacher I was aware of what was likely, and both confident in the good will and intention of most teachers but also concerned that other agendas may be at work that might get in the way. I wanted my values taught not some general one-size-fits-all lack of values. What I have found is that the schools are hamstrung to discuss any religion and except for basic universal good things like ‘sharing, taking turns, kindness’ really don’t necessarily instil a sense of right and wrong per se the way I’d like it taught. Second I was concerned that my kids needed to bond with someone who loves them and I wanted that to be me. I did not trust any stranger to love or care about my child the way I do and I’m completely right about that – no stranger does. I wanted any temporary sitter or caregiver to be a familiar trusted face with values I espoused and with some sense of security for the child not a series of changing faces. Sadly most daycares offer staff that changes a lot, partly because the job is not very respected or well paid but also because they have a theory that kids ‘graduate’ from being one to being two, three etc and each time the child moves ‘up’ to a new stranger. This makes the child less likely to attach and trust a caregiver and makes them more likely to bond mostly with their little peers, and become dependent not on pleasing the adult but on getting attention from the friends. This sets kids up for ‘peer attachment disorder’ and disrespect for adults. Third though and this was a key point for me, education really suffers when kids are in groups. LIttle kids are in their own little world and have their own idiosyncratic worries, misunderstandings, theories, and their own trajectory of skills and interests. Trying to teach them anything one-size-fits-all is way less effective than teaching them one at a time. I took time away from teaching for over a dozen years to be home full time with my kids, and though I am back teaching I do not regret this choice because I super educated my kids. By that i mean I made sure that when they had a question I answered it, it did not get hushed up or delayed and it was not delinked from their experience. I knew what they did yesterday at 10 and 2 and 4 and 7 and I could put the answer in the context that they were asking it. No daycare can do that. I also developed a way to teach my kids answers to their science and logic questions, and their queries about what the words on the page meant when I read to them. I created a reading course for them, one letter at a time, with memory devices for each. sss was snake, looked like a snake and said sss. w looked like waves on the water, said www. t looked like traintracks, h was a house with a chimney, etc. I taught them to put the letters together to make little words, to sound them out and over the course of say a year they learned to do this for about 500 words, and by then they were four. We then moved on to reasons the little letters grew. Some just got taller sS, cC and some got a new part, hH, lL . Again with stories and activities to remember the stories, the children were moved along on the reading skill. They all entered school able to read. No daycare will do that. No kindergarten even will do that since kindergartens generally will not teach reading per se but will just introduce kids to the letters and how to chant and memorize a few words as blocks.

    There is an agenda to get kids into daycare. Where does it come from? First it comes from big unions that staff most daycares and that try to create the impression to government that they are an essential service. Big unions lobby government will million dollar budgets each year just to create phone and march, demonstration and study group emotionalism and rhetoric to make it seem that daycare is the only real ‘care’ of a child and to make government think that only daycares believe in or offer ‘early education’. This actually is not about kids – it is about big unions and power.
    Second there is the tax department response to early women’s rights moves to get pay equity> I am a staunch supporter of women’s rights but I think that forcing women to earn money is not the same as letting them have any job they want with equal pay to that of a man. We have convinced government women matter, but so far only if they leave the home. This means it is very handy for government to get all women earning, paying tax and enriching the government spending power, paying down debts and deficits most countries have racked up. Women are used as hamsters on the treadmill to pay down debt and getting them to earn money is part of that agenda. For government daycare is just a way to ensure women can be on the treadmill and governments in many countries heavily subsidize daycare as if it an obstacle to be overcome for women who desperately want out of the home so they can earn. The myth all women want out of the home and away from the kids is a handy one but not accurate at all. Yet it continues because government sees a tax benefit.
    The pressure then for women to earn and use daycare does not come from concern for kids.

    I have for a long time argued that the state has an obligation to children to make sure children are not raised in poverty, that they all get free basic education and that they have an equal start point and equal chance at full lives. Some say that is why we need universal daycare but that is not the solution I propose. I want universal funding for kids, period. Then parents can choose the care style they want. I do not think the state should fund daycare, given all the flaws it has above. But I do think it should fund kids generously with maybe $4,000 per child per year, and then parents can lead the lives they want, raising the kids the way they believe in.

    Beverley Smith

  • Not that you would run it but the reading course i mention is self-published and I thought I’d put this as an extra note for any parents and homeschoolers who are interested. It is available at any bookstore through its ISBN number which is 1-4120-2128-6 or through its title Anchors and Sails. The website is http://www.anchorsandsails.org

    My children are now a magazine editor, two lawyers and a doctor.
    It works
    Bev Smith Jaremko

  • With this kind of stuff being taught in school it’s no wonder why so many young people support Obama and have no idea of the proper role of government.

  • @ Don. In all honesty, your considerable talents are wasted on the moonbats at blog catalog. And, obviously, blog catalog doesn’t much like us either. To suspend you from there for Bagdad Bob? Insanity! I’m still following my own advise on trolls.

