Czar Wars: Kevin Jennings, This is What He Thinks Your Children Should be Reading


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This is NOT a family friendly post.  Do not let your children see what follows.  Of course, if your child attends a public school, it’s possible that they are being taught what I’m about to show you.

For the background:

Kevin Jennings is President Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar.”  He is also the founder and president of GLSEN, the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network.  GLSEN’s mission statement is as follows…

The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network strives to assure that each member of every school community is valued and respected regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.

We believe that such an atmosphere engenders a positive sense of self, which is the basis of educational achievement and personal growth. Since homophobia and heterosexism undermine a healthy school climate, we work to educate teachers, students and the public at large about the damaging effects these forces have on youth and adults alike. We recognize that forces such as racism and sexism have similarly adverse impacts on communities and we support schools in seeking to redress all such inequities.

GLSEN seeks to develop school climates where difference is valued for the positive contribution it makes in creating a more vibrant and diverse community. We welcome as members any and all individuals, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity/expression or occupation, who are committed to seeing this philosophy realized in K-12 schools.

OK, agree with them or not, they seems to be saying that they want to end discrimination.  Sort of nice and harmless, right?  Well, there is far more to the story than meets the eye.  GLSEN has a recommended reading list for kids, and the content of the books involved seem to go far beyond the stated mission of the organization.

Before we go into some of the content, a massive hat tip must go out to Gateway Pundit, WND, and Breitbart TV for compiling this info.

This is what Kevin Jennings thinks ought to be presented to your kids.  If you do not want to read about depictions of sexual activities with children, children and adults, and so forth, STOP NOW!

Reflections of a Rock Lobster – Page 13

(At the age of six, the author frequently performed fellatio on his fellow first-graders in the school restroom, part of a “busy homosexual childhood.”)

My sexual exploits with my neighborhood playmates continued. I lived a busy homosexual childhood, somehow managing to avoid venereal disease through all my toddler years. By first grade I was sexually active with many friends. In fact, a small group of us regularly met in the grammar school lavatory to perform fellatio on one another. A typical week’s schedule would be Aaron and Michael on Monday during lunch; Michael and Johnny on Tuesday after school; Fred and Timmy at noon Wednesday; Aaron and Timmy after school on Thursday. None of us ever got caught, but we never worried about it anyway. We all understood that what we were doing was not to be discussed freely with adults but we viewed it as a fun sort of confidential activity. None of us had any guilty feelings about it; we figured everyone did it. Why shouldn’t they?

Revolutionary Voices – Page 103

(An illustration about the change from “boy to man,” showing two Boy Scouts pointing at and looking at two adult men engaging in anal sex.)

Queer 13 – Pages 43, 44 + 45

(A 13-year-old boy has a violent sexual encounter with an older man, which causes the boy to become desperate for sex, and he ends up spending the rest of the year promiscuously getting “my cock sucked and my ass fucked” by “a seemingly endless supply of dicks” belonging to older men, concluding with “I really did enjoy those sexual encounters.”)

One day, on the bus to shop class, this ugly fuck of a man sat behind me and put his foot in the crack of my seat. He was skinny, with a patchy, pencil-thin mustache that besotted his oily face. I ignored him for most of the trip. I did notice that he changed buses when I did, but this time he sat beside me. He tried a little small talk, but then he suddenly and very nervously put his hand on my crotch. It never occurred to me to tell him not to. I’m not sure if I agreed to it or not, but he managed to get me to follow him to a nearby rest room at another secondary school “to play.” In the bathroom stall, lit by two scant rows of fluorescent lights, half of them burnt-out or flickering, he tried to kiss me, but I was too nauseated to do that. He sucked my nipples and played with my cock. I had no idea what to do. He then tried to get me to suck his. Somehow I knew this was expected of me, but I just could not put his ugly, foul-smelling penis into my mouth. When he forced it in I gagged so hard I started vomiting. Undaunted, he tried to put his cock in my ass. Thankfully, he came prematurely. He pulled up his trousers and left me in the toilet stall confused, frightened, crying, and praying to God for forgiveness of my horrible sin. I spent a good deal of time locked in the stall, trying to clean up, trying to wipe the smell of that act off with wet toilet paper, but I was doused in the stench of that man and what he had done.

