Campus Reform to Lead PSU Protest


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The Campus Reform folks are at it again.

Students, residents and community leaders will join together on Friday, February 12, to demand a fair and independent investigation of Michael Mann and Climategate. The University has a conflict of interest, and should not conduct an internal investigation without external oversight. The Rally for Academic Integrity will take place in front of the Hetzel Union Building (HUB) on Penn State’s University Park Campus (Pollock Road entrance) at 12:00. This Rally for Academic Integrity is jointly sponsored by PSU Young Americans for Freedom and The 9-12 Project of Central PA.


Penn State’s internal inquiry into Michael Mann’s alleged scientific misconduct concluded with the virtual exoneration of his behavior, and ignored key evidence in the Climategate scandal. As feared, this inquiry was little more than a whitewash—an assault on academic integrity.

First, the university’s internal review consisted of three Penn State employees who have strong incentives to protect the school’s reputation and the millions of dollars it receives from global warming research grants. There was no external oversight.

Second, the review consisted of looking at a mere 47 emails (out of thousands in question), interviewing Mann, analyzing materials he submitted, and asking only two biased sources about his credibility.  Penn State hardly conducted a “thorough investigation” of alleged wrongdoing by Mann.

Consider the following extract:
“•He [Mann] explained that he had never falsified any data, nor had he had ever manipulated data to serve a given predetermined outcome;
“•He explained that he never used inappropriate influence in reviewing papers by other scientists who disagreed with the conclusions of his science;
“•He explained that he never deleted emails at the behest of any other scientist, specifically including Dr. Phil Jones, and that he never withheld data with the intention of obstructing science; and
“•He explained that he never engaged in activities or behaviors that were inconsistent with accepted academic practices.”

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In short, Mann’s own claim of innocence is taken as proof of his innocence. Moreover, parts of the report are almost fawning in their description of Mann (e.g. “All were impressed by Dr. Mann’s composure and his forthright responses”). “This type of language would be more appropriate in a letter of recommendation than in a serious investigation,” commented Penn State sophomore, and YAF chair, Samuel Settle.

Third, Penn State’s internal review ignored key passages in the emails under scrutiny.  While the committee examined the use of the word “trick” in correspondence between Mann and colleague Phil Jones, it failed to explore the purpose of Mann’s “trick” to “hide the decline [in global temperatures],” which clearly suggests a manipulation of  the data.

Penn State’s internal review of a few emails by vested interests inspires no confidence that Mann did not engage in scientific misconduct—which is precisely why an independent and external investigation of Michael Mann and Climategate is essential in order to reach a credible conclusion.

For further information contact:

Samuel Settle
Young Americans for Freedom
Telephone: 814-862-2931

Ironically, State College will be hit with a significant snowstorm. That will be a decline that even Michael Mann can’t hide.  As always, if there’s any support you can lend, please do so.

I have added the Campus Reform blog to the blogroll, so everyone can track their activities.  It’s great to see Conservatives fighting liberalism at the university level.  As you might imagine, they are massively outnumbered, so support them in anyway you can.  Even encouragement will help.

  • Great info…

    As everyone knows, I DON’T believe in the whole global warming/climate change stuff. However, I caution all the media and bloggers about making a big thing about all this snow, blizzards and record breaking temperatures. If the summer brings us record highs then we are just playing into their trap about climate change.

    • I know that’s a calculated risk. However, there is science that supports that the cooling trend will continue, and will likely do so for 10-20 years. In the end, it doesn’t matter to the left what actually happens with the climate. They’ll always say that it’s human activity that is causing it. They’ve invested way too much political capital into that narrative.

      • How true that is, Matt. There is a commenter on my blog who has already told me that global warming of the oceans was the reason the east coast was seeing so much snow and cold weather. No matter what the weather does, it’s going to be blamed on global warming.

    • I agree about the investment of political capital. I feel the UN, the Council on Foreign Relations, and other global groups have been using this to push for a global government.

  • People should know that a blizzard does not an ice age make. But it sure is fun to talk about it. As LD says many will point to the current snowfall on the east coast as just another sign of global warming. Heck, even if icebergs began to float down the Mississippi to New Orleans global warming will be given credit—now may ways to spin a top!!!!

    • Yeah, I did a post about that a couple months ago. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that they would twist anything into being global warming. Of course, their theory does not explain that there was record cold in December to Jan, record snow, record early snow, and so on. they also leave out the fact that for global warming to cause snow, there has to be cold, which, as we all know, is the common result of global warming.

  • It doesn’t surprise me that Penn State continued the coverup climategate up in order to cover their own butts. I hope that the Young Americans for Freedom can prove Mann’s misconduct in hiding the decline and other lies just to promote the global alarmist agenda.

    • I think all they want to do is raise awareness. There’s no way that PSU will change their minds.

  • Dude…word ! I can’t believe it. Just when I give up on my alma mater a group comes along and does something like this. Mann should be in jail as far as I’m concerned.

    This kinda makes me wanna say WE ARE!!! once again.

    Truth in Happy Valley. We need more of that. Godspeed Campus Reform and thanks Matt. I have to update my “My alma mater sucks out loud” post now.


    • Thanks! You’re not getting all “hopey and changey” on us, are you?? 😀

      • Huh? Maybe it’s the cabin fever from the 5 feet of snow, but…what ?

        • Eh, I was just poking some fun at the enthusiasm.

          • Whew. Had me worried there for a second.

            I’ve watched my school throw their reputation down the crapper for the 10 years since I graduated, (and many before that) and when they absolved Mann I had literally given up on them. (speech codes, rabid anti-lifers, throwing pies at conservative speakers, etc. etc. etc.)

            Seeing this infused me with a new hope for the future.

            I emailed Samuel and I’m hoping to be able to broadcast scenes and news from the rally. I’d go myself but we’re under three feet here now and climbing.

            I need an SUV. A big SUV.

          • That would be great. Campus Reform usually posts pics from the projects they do. They’ve done some interesting things in the past. I think the fact that the rally will be among the snowdrifts will be a great visual.

  • gosh I’ve had it with these yahoos..NO evidence at all but rules and regs for us all!!!..great post!

    • You said it Angel!

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  • This is great news Matt. I hope Campus Reform brings more awareness to Mann’s lie’s and PSU’s coverup.
    What a self serving “investigation”. Hope you didn’t get too much Global warming flakes your way.

    • I hope they do too. It’s just great to see college kids standing up for the right things. We got about 7-8 inches of global warming. Of course, the MSM is now telling us that all the cold and snow is due to global warming! We predicted that a while ago.

  • I just sent this to WUWT, Climate Depot and every other skeptic site in my email. Photos with all the snow will look especially nice.
    Good catch, Matty.

    • Thanks cbullitt. I caught your post. BTW, why do ya call me that?

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