    @ Beverly, We did do that whole “war on poverty” thing. You know, for the kids! We spent about $1,000,000,000,000 on programs to “end” poverty. Of course, the government purchased $1,000,000,000,000 worth of poverty, as we ended up with more poor people. Additionally, these poor people are addicted to the government drug, and now expect benefits, as they are entitlements. As usual, liberalism generated the exact opposite of it’s stated intent, but that doesn’t stop them from proposing more if the same.

    Your rhetoric sounds nice, but the left, and many in government stopped being about equal opportunity some time ago. It’s now about social “justice” and redistribution of wealth. You might get universal funding, but it will come with strings attached. There would be requirements or limitations on what you might do, or there will be requirements on programs and facilities that accept the money. As our Sec. of Transportation suggests, government “coerces” people into doing what government wants, so “have at it.” Government assistance ALWAYS comes with strings attached. The very program that I quoted above was a “string.” Government is incapable of solving problems, it only makes the situation worse.

    @ Forgotten Liberty, sadly, you just stated the intent of public education ( besides enriching and empowering the leftist unions and the providing the government with more influence). Public schools are intended to be useful idiot production facilities.

  • Over many years left-leaning activists have been slowly gain positions at elected and un-elected offices and they have used their positions to establish procedures and policies that favor their socialist and marxist idealogies. I don’t don’t know how organized this effort has been, but one can certainly see the result—as pointed out in your post. It will take many years to undo the damage done to the youth of America.

  • Don

    @Matt, thank you for the kind words. I am looking at a change in what I do and the way I do it. Might begin a new blog, dunno yet. It is sure as frustrating as hell when those of us on the right are held to a different standard over there at BC.

  • Thank you for such an informative post on the indoctrination of our children. I had absolutely no idea that there where such curriculum’s being taught in day cares and head start. Although, the head start does not surprise me so much as it is government funded. We had kept our children home until they were old enough to go to kindergarten. Then after 1st grade, we’d had enough of public schools and have been home schooling our 3 children for 2 years (going on 3) now. But although my children are not subjected to these political ideologies, it disgusts me to think of how many are and without parental knowledge. I wouldn’t have thought to look into preschool curricula, so I am glad that you were able to do just that to educate those who were not aware (including myself).

  • @ Ron, If I’m remembering correctly, it was Alinsky that suggested to his radicals that they enter the system and change it from within. His method permeates the educational system. My next likely post about education will be about intimidation and how conservatives are regularly ridiculed, shouted down, and otherwise discounted on campuses. Unfortunately, we’re going to have to “write off” million of people. They’re likely too brainwashed to ever see reality at all. However, many are escaping. We need to reach them, as well as retake the system.

    @ Don, you are good at what you do. I enjoy your blog, and your approach to the issues. Here’s my take on trolls…
    See what you think. Lib trolls have a purpose, to frustrate and discourage. I’ve been there, and that’s why i don’t deal with them. They’re the on-line version of the Alinsky method. The intention is to get you to quit.

    @ Truthdetective, Thanks, I’ve been following the educational system for some time now, tracking trends and the propaganda they substitute for instruction. Spread the word! My kiddo goes to parochial school for the same reasons.

  • Beverly, I took the opportunity to re-read your comment. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume you’re coming from a feminist perspective.

    Surprisingly, we come to some of the same conclusions, but from entirely different directions. Empowering unions, getting women out of the home to pay taxes, and much of your other detail is spot on. Funding, power, and influence are strong motivating factors, but, they are a means to an end. I do think we differ on what those ends are. I think the feminist movement is frankly irrelevant to their plans (to the extent that this is some sort of “revenge”), and here’s why. They want women working to get hold of the children from the earliest age possible, in order to teach them the very things that I discuss in my post. That is sadly just a thin slice. It proceeds throughout the public education process. It follows the Marxist view that families should be de-emphasized and that the state should manage the final product…an indoctrinated drone, who is ideologically manipulated to spout the party line. If women have to work to achieve that, so be it. If unions have to be given power and influence, who cares, they’re ideologically allied anyway. Feel free to view my other posts on education. I’ve been following trends of this sort since the 90’s, I’ve seen nothing in that time that persuades me otherwise.

    If I seemed a bit harsh in my first response to you, I apologize.

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  • Don

    @Matt…Great post about the trolls. You have a knack for defining things sans emotion. Kudos to you. It is easy to fall into that tit for tat process that the far left pushes. When you let them control the discussion, you lose. Ronald Reagan was a master at taking and keeping control of the discussion and dissecting liberal speak.

  • @ Don, self control is the key. It’s VERY easy to let a lib troll start to dictate the discussion. Let’s just say that I learned the hard way. Remember Alinsky’s method. Those pin heads will ignore reality to continue to press an “attack.” They will never be convinced, and they don’t want to be. They just want you to get discouraged and quit. Thanks for the kind words, and you’re right-Reagan was the master.