This incident should have soured me on men, but it only made me more confused and needful. One day later, something accidental happened that would change my life. I discovered that at a urinal I could actually see someone else’s penis. I was ecstatic and fearful, but I wanted more. One day, at a local shopping mall, as I was trying to sneak a peek at penises in the rest rooms, a man at the urinal actually turned to me and started playing with himself. He flashed me a gold-toothed smirk and motioned for me to come over. Shocked, I zippered up and ran out, but the seeds had been laid. The whole world of rest-room sex had opened itself up to me.

Soon I was spending a great deal of time hanging out in shopping malls and cruising the rest rooms for sexual encounters. My rest-room exploits started to be a great burden on my mind. The better part of the year was spent making deals with God, asking for a sign, then ignoring and rationalizing everything I perceived to be a sign, praying for forgiveness, and being obsessed with raging hormones and a seemingly endless supply of dicks. I believed that it was all part of a test by God to see if I was a sinner. I was.

I had known before that something was up, and that I was attracted to men, but this toilet thing was a whole new realm of sin and Satan, a new level that I had never before imagined. The following years were spent praying for forgiveness and trying to purge my homosexuality through prayer and Bible study. While my classmates wondered what sex was like, content to masturbate over pinups, I was out there having my cock sucked and my ass fucked. These were grown men I was tricking with. Some were nice, grateful for a young boy to have their way with. Some were harsh and mean. There were a few nasty encounters, brutal and painful experiences, near-rapes, but through it all, I never thought that I had the ability to say no.

I was scared about what I was doing, scared of God’s judgment and of being caught in all those rest rooms and parks, but I really did enjoy those sexual encounters. That feeling of doing it to them and them doing the same for me was just too damn good.

Revolutionary Voices – Pages 171, 172 + 176

(An interview with a “sex worker” who praises prostitution as a way to raise one’s self-esteem and have empowering sexual experiences.)

Minal is a young queer from India and has been a sex worker in the S/M scene for a year and a half. He has taken a break from sex work and lives in San Francisco. In this interview Minal talks about his journey into sex work as a way of uplifting his self-esteem around body-image issues, his feeling of empowerment doing sex work in drag…

S: How did you get into sex work?

M: Well, before I get into that I have to tell you how I got into S/M generally, since I used to be a complete vanilla bottom. I’m gay, by the way; I’m exploring being transgendered, and I’ve been doing drag for about ten years, on and off. Drag was never a sexual thing for me, I’ve always had sex “as a guy.” Around March of last year a friend asked me about rape fantasies—she wanted to know what my fantasies were. I realized I hadn’t been fantasizing at all. When I did start thinking about it, my fantasies were all about whipping. I started reading up on S/M, and it was making me interested in sex for the first time. Before, I never knew what the big deal was with sex. I put a personal ad in the paper to do scenes with different people, and I realized that for what I was doing, I could be getting good money. I had a lot of friends in the sex industry who were asking me, “Why aren’t you charging for what you’re doing?”

So that summer I did it for free and learned what I needed to do, and by November I started putting out ads in the Bay Area Reporter. My ads were sort of genderfuck: my picture was taken from the neck down in a corset, fishnets and garter belt. It was a dom-type look. I realized there weren’t that many guys into doing S/M professionally, and the ones that were were really butch—so I stood out a lot. It was great. It was the first time I had really good sex, I was getting paid for it, and I felt totally in control. It was good, but I was wondering how many people I was losing by advertising as a fem dom. I started putting ads online without the fem look and got a lot more response, so I switched to just having a nude picture in the paper as opposed to a girlish one. The responses were more than I could handle, which is a good thing. That’s how I got into sex work, as a way of exploring my sexuality.

S: How has your self-image improved from doing sex work?

M: I feel a lot more confident and secure with myself. I think that has a lot to do with S/M and coming into my own power.

Passages of Pride – Pages 33, 34 + 35

(A 15-year-old boy embarks on an intense sexual relationship with a much older adult man.)

Near the end of summer, just before starting his sophomore year in high school, Dan picked up a weekly Twin Cities newspaper. Scanning the classifieds, he came upon an ad for a “Man-2-Man” massage. Home alone one day, he called the telephone number listed in the ad and set up an appointment to meet a man named Tom. Tom offered to drive to Zimmerman. So, over the phone, Dan directed him to a secluded road in his subdivision. “Stop where the pavement ends,” Dan told him.

