1-20-10 Strike: Would it be Effective, or a Waste of Time?


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I’m having a hard time fleshing this out, but there appears to be a national “strike” proposed by some Tea Party organizations.  The main site for the 1-20-10 Strike appears to be here.  However, it seems that the site is troll ridden.   Take a look yourself.

The question then is, what do people strike against?  I’ve read  that some suggest purchasing nothing that is taxed.  I have to disagree.  Since most of those taxes are local or state, it won’t hurt fedzilla, and it might harm small businesses, which have a great deal to lose in this economy (which is going to get worse).   I’d also have to submit that trying to starve fedzilla for one day would go unnoticed.

Also, I’d have to say that one day boycotts or strikes haven’t been all that successful.  Remember that immigrant strike a year or two ago?  You know, the day that went by, and no one noticed?   The economy, even in its weakened state, is too big for a one-day boycott to be effective.  Not only that, what people need, they will buy, either before, or after the strike, negating any fiscal effects.

If by a strike, people mean not going to work, I fear the results are much the same.  People will take a vacation day, or call in sick.  It might make a slight dent in things, but most Americans will still not notice.  Also, the media won’t cover it, other than to report it as a failure. While that doesn’t come as a surprise, I’ll suggest something that might make a bigger impression.

What if we had, oh, say, 2-3 million people in DC on the day that Obama made the State of the Union Address?  What if those millions of people jammed the streets around the White house and the Capitol, and Obama couldn’t get there to give the teleprompter’s speech?  No guns, no weapons…nothing but a sea of flag-waving, sign bearing, America–loving patriots!   That, my friends, would make an impression.

The MSM would have to cover it, and while they’ll smear it, and make their usual false accusations, they’ll have to admit to the size and scope of the movement, which is what they’ve really been trying to avoid.  It’s hard to play down the size of something and call it a “fringe” when it’s big enough to shut down the nation’s capital!

Maybe people would be arrested for blocking the streets, but if some were willing to take the risk, it might make a splash that the Tea Party organizers want.  It would also put the Democrats on notice, that we’re a force to be reckoned with.  No blood needs to be shed, and no violence needs to be involved – just patriots who are willing to stand up and be counted…literally.

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Sorry to the folks that are supporting a strike, but I’m just not seeing a significant impact.  However, let’s talk about it see if I’m missing something here.

Let’s see what the readers think.  Here are two polls to get the ball rolling.

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Consider this an open thread.

  • You make a good point for a strike to work it would need two things:
    A- Better planning and promotion, this is the first I have heard of it.
    B- More long term, something like Gandhi’s salt march and civil disobedience movements. Like you said one day will not really make an impact as far as a strike goes. A one day protest gets the point across fine, but a one day strike is silly.

    • This is probably an over-generalization, but I would also assume that most Conservatives and other Tea Party folks work. To do an extensive “strike,” they’d have to do more than most could afford. People still need to eat.

    • Don

      This reminds me of the sentiment when gasoline was 4 bucks a gallon. As in, “We should all go one day without buying gas.”

      Would it work? More than likely.

      Could it be made to happen? Nope.

  • Hi Matt, lst I’ve heard of this too….your poll was fun! I think we’re unanimous so far!
    Your idea of showing up enmass to close down streets when teleprompter in chief has another lie fest is the BEST idea. It might be a bit late to get the ball rolling on that. Organizers should work on that NOW…
    look how big the turnout was last year! This time, the MSM couldn’t ignore it.

    • I agree Bunni, and it’s still unanimous.

      I think to be successful, the movement needs to do things that are consistent with the cause, and will get noticed. If it’s so big that the MSM has to acknowledge the size of it, the folks in DC will notice.

  • I agree with you, Matt… although I LOVE the idea of civil disobedience to get the Blob’s attention, it would be ineffective unless it’s longer-lasting and better planned. And good luck boycotting buying things that aren’t taxed… if anyone knows a way to do that, please share!

    • Yeah, I agree. Boycotts don’t work. Remember when the lefties tried to boycott Beck’s sponsors. Kersplatt! 😀

  • great piece..and good point Karen..:) keep up the fight..and don’t lose heart! 🙂

    • Thanks Angel, and Karen.

