Of Trolls and RINOs


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I received this comment early in the morning today.

“After scanning several right leaning blogs and ending up here, I think I can finally say I am no longer a republican. I just don’t get all the hate and anger directed at president Obama. I by no means agree with a lot of what he has done, however reading blog after blog after blog of nothing but total hatred and demeaning comments, I can see the republican party is not a party I want to be a part of anymore. I won’t consider myself a democrat by any means, but until we get some sanity back into our once glorious party, I want no part of it any longer. Its posts like this that are driving more and more of us out of the party.

All the best and I still hope we even have a republican party left in 10 years.”

My initial reaction is that this is a classic Rush Limbaugh “seminar caller” type of comment.  This individual is claiming to be a Republican, but is leaving because of bloggers?  This strikes me as a feeble attempt to crease division in the ranks.  This is a classic liberal technique; join in discussion, pretend to be a part of something, and then create conflicts from within.  The idea is to discourage, disrupt, and cause people to quit or remain silent.  The seminar callers have been doing it since the 90’s.  Obama himself allegedly used paid trolls during the presidential primaries to disrupt forums and other groups within the Clinton campaign.

Since we recognize it for what it is, he can forever sit in my moderation queue.

That being said, there is a possibility that this individual is a RINO.  In which case, his message is very encouraging.  Many of us have been in the debate re: either taking over the Republican Party, or joining a Conservative Party.  The very need for this debate goes back to RINOs, which are largely blamed for losing Congress in ’06, and opening the door for Obama in ’08.  Essentially, when Republicans fail to follow Conservative principals, the Democrats win.  This guy points to the potential that perhaps RINO’s are leaving.   In that event, say “hi” to Arlen for me!

So, if you are real sir, let me be the first to thank you, as your leaving is a great service to the party.    Your departure helps insure that there will be Republican Party in 10 years.

Additional sources on the messiah using professional trolls can be found here, here, here and here.

  • Exactly, Matt. The guy was never a Republican, much less a conservative, in the first place. Satisfying, isn’t it, knowing that our refusal to go along with the mindless consensus of the moment is upsetting all those without spines?

  • just got home from the Memorial..sigh..keep fighting my friend……….

  • I’m like you Matt, I see this as a diversion and nothing should be read into it. And possibly the guy could be a rino, and I have less use for them than for confirmed liberals. Fence-sitters are disgusting and unwanted. Instead of a finger in the wind they need to stick it you know where.

  • @ Ron, I only talk about it because I’ve seen so many, including myself, fall into the trap of debating these frauds. If we can get our people to stop falling into that trap, we are better able to get our points across.

    I actually get far more trolls at Western Front America. They’re often hilarious. One guy said my sources were biased, and then used statistics from Wikipedia as a reference to “debunk” me! Most of the time, you can just let their statements stand on their own. They end up looking ridiculous all on their own. Every now and again, I pick one apart just to show how stupid their arguments are, but they often don’t return.