A couple of nights later, Dan pulled the broken screen from his bedroom window and slipped out of the house while his parents slept. He hurried to the prearranged rendezvous spot, and there, in the dark of night, he met Tom for the first time, man-to-man. In the back of Tom’s van, the two had sex.

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“He gave me a little shoulder rub and the next thing I knew his hands were all over me,” Dan remembers. “It wasn’t a bad thing. I didn’t necessarily know it would turn into sex. But I knew what I was doing.”

Dan continued his liaisons with Tom throughout the summer and into the following school year, having sex—usually masturbation and oral sex—with Tom in his van or his Minneapolis apartment.

Even though Tom was older, almost twice Dan’s age, Dan felt unthreatened by him. Dan admits Tom was a “troll” in every sense of the word—an older closeted gay man seeking sex with a man much younger. But Dan says he was not intimidated by the discrepancy in their ages. “He kind of had me in a corner in that he knew I didn’t have access to anything I wanted.” says Dan. “But everything was consensual.”

“He wasn’t exactly a friend,” Dan says of his relationship with Tom. “He wasn’t exactly a lover. He wasn’t exactly a role model. He wasn’t exactly anything. What I got out of it was sex, and someone who made me feel nice for once. Sex was a totally different way to feel good. It was a very easy way to get away from the pain. I was young. He brought me down to the city, where I wanted to be. And I was very young.”

Passages of Pride – Page 92

(A woman recalls how as a teenager she had a sexual affair with an adult teacher at her high school, which greatly boosted the girl’s self-esteem.)

While still in high school, she had an affair with a teacher. “She was forty-four and had a daughter who was a year younger than me, who went to my school. Needless to say, it was all very confusing, but exciting as well. The moment right after we kissed for the first time, I ran to the mirror and looked at myself. I was ecstatic. I thought I would look different. I said in a barely audible whisper, ‘I’m a lesbian.’ About six months later, we stopped being physically sexual, at my request. I was racked with guilt feelings and knew that it was out of control. I was terrified of someone finding out….”

In Your Face – Page 142

(The narrator regrets that as a teenager he was too shy to hook up with an older man.)

I’ve never been with a guy yet. I was tempted once. I was in this store–a clothes shop or something. Well, this guy was looking at me and my friend pointed it out. I was gonna go up and talk to the guy, but the guy was twenty-something. He was good-looking, too. This was like a year and a half ago or something. I was really screwed up—not sure how I felt. I didn’t say anything. I remembered going home and wishing that I had said something.

The Full Spectrum – Pages 227 + 228

(A five-year-old girl and a six-year-old girl engage in sex games.)

I am five and Katie is six. Her birthday is in September. Mine is in June. We are both in kindergarten, she in the p.m. class and me in the a.m., but we go to day care together. We are best friends.

Today I am going to Katie’s for a playdate.

Katie pulls her shorts off. She is wearing blue and white polka-dotted Hanes underwear, the kind that I have at home. They come in a three-pack with a matching blue pair and a matching white pair. She lies down on her floor and pulls her underwear off over her butt, and tells me to spank her because she’s the baby and I’m the mommy. It seems kind of weird and she yells at me to do it. Then she makes me be the baby and she spanks me, too. She tells me that I should learn how to French-kiss because boys always do that, so she kisses me and puts her tongue in my mouth. I roll my tongue hot-dog style, because that is fun.

Her mommy drives me home, and in the backseat of her white car Katie Frenches me again.

We are in second grade now, and Katie still makes me practice Frenching her.

Gateway Pundit has far more excerpts, including screen captures of the book pages.  You can check out the GLSEN book list to see that these are these books they recommend for public school children.

There is more, the following is also posted at Gateway Pundit (Different post).

If it’s all about tolerance, why is the following question necessary?

Male Teacher: … Spit versus swallowing – I don’t know about the calorie count of cum. All right. Is it rude? Let’s ask this question: Is it rude not to swallow?

Students: No! Oh, no! [Many “no’s” from the children.]

Male Teacher: No. So it’s in good bedroom etiquette … [unclear] to spit out?

Tolerance – You just heard a public employee ask 14-year-olds if it was rude to spit rather than swallow during oral sex.