  • Short strikes and boycotts have never worked and get noticed my the MSM only when those on the left are conducting such events. A massive rally would be much better and civil disobediance would be great—that always gets attention. Something about people going to jail for what they believe.

    • That’s the thing Ron. We can kick it up a notch without hurting anyone, vandalizing property, or having a hissy fit like the left does. Then, when the MSM tries to characterize a bunch of unarmed people as terrorists, they aren’t going to have a leg to stand on.

  • I totally agree with you, except I’m OK with people carrying their guns. It’s DC though, so you probably can’t anyways. FREEDOM!

    • I doubt you can. And if we did, everyone would focus on that instead of what is said and done. My idea is do nothing to give the left and the MSM ammunition. Let’s their rants be empty, and they’ll just discredit themselves all the more.

  • Greg

    I agree that a strike wouldn’t do anything to hurt (or impress) Fedzilla (love that word!)

    Demonstrations might work. How about if they were held at the steps of the CNN, et al., buildings?

    Or how about a national day where everyone sends an email (or written letter) to their congressional entities? Sample letters could be posted, or even outlines (include this, skip the insults, etc.) Jan 20 – 38 million letters and emails arrive in Gov mailboxes…

    • Thanks Greg.

      There were media protests. The media, of course, chose not to cover them.

      As for form letters, I’ve always been opposed to copypasta. People can write their own stuff. It’s more authentic that way. Then again, if we send 30,000,000 letters, they’ll just dump them all.

  • I agree, Matt, that a strike won’t work–at least not long term.

    If we really wanted to send a message (and this would be very risky) we wouldn’t file or pay federal income taxes. What are they going to do, arrest 3-5 million–or more–people? No.

    That would send a message. It’s fraught with risk because a large number of people would have to go through with it or else the smaller number would make it much easier for the feds to prosecute.

    I’m not suggesting this be done yet, but I think we can agree that it would definitely send a message.

    • I agree, it would definitely their attention, but the ones that do get prosecuted would do hard time. I couldn’t ask anyone to do that just to get attention.

      • Exactly. That’s why I wouldn’t suggest it. You’re right though, strikes and even to a degree, the tea parties, aren’t going to be enough.

        I just don’t know what else we can do except keep blogging and sounding the alarm.

  • One thought I had was to claim 15 dependents on your W2 so you would effectively be paying zero federal income tax though the year. Starve the government a bit. Then, as a good citizen, flood the federal government on April 15th with your accurate tax payment.

    • I’ve heard about stuff like that as well. But when you think about it, do they really care if the government has income?

      • I know… They would just print more….

        • They wouldn’t care a bit. They’ll run the printing press until it wears out! Hell, it might actually accelerate the collapse, which would be OK with them.

    • I’ve heard about this, too. It would prevent the government from earning any interest on our tax dollars.

  • I would have to echo many of the comments here, the strike is not a viable method. I would imagine if many would implement your alternative, those people would be branded and racists who are engaging in fear mongering. However, it is nice to see people utilizing their voice and trying to come up with ideas to effect change. And not the kind from our Counterfeit Prince.

    • They would be most certainly branded, but then again, we already have been branded. For me, the main point of the media coverage has been to limit the size of the movement. We get 1.5 million (est) in DC on 9-12, and they say 70,000. If the public, the media, and the government have to acknowledge that we number in the millions, and are therefore a force to be reckoned with, they can call us names all they want. There are millions of us!

  • Matt, I love your idea to have a massive protest in D.C, one that Dems and MSM can’t ignore.

    • It just has to have some more teeth. I’m not saying to wreck stuff and cause a riot like the lefties do, just gum up the town. Not a soul needs to be hurt.

  • I’d go for gridlock in the District of Criminals, Matt. I don’t boycott shit (unless it has Citgo before the name “boycott”). It’s really just a lot of noise about nothing.

    • Yup, I think boycotts just allow the people doing it to think that they’re doing something. When you think about it, how many Conservatives went to whole foods after Single Payer Action decided to boycott them. They’re a complete wast of time and resources.

  • Don

    I have thought it over and I am willing to stop eating brussel sprouts in my effort to show solidarity and protest what is going on!