Tebow Derangement Syndrome Revisited: NOW Wins in Hypocrisy and Fail Category


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I think by now, we all have seen the Focus on the Family sponsored Super Bowl ad.  The ad received quite a bit of hype, even before it was  seen.  As a review, here is the ad.

As you can see, this is clearly the most insidious and evil advertisement the world has ever seen.  At least, that’s what the National Organization of Women would have us believe.

Steve Ertelt at LifeNew is reporting that the National Organization for Women’s [NOW] President Terry O’Neil told the Los Angeles Times that the Mr. Tebow’s tackling his mother promotes Domestic Violence.:

In remarks that are raising eyebrows from pro-life advocates, NOW president Terry O’Neill said that bit of the ad glorified violence against women.

“I am blown away at the celebration of the violence against women in it,” she told the Los Angeles Times. “That’s what comes across to me even more strongly than the anti-abortion message. I myself am a survivor of domestic violence, and I don’t find it charming. I think CBS should be ashamed of itself.”

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So, this ad promotes violence against women??  Then I guess they REALLY blew a fuse over this one…

I mean, this one is 34 seconds of concentrated hate, right?  Not only do they violently tackle Betty White, they then verbally abuse her.  Then, they drill Abe Vigoda (who knew the guy was still alive? Good job, Abe!).  So, violence against women and abuse of senior citizens!  And what was the response from NOW??


That’s right!  They have not a single thing to say about it!  Need I mention anything that Go Daddy does?  (Awaiting a stream of profanity from Snarky Basterd)  Again, nothing from NOW on that either.

So, what does this mean?  I think the answer lies in two major tactics of the left.  One is that for all of their talk of “Tolerance and Diversity,” the left only tolerates their own opinion.  Have a dissenting opinion?  Well, that’s not tolerated.  The other is that rather than have a debate; the left will ridicule an opponent in an effort to make their ideas irrelevant.  After all, if the presenter of an idea is somehow “evil,” why should you consider what they have to say?  Since the left relies on deception and coercion to achieve control, actual tolerance and diversity are impossible.  There can be no other ideas-no other way.

For more information on the left’s view of “tolerance,” please take a look at Repressive Tolerance, by Herbert Marcuse.


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  • I think when viewed through the lens of history, the pro abortion crowd can be likened to the primitive savages of old who would sacrifice their babies to the volcano, or to some other faux deity.

    Here at the dawn of the 21st century, now that we have harnessed electricity, the National Association of Gals is still rabidly in favor of murdering innocents.

    But those who call themselves ‘conservative’ are also to blame for their lack of resolve in this fight. According to “The Black Book of Communism,” regimes adhering to that sick, statist ideology were responsible for the murder of 100 million of their own citizens during the 20th century. YET…Since 1973 and Roe v Wade, America has permitted the murder of 50 million innocents.

    We’re butchering people at a faster clip than Stalin and Mao combined, yet what do we hear from “conservatives” but bleating?

    Nothing is going to happen at the federal level given the makeup of the district courts. Conservatives need to alter their tactics and fight abortion at the state level where they have some hope of saving lives.

    By taking advantage of groundswell of support for sovereignty initiatives throughout the separate states, the pro-life movement can piggyback this support, add to it and gain some ground. Those who favor state sovereignty are, largely, supportive of the pro-life position.

    • Thanks for the comments Ron. That sounds like the beginnings of a successful strategy. I think with the racist tendencies of planned Parenthood, and the fact that they have a tenuous grasp on the concept of statutory rape, coalitions could be built at the state level. The NAGS would have a difficult time fighting that. In fact, I can’t really say that I’ve seen the NAGS be quite this weak. They seem to be losing steam.

  • Don

    THAT is what all the hub-bub was about????? She dint even say the word “abortion.”

    *falls to the ground from lack of oxygen because of uncontrollable laughter at NOW*

    Okay, Matt. Show us the real commercial. You’ve had your fun. Show us the one where Tebow’s Mommy says that the evil Planned Parenthood wanted her to abort Timmy and she fought tooth and nail to give birth. The one where she has devil’s horns on her head and is breathing fire, holding her pitchfork and all the while preaching that life is precious.

    OMG, can the left get any more irrelevent?

    • They’re making themselves more and more irrelevant every day. My idea is to stand aside and let them. If your opponent is self destructing, don’t interfere. I’ll just make sarcastic comments about the whole thing for my own amusement.

      • Don

        I notice you cleverly avoided producing the real video, devil’s horns, pitchforks, et al.


        Just joshin’. I hear ya, the left is quite a self destructive entity these days. Kinda like that Emo doll… instead of cutting themselves, they employ stupidity, i.e. NOW, Allan “The Repubs want you to die” Grayson, Arlen “Act like a lady” Specter, Barack “Let me be clear” Obama…oh jeesh, I could go on all day.

        • I hope they do go on all day. Just makes our job easier.

  • Tackling and abusing the Golden Girl didn’t count bc she morphs back into a dude. Free pass in liberal land. Nothing else has to make sense over there, so why would this?

    That buildup to that ad – and the buzz it generated – from the Left made the commercial all the more brilliant. As soon as it came on, I know I expected something more pointed or at least less subtle; but after watching the short video I was genuinely compelled to check out the site. I thought it was brilliant. To hell with the feminists. They need to pick a team and run with it.

    I happen to think Tebow is a big old nerd but how could anyone try to paint him as a woman beater? Is there anything more ridiculous? It was his mom for crying out loud… who is missing the message on that one??

    • The feminazis painted themselves into a corner. They had to say something about the ad, especially after they flamed it so much in advance. Then, the add was so innocuous, any criticism would have been idiotic. However, the NOW womyn decided to go nuclear on it, and made complete fools of themselves in the process. I lol’d.

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  • I think we were all shocked to see old Abe was still alive.

    • Agreed. He’s apparently doing well for a man his age. Good for him.

      • Don

        I miss the Barney Miller show. The present “reality show” television fad really sucks.

  • The Left and organizations like NOW are hypocrites. The Tebow ad was so subtle and didn’t even use the words pro-life or abortion. The Betty White could have been perceived as promoting violence against the aged but the Tebow ad was so innocent. These Lefties just have to make up sh*t and cause controversy just to make themselves feel important. How ridiculous.

    • When they insisted on attacking the ad, they just made themselves look more foolish. Works for me!

  • Those on the left promote themselves for being “open and tolerant”, yes they are open and tolerant for those causes they support, but when it comes to those positions they oppose that openless suddenly vanishes. Yes those on the right have little use for causes they oppose, but then they never promote themselves to be so open and tolerate.

    As