A Racist Under Every Bed?


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In the 1950’s Joe McCarthy, a US Senator, was investigating the influence of communism in American institutions.  He used subpoena power to drag people for testimony, questioning them regarding their ties to communism.  He harassed, accused, and seemed entirely unreasonable.  His ham-handed tactics earned him scorn, especially from the leftist media at the time.  Eventually, Edward R. Morrow confronted the Senator on national television, and the Senator’s influence was severely damaged.  Eventually, McCarthy’s activities were derided with the saying that the Senator believed that there was a communist “under every bed.”

Fast-forward to now.  The Democrats in the House, Senate, members of the Administration, and the mainstream media all repeat the mantra “opposition to Obama is racism.”  The turns of phrase are different, but the claim rings clear…any opposition to one man’s policies are a sure sign of racism.  Oppose single payer-racist!  Oppose buyouts and government control of banks, auto companies, and medical care…racist!  Oppose leftist radicals being appointed to positions of power…racist!  Oppose redistribution of wealth…racist!  Oppose the unprecedented expansion of federal power…racist!

The left has gone to the length of dragging out Jimmy Carter, the most failed President in history (for now), to repeat the leftist mantra of racism.  Of course, they have to gloss over all of Carter’s anti-Semitic comments in recent years, but since when has the left or their minions in the MSM been honest?

Of course, the President himself is silent on this issue.  While it is safe to assume that the claims of racism are a coordinated attack, the President sits in silence, trying to appear to be above the fray.  But that same silence is telling.  For the President who was going to heal our racial divides, would it not be appropriate to publicly speak out against such claims, and work on the actual issues at hand?  Or, is the silence from the Oval Office nothing more than a way to provide plausible deniability for the President?  Also, are the claims of “racism” only meant to distract from legislation, appointments or other initiatives that the administration wants to rush through?  And, is it not also an effort to discredit anyone who might offer a dissenting opinion?

This is a sign of the growing desperation of the left.  They have their legislative majorities, yet the alternative media, and millions of concerned citizens around the country have exposed their initiatives.  Their apparent solution is retreat, retrench, and to hurl insults at their opponents.  The lapdog media echoes them, in the hope that if they say it enough, it will become truth.  Should we now say that there is a “racist under every bed?”

This course of action has one substantial weakness.  More people have moved to the alternative media for their information.  Most Americans now distrust the MSM.  FOX News has more viewers than the other cable news outlets COMBINED.  Limbaugh’s numbers are up, and it is safe to assume that the other hosts are gaining listeners as well.    The MSM continues to alienate viewers by referring to them as racists, as well as other smears.

There is one important difference between McCarthy and the current smears…

McCarthy, for all of his flaws (of which there were many), was factually correct.  Since the former KGB has opened many of it’s files since the collapse of the USSR, and the US government has released formerly classified surveillance records, it has been shown that many of the people targeted by McCarthy were indeed agents of the Soviet Union.  Had he avoided thuggish tactics in his own investigations and hearings, he might be hailed as a hero, rather than a goon.  The left would have never liked him, and would have still tried to smear him, but it would not have stuck.

As for the current smear campaign?  Well, the left is doing its worst, but is failing.  The media is insulting a large segment of its audience, and losing viewers by the millions.  The middle is moving to the right, or at least away from the left.  And, unlike McCarthy, the left will not be vindicated by history, unless they do a wholesale re-write.


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  • Too bad the Zombiecrats didn’t look into recent past to discover that Carter had called Obugger “this black boy”: http://gatewaypundit.blogspot.com/2009/09/jimmy-carter-calls-barack-obama-this.html

  • Can’t expect the zombiecrats to actually look at facts, can ya?

  • Obama is the best thing that ever happened to racists. Their numbers are increasing geometrically with the passing of each news cycle with massive help from Jimmy, the peanut farmer, and from the likes of Nancy Pelosi and others. Hold on I hear a knock at my door……… Damn a man in a white sheet and a petition!!!

  • I think 2009 might be known as the “Year Alinsky died…again!” We might literally have the opportunity to watch the left implode in a frenzy of fail. I think we ought to go on just doing what we do, and let them make asses of themselves. They don’t need our help.

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  • I have now reached a profound conclusion—everyone in this country is a racist, yep including me!!!

  • @ cbullitt, yes it does!

    @ Ron, I dunno, may be the libs aren’t. I mean, they like to abort black babies at a higher rate than whites, and they do every thing in their power to make sure that minorities never succeed… uh-oh!