So, I’m not going to engage in unnecessary commentary, because I think the content speaks for itself.  I will ask that if GLSEN is all about tolerance and self esteem, why all the hypersexualized content, some of it depicting criminal behavior between adults and minors?

If you have kids in public school, get them out NOW!!!

BTW, Chase is sponsoring GLSEN.

Maybe you want to call them and let them know what you think about tall of this?


How did that get there?

Click to enlarge
Extra Thanks for Snarky Basterd for letting me know about the recording.
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  • Unbelievable. OK, sad that it is believable – in this administration. I first saw the GatewayPundit piece linked on Ace a day or so ago, and Gateway’s host got cyberattacked. What a completely wretched crew of people we up against. My wife actually has an account at Chase. Not for long.

    • I skimmed it on memorandum the other day, but I didn’t get around to until Snarky got to me about it this evening.

      It literally made me sick to my stomach.

      • Watch Michelle Malkin talk about this on Hannity Dec. 9, 2009 – Wed.

  • Ken Minor

    You are so right to put up this article. There is a significant group of homosexuals who are not content to practice their choice, they must preach and teach it with a frenzy of a cult. America is so riddled with this perverse ideology that what used to be a prosecutable offense is now protected by law under hate crimes legislation.

    If I have learned anything in life is that whenever you give that first tolerance of anything, there will be more and more. We are now reaping what we have sown or allowed over recent decades. The process to undo this would be quite ugly and I truly question how many Americans really have the gumption to fight for what they believe. I do hope I am wrong.

    This “safe school Czar” is not the first perverse lunatic to have influence over our schools. He is just the one who is currently garnering the attention. Our schools are saturated with likeminded or equally liberal idealogs who believe they are enlightening the world with the garbage they pump into our children. Still, most feel so unable to do anything about it and efforts put forth in PTA meetings result in labeling concerned parents as the problem.

    America definitely needs to turn away from this path. May God help us.

    • Thanks Ken, that was a very insightful comment. We are living in times where good is described as evil, and evil is described as good.

      Times are changing. People are becoming more active, and are finding their voice. Hopefully, the radical left will find themselves facing more and more active, and vocal opposition. That is our hope. We have to be even noisier that they are!

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  • What can you say. It’s easier to keep the enslave people when they are already acting like animals. This makes you think of Van Jones as the good old days.

    • I agree. The first Jennings scandal didn’t unseat him. If this one takes off, maybe we’ll see him go too. The agenda, however, will remain.

  • Don

    You know this is just trash. Obscene trash and Obama picked this sick f*ck to be a “Safe School Czar.”

    I will vote for Bozo the Friggin Clown in ’12 against Obama. I mean the GOP could literally run a warm body and I will vote for that person. ANYTHING to get this person out of our White House.

    • This guy is setting himself up for a reckoning at the polls. First 2010, then 2012. The more he does, the more we expose, the more and more people see about what the left is really about. I still think, however, that we need ethical folks in government, and the current system doesn’t really provide that. The Republicans would do well to carefully vet people that will not end up being duds. I get you’re upset, I was too. After a night’s sleep, I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work on this. I’m going to message and email all of my contacts. I have some familiarity with a couple talk radio hosts. I’ll message them today.

  • Oh Dear, Of course you know I think this is such an abomination, it is beyond words to comment. I got past the first few excerpts, but had to scroll past the rest. These deranged degenerates are not only intent on corrupting children beyond repair, they want to make sure America is damned to hell and removed from God’s Blessed List. I supposed this is just obama fulfilling his Rev. Wright’s directive of “GOD d–n America, because surely this is worse than Sodden and Gomorra, and we know what happened there. If anyone didn’t believe in end times prophecy…here is concrete proof that they are here now & we are on the precipice.

    Just looking at this pervert’s pic, you can see he is evil, soul-less and morally bankrupt. This is the man parents warn their children staying AWAY from in the playgrounds…..and now he is in charge of SAFE SCHOOLS? This is INSANE, this whole Administration is INSANE, and if people don’t see what kind of an evil maniac Obama is for even THINKING about appointing this monster, then we are beyond help.

