In Case You Were Wondering…


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This is what the left thinks of you…

Now, many will say that Maher is a blowhard…  He is.  However, my response is to say that Maher is simply bold enough to say what he thinks.  Others think the same way, Maher is only different only in the respect that he states it!

The left see’s you as incapable, unable to make good decisions ( since you don’t do what they want), that you have primitive superstitious beliefs, and you simple haven’t the vision to see that they are right.  As such, you have to be lead to the proper conclusions.  You have to be manged and cared for, much like a pet.  Their treatment of the Tea Party and town hall protesters display this in a most obvious way.

They are hopelessly out of touch.  They live and work in their “unreality bubble” inside the beltway, or at the universities, in the media, or in leftist enclaves all over the US.    Their thoughts are reinforced by sycophants and media types.  They honestly think that their failed schemes will work, in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

You oppose a single payer plan?  Then there’s something wrong with you!  Their solution is to insult you, try to discredit you, and in the end, ignore you.  Also, they’ll shut down those media outlets that give you information that they don’t want you to have.  They’ll mange your health care, your houses, your cars, your jobs, your pay, your media choices, and your children’s education.  After all, you’re far too stupid to do any of these things on your own, right?

Update: Still thinking that I’m exaggerating?  Take a look at this…

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h/t: Newsbusters

  • You know…when Maher was funny, he was something to behold. Maybe you didn’t agree with his politics, but at least you laughed…once in a while.

    Now…you look at his white hair and his angry face and his deadpan jokes and his silent audience, and you have to wonder…does the guy even have a penis anymore?

  • I actually used to enjoy watching him abuse Larry Clayman on Politically Incorrect. Lost penis…maybe that’s why he wants universal health care. Will HR 3200 cover that…shortcoming?

  • No…but I’m sure HR 3400 will.

    BTW: I’m not sure, but I’m expecting some moonbat infiltration. I’ve been posted on the lib’s “Drudge Retort” (and the funny thing is, the post is a month old).

  • You’re right. The left does see us as incapable of making decisions for ourselves. That’s why they have to regulate everything, take money from us for our own retirement, take money from us to give to other people that they decide need it more, and interject themselves in every area of our lives. They know what’s best for us. Just trust Obama, he’ll make all our lives better and he’ll pay all of our bills.

  • Excellent article. I agree wholeheartedly. After seeing the video clip of Bill Mahr, I immediately thought of Andrea Mitchell’s remark that “they may not know what is good for them”. I was going to link to that in my comment, but you beat me to the punch.

    Liberals often make condescending remarks about conservatives, especially when they think that they are in their liberal bubble. An examples of this is when Obama said to a friendly San Francisco crowd that PA Republicans cling to their guns and religion and have animosity for those who are not like them. Also van Jones recently called Republicans a**holes for being able to pass bills with a slim majority when the Democrats were unable to do the same. The crowd cheered, but the remark did not make sense to me. If they were successful in passing their legislation, why does that make them a**holes. Yet the crowd cheered wildly because they agreed with the insult.

    I base my views on my personal experience, reason and common sense.

  • Matt, leftists think that the rest of us live in “Deliverance” country, and it’s becoming more obvious, as we see with these vids.

    I love when the idiot in the second one says that Obama is facing more opposition because Obama is a “different kind of president…”

    Yeah, he’s “different”, all right– he’s a socialist. And we’re sick of him and his statist agenda. Statists, doing what they always do, cry “racism.”

    What we need to do is to STOP CARING what the left thinks of us. They don’t care what WE think, which is why they always win. Time for us to take a strategy lesson.

  • @ Forgotten Liberty, you are correct sir. Not only will he pay all of our bills, he’ll use our money, our children’s money, our grandchildren’s money…and so on, to do it!

    @ garyganu, thanks for commenting. I have to agree. The lefites inhabit a huge echo chamber. Their advocates, community organizers, the MSM, all echo the exact same thing.

    @ Karen, I agree, we cannot take it personally. That being said, we have to stay abreast of what they’re saying and thinking, as their policies are based on them. The fact that they belittle the people shows what they think of us, and, in the end, what they’ll do to us.

  • Maher just may be correct, but he’s looking in the wrong direction. I recall the night most Americans voted for Obama—I thought the very that very thing. These things get awfully hard to define and one must really get into the weeds. As for me I’m a hopeless uncompromising radical conservative and I know without a doubt that I’m always right on political issues–Meet Attila the Hun!!

  • @ Attila, thanks! I’ve thought that the losses in ’06 and ’08 are largely the fault of the Republicans, who, for all of their talk regarding conservative principals (primarily around election time), found them lacking in practice. Republicans were acting like RINOs and with the media beating on Bush every minute of every day (many times deservedly), the people experienced “Bush fatigue,” and decided to give this charismatic new guy a chance. We warned them about his past, his stated beliefs, and his radical associations, but they were deceived. Stupid…maybe so, but now, not so much. Millions are waking up, and the more socialist crap this guy tries, the more people will awaken. Once he tanks the economy next year with his tax increases, it’ll be the end of his majorities.

  • M&M use to have a different meaning, but you have given a new meaning with Maher and Mitchell—they really go together.

  • Maher is in love with his own false certitude. Politically Incorrect was the last time I found him somewhat digestible.

  • @ Ron, thanks, I hadn’t thought of it that way, but you’re right-they deserve each other.

    @ LibertyPen, there is a smugness about him that is very disturbing. Essentially, he IS what Van Jones thinks the Republicans are.