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Censorship and Isolation


I saw this on Beck last week.  The topic isn’t the most important thing.  Kindly pay close attention at around 1:25, and again at about 3:05.

The comments about being feeling alone and being empowered, are, in my opinion, why the left wants to ban talk radio, eliminate FOX News, and eventually regulate blogs out of existence.   If a person has an idea, sometimes even vague, that something is amiss in society, they may shrug it off.  If that same person makes observations that the government isn’t being truthful, or that the promised change isn’t changing a thing, they may let it go.  However, if a person reads a blog, watches a news broadcast, or listens to a radio show that explains those observations, and notions, they may hold onto those beliefs.  How many of us have had an “OMG” moment when we first read a Conservatively oriented book or blog, or heard a talk-radio or TV program?   It’s the idea that they are not alone in their beliefs that encourages people to delve further, to read more, to look into events and policies.  We are social beings, and knowing that others believe as we do strengthens those beliefs.  Then, the evidence that the right has to support our claims “seals the deal.”  (A sense of belonging can go far, but having the truth serves to keep things going for the long term.)

It does not stop there.  Ideas are strengthened by social consensus (Not the belonging to a group type of approval, but the validation of what one see’s hears, and thinks).  These ideas are confirmed, tested, and debated.  Once they are accepted as accurate, they can also be taken to action.  A person who knows that others believe as they do will find the strength to speak out, write a blog, show up at a protest, write their elected officials, and otherwise become a thorn in the side of the left.  As time wears on, people compare notes, share information, and eventually form movements.  As more and more people find that their observations fit what they are hearing, the movement(s) gain momentum, and eventually can change the balance of power.

This is intolerable to the left.  Since their success relies upon the elimination of dissent, unsanctioned media must be controlled and eliminated.   It happened in the Communist countries, Nazi Germany, is happening now in Venezuela, and will happen soon in this nation-if the POTUS and his Czars are able to pull it off.

Why?  The answer is simple.  They want us to be disconnected, isolated, discouraged, and (especially) silent.  By removing the means to exchange information, they seek to disconnect us from our sense of belonging, and more importantly, real news.  They mean to isolate us from information that proves what we see and think.  Obviously, this post, or the Conservative Hideout for that matter, wouldn’t be here to allow me to make these observations, or for you to read them…that’s the idea.  They want us silent, uninformed, and inactive.  That would end our ability to disrupt their takeover of America.

I think this takes me back to some ideas I presented in the past.  We need to save videos, quotes, screencaptures, and the like.  We may need to move to foreign servers to host blogs or forums.   The intrusions will come, perhaps slowly at first, but eventually they will come.  We need to be prepared.

H/T: The Classic Liberal, which is on the blogroll here, helped inspire me.  Of course, FOX News for covering things the MSM would rather us not know.

  • they wont shut us all up Matt! Busy weekend for a change..hope youre doin well!!:)

  • You are right in thats its important to others think as we do. Yes we are individuals but we do need support. I fear as you, that somewhere down the road censorship will begin to slip in. Slowly at first, but once the “camel has his nose under the tent” things could rapidly spin out of control. Sadly, few see these things coming.

  • Hey Barack Goon, you cn’t shut me down. Everything you try to do backfires. So too wil lthis.

  • Don

    Matt, this is why I started blogging. I read Mark Levin’s book, Liberty & Tyranny and realized that I could no longer sit back and complain. I had to begin the activism stage of my life.

    We have to stand strong and resolute against Mark Loyd (the “Diversity Czar” at the FCC) and his ilk.

  • @ Angel, They won’t, but they will try. I am doing well, thanks for asking.

    @ Ron, sometimes, I think that they’re going to try to push a lot through at once to overwhelm opposition. They started that diversity panel back in April or May, and nothing more has been heard of it. They’re working, but since they are not answerable to anyone but the messiah, there is no “transparency.” No surprises there.

    @ Dr. Dave, They’re going to try anyway. We’ll just have to keep up the effort.

    @ Don, I know what you mean. I had ideas about this going back to 2008, but it took me until this year, and a failed forum, to get me blogging. Ironically, I’m pretty much doing now what I thought about then. I wish I would have started sooner. I could have ranted a bit about dubya.

  • Good to have you back Matt. Strength in numbers is true for any group or cause and it is an excellent point as to the attack on conservative free speech. When you isolate people they weaken. The receiving of disinformation demoralizes and depresses those who want to fight but feel that they are so out numbered. Your statement of “We need to save videos, quotes, screencaptures, and the like.”, is something I have recently discovered to be essential too. The things that discredit the opposition will have every possible thing done to erase the evidence of it’s existence. I’ve seen it happen several times to websites, videos, and articles on the internet. Thank you for the great insight, this article makes some excellent points.
    As for my own recent experience in this, I have never felt such an overwhelming sense of empowerment and community as I did watching the 9/12 march on Washington. It was just amazing to see so many people finally coming together to stand up for their rights and freedom. Although I was unable to attend, just seeing it and knowing the effect it had on me, I know it did the same for countless others watching as well.

  • You nailed it TruthDetective. We are not so outnumbered as we are lead to believe. The impact of the 9-12 protest is underestimated by the left. I think that they may be starting to believe their own propaganda. Their intentional understatement of the attendance is proof of my idea. They want others to think that the movement is small, and be discouraged and marginalized. They overestimate their own influence, which is waning rapidly. As well, they completely underestimate the influence of bloggers, talk radio, and FOX. The tide is turning, and the left may be in for a big surprise.