    I surely pray that this takes off, thanks for posting this Matt. I know how distasteful this was for you to post. It was awful to read, your disclaimer was spot on. I’m usually pretty non-phased, but this is so hard core and psycho, I can’t contemplate how it corrupts children….and I’m well past that age.
    JENNINGS MUST GO! I sure hope FOX News and every outlet worldwide exposes this nightmare. I will never do business with Chase. I don’t have an account w/ them, and now I never well. GOD HELP AMERICA.

    PS: Feel free to send me comment where-ever you think it might do some good. I’m with you, big hat tips to Gateway Pundit and Dave for the audio alert.

    • Not much phases me either. But this, I think we all know what this will do do kids.

      This goes beyond blogging. This is about kids, and not only failing to protect them, but openly harming them!

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  • Thanks for sending me this post in my email, Matt. I would have gotten around to reading it, but it is better sooner than later.

    Kevin Jennings surely has an agenda that is purely homosexual in nature. He and his organization intend to circumvent the lessons that are being taught at home by God-fearing parents.

    Ken mentioned something in his comment that is very true. Our schools are saturated with this kind of behavior. I live in a very conservative area in Oklahoma, yet our public school is full of homosexuals. They are very active in promoting their lifestyle and it is a very contagious attitude. My wife and I watched as our neighbor’s daughter grew up and had friends who were homosexual over to her house. Even though she did not consider herself as such, I told my wife that it would not be long before she did. A person simply can not be around such behavior without being affected in some manner. That turned out to be a true statement.

    After she became an open homosexual, I was helping her father work on a car and my wife came over to see how it was going. Of course, our two daughters came along and it was just a very few minutes until his daughter came out the door with her “partner” and was kissing her right in front of our daughters. This she did, knowing full well how they were raised and taught, yet having no respect for us and our beliefs. Needless to say, they went home and got away from that.

    Thanks again for sending me the post and I may be putting my own article up about this. If I do, I will link to you and to Gateway Pundit. It will probably not be as explicit as yours, but this needs to be known across our country.

    • Thanks LD. IF you do a post, let me know, and I’ll link to it. We need as many people to see this a humanly possible.

      You are correct about the contagious nature. That might well be the intent.

      • I have my own article posted about this, with links back to this article, as well as the one on Gateway Pundit.

  • This is the new norm for the Obama administration. In two years public schools will probably have offer the following curriculum,Lap Dancing, Cross Dressing, Swallowing 101 and 202, The History of Man-Boy Love.

    Disgusting bastards. To echo Matt, get your kids away from public school, FAR away.

    • And let’s not forget what Powdergirl named this guy back when I wrote that nasty little “Top 10 Kevin Jennings Pickup Lines” piece: Fisting Czar. It’s funny, it’s crude, and it’s utterly true.

      • That it is Snarky, that it is.

  • Kevin Jennings is the most unsafe “safe” school czar ever! This is sickening. This cult of homosexuals are forcing this crap down our children’s throats. They are teaching kids the ins and outs of immorality and breaking the law with regard to sexuality. This must be stopped. I was planning on doing a post on this sicko, and I will link to your post.

    • I agree, this isn’t about tolerance or acceptance. It’s about promotion, and promotion of crap that’s illegal.

  • Jennings is a twisted individual.

    And, as a side note, when are people going to catch on that Obama is a whack job like the rest of his advisers: Holdren, Van Jones, Rham and Ezekiel Emmanual, Kevin Jennings et al.

    BTW: post has been Digg-ed and SU-ed…

    • Thanks Steve. I think we’re nearing that tipping point. Van Jones, Anita Dunn (and now her hubby), EZKILL Emanuel, and the ilk, are being exposed. How are people going to deal with recommended books that promote adults having sexual contact with boys?

  • Is it any wonder that an increasing parents are choosing to home school, and that more and more churches, big and small, are starting their own schools. Wake up America, or elas many of yourl children will be turned into soldiers to hunt down and eliminiate you, your traditions, your beliefs and your dreams.

    • I agree Clifford. I added you to the blogroll as well.

      I don’t think the public system can be saved. It instead needs to be abandoned. I think quite a few readers here are going the homeschooling route. My kid is in private school.

  • Should have read: “increasing number of parents”

    Sorry, sometimes my fingers just cannot keep up with my thoughts


    • It’s OK Clifford. I was so angry when I wrote this, I still have some typos to fix. That’s why my kiddo is in private school.

  • Matt, this is beyond outrageous! You were right to post on this disgusting piece of slime and what he wants to do– and you were also right to warn people before reading.

