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Air America Ceases Operations


Low ratings finally killed the Air America network.

“It is with the greatest regret, on behalf of our board, that we must announce that Air America Media is ceasing its live programming operations as of this afternoon, and that the company will file soon under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code to carry out an orderly winding down of the business,” the chairman of Air America Media, Charlie Kireker, said in a memorandum.

His statement was published on

The news did not come as a complete surprise to staff members. The company, which was founded in 2004, never found a substantial audience or sound financial footing. It filed for bankruptcy protection in 2006, but managed to stay on the air at that time. The network churned through several owners and several attempted reinventions, with little to show for it.

“The fact of the matter was, it was always a very challenging business proposition, and it never had the right management,” said Sam Seder, who hosted programs on Air America until last year.

The headwinds were enormous, he said, adding, “Radio is a dying industry.”

Radio, a dying industry??  Tell that to Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, and Savage.  They get great  ratings!  In fact, didn’t the left’s attack on Limbaugh give him a 30% spike in ratings?

Maybe there were management problems, but the real problem was, Air America didn’t have enough of an audience to stay alive.  To have a successful media enterprise, you actually have to have people willing to read, listen, or view your product!  Air America is in the same boat as other left leaning media outlets.  They are all losing audience and money.

There was a difference with Air America; they weren’t pretending to be objective.  They were true to what they were.  I have to respect that.   However, many of the newspapers, and well as MSNBC and CNN, pretend to be objective, but since they refuse to cover important and relevant stories and provide cover for their leftist brethren, people don’t pay attention to them.

So, Conservative talk radio continues to dominate, as does FOX News on TV.  Why?  They cover stories, like ACORN, ClimateGate, Kevin Jennings, Van Jones, And a host of others, that the left leaning media refuses to touch, or tries to discredit.  People are becoming increasingly aware of the liberal bias of the “objective” media, and are changing the channel.

So, I imagine that the left will lament this loss, and blame the right for destroying or conspiring against Air America.  However, we didn’t need to, as no one was listening anyway.

H/T: Hot Air, Michelle Malkin

  • In other news, the Commerce Department announced a sudden “unexpected” jump in unemployment among sniveling lefty radio wannabes.

    • Well, at least for this “unexpected” jump, there is a solution. The COMPLETELY UNBIASED network, MSNBC, will hire all of them!

  • Don

    Don’t forget Mark Levin, he has the third largest conservative talk show in the nation.

    To use a professional wrestling euphemism, Air America just didn’t put the asses in the seats.

    • I should acknowledge Mr. Levin. He’s quite good, though I can’t get his show where I live. Actually, I can only get Limbaugh and Savage where I live.

      As for the wrestling references; they generate no heat, and their booker stinks.

  • Goodbye Air America, we hardly knew you!

    • Apparently, no one else did either.

  • The free market system has the true pulse of the American People.

    • Very true John. However, the left’s strategy seems to involve banning all other media than their own. Imagine a future liberal world where you can only listen to Air America or NPR. Just think of what we wouldn’t know. Climategate? What ClimateGate!

  • Watch for the Fairness Doctrine talk to pick up soon….

    • I’m waiting for it. Of course, they’ll call it something else, so they’ll say there is no fairness doctrine. Then again, Mark Lloyd says that the fairness doctrine didn’t go far enough.

  • ha what great news MATT! Ahhh Happy Sunday my friend!:)