A Call to Action: ACLU Threatens to Sue


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ACLU Founder, Roger Baldwin, has been reliably quoted as saying the following…

I have continued directing the unpopular fight for the rights of agitation, as Director of the American Civil Liberties Union … I have been to Europe several times, mostly in connection with international radical activities, chiefly against war, fascism and imperialism; and have traveled constantly in the United States to areas of conflict over workers’ rights to strike and organize.

My chief aversion is the system of greed, private greed, private profit, privilege and violence which makes up the control of the world today, and which has brought it to the tragic crisis of unprecedented hunger and unemployment …

Therefore, I am for socialism, disarmament and, ultimately, for abolishing the state itself as an instrument of violence and compulsion.
I seek the social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class and sole control of those who produce wealth.

Communism is the goal.

Now, we at the CH 2.0 have been following the activities of the ACLU for some time.  While they, on occasion, seem to try to side with freedom of all sorts, their activities, overwhelmingly, have been focused on removing religious symbols from the public sphere.  That, in and of itself, is wholly consistent with the stated goals of it’s founder.

Today, I was contacted by a NE PA Tea Party group.  Here is their announcement.

Subject: Upcoming Protest! Luzerne County removes nativity scene and menorah display.

Fellow Patriots,

NEPA Tea Party, LLC. is not organizing the event mentioned below. However, we feel it is in line with our policy of keeping people informed of both events that promote and foster our mission statement.

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I am sure most of you have already heard Luzerne County officials removed its nativity scene and menorah display from the courthouse lawn Wednesday. They did this because the American Civil Liberties Union and Americans United threatened to sue the county saying the display was unconstitutional.

As a result, a protest is taking place to let county officials know how upset we are because of their actions.

Date: Sunday, December 20, 2009
Place:  Luzerne County Courthouse steps
(200 North River Street, Wilkes-Barre, PA, 18702).
Time: 1:00pm – 2:00pm

Be sure to bring creative homemade signs, mangers, menorahs, religious pictures, and your singing voices (for singing Christmas carols, Hanukkah songs, and other holiday tunes).

Here is a link to the facebook page referencing the event:


We hope to see you there.

Enjoy your holidays.

NEPA Tea Party, LLC.
Dan McGrogan
Luke Shook
Norman Wahner

So, if you are in the area, kindly stop by and give some support.

BTW, the ACLU is also a candidate for Useful Idiot of the Year.  Give them a vote if you like.

  • Well, I’ve always known the ACLU were commies, we have proof.

    As for the the tea party efforts, I’m NOT in the area, but I’ll be praying.

    • Thanks, the last I heard, it might have been canceled. The county will is apparently putting the display back up. From what I’ve gathered, legal precedent shows that if you throw some secular stuff in a display, you aren’t promoting religion. They throw a Santa off to the side, and they’re ACLU-Proof.

  • If I still lived there, you know I’d be there, brother.

    • Indeed, and I’d be there to bail you out! 😀

  • They’re well on their way to abolishing the nation-state, too (well, the wider Left, that is, not just the pathetic ACLU). Just look at the EU. The nation-state no longer effectively exists among its members.

    More than anything else, I detest how the Left refuses to learn anything from history. What do they think would happen in the absence of the nation-state? That it’d be a paradise of “equality” and “fairness?”

    Think again, morons.

    • We’d get to live in 1984! Hooray!