    It’s important to know that this evil is being perpetrated on our innocent children.

    • Thanks Karen. Sick as it is, it has to be publicized. People need to know about this.

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  • Matt, just wrote a blog entry pointing readers this way.

    This guy even LOOKS like the type who’d be hanging around playgrounds and keep candy in his glove compartment.

    • Thanks Karen, I’ll link back.

  • Richard Brummer

    If Obama fires this guy, he will probably just replace him with Pedo Bear. This is totally unbelievable. This stuff looks like something out of a vulgar College Humor or Onion satire.

    • I was beginning to think that Jennings was Pedo Bear Approved. I had to double check this stuff out myself. It appears real. The other places posted images of the pages. I wish it were some sort of prank or parody!

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  • Good Lord Matt..could it get any more vile and disheartening?

    • It probably could get more vile Angel, but I wouldn’t want to imagine what that might be.

  • Matt, I just saw this on “Big Government” OMG, it gets worse.
    Drudge has on Front Page!

    This freak has got to go!

    • Methinks the left wants him right where he is.

  • Sick of it

    Things we can do to fight this
    Kevin Jennings has shown a disregard for parental rights and for our children’s well being, yet he is the President’s choice to keep our schools safe! Safe for sexual predators it would seem! Please contact your state school board and let them know that this is unacceptable, and they need to let the President know: it is time Kevin Jennings resigns!

    Second contact all leaders you can:

    Contact the White House
    President Obama is committed to creating the most open and accessible administration in American history. To send questions, comments, concerns, or well-wishes to the President or his staff, please use the form below:
    You can also call or write to the President:
    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20500
    Please include your e-mail address

    Phone Numbers
    Comments: 202-456-1111
    Switchboard: 202-456-1414
    FAX: 202-456-2461

    Vice President Joe Biden is committed to creating the most open and accessible administration in American history. To send questions, comments, concerns, or well-wishes to the Vice President or Dr. Jill Biden, please use the form below

    Contact Us
    Office of the Speaker
    H-232, US Capitol
    Washington, DC 20515 (202) 225-0100

    When contacting your Representative if you agree with HR3226, tell them you support H.R.3226 Czar Accountability and Reform (CZAR) Act of 2009 – Prohibits appropriated funds from being used to pay salaries or expenses of any task force, council, or similar office established by or at the direction of the President, if the head of such entity: (1) is appointed (on other than an interim basis) without the Senate’s advice and consent; (2) is excepted from the competitive service by reason of the confidential, policy-determining, policy-making, or policy-advocating character of the position; and (3) performs or delegates functions that would otherwise be performed or delegated by an individual appointed by the President with the Senate’s advice and consent.



    • Thanks, Sick of it. I’ll pass this information along. Though, I have have to question the utility of contacting the POTUS, Biden, or Pelosi. They could care less, and won’t even read it. They have already shown their disdain for us.

      • Sick of it

        I dont know, but they wouldnt be able to use the excuse nobody contacted them about this later on. Im hoping that people decide to flood them with letters against this instead of not doing anything because we think they wont read it anyway! Where are we going to draw the line, this needs to stop before it goes any further.

        • You may have a point there. I did make this comment part of a later post on the issue.

          • Daryl Vocat

            Remove my image from your website. Neither myself, not the book publisher have granted you permission to republish my image. You refer tyo it above as page 103 from Revolutionary Voices

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  • Pingback: Obama’s safe schools czar’s, Kevin Jennings, reading list « America's Watchtower()

  • Pingback: Obama’s safe schools czar’s, Kevin Jennings, reading list « America's Watchtower()

  • Pingback: Obama’s safe schools czar’s, Kevin Jennings, reading list « America's Watchtower()

  • Pingback: Obama’s safe schools czar’s, Kevin Jennings, reading list « America's Watchtower()

  • Pingback: Obama’s safe schools czar’s, Kevin Jennings, reading list « America's Watchtower()

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  • Mr. Vocat, I have not published your image on my website. The image is not on the server of my webhost. It is linked from another site. Of course, had you actually known anything about such things, you would contact the person that is hosting it with your request. Just understand fair use.

    Kindly provide some verification of your actual identity.

    Also, what’s the matter? Don’t want the world knowing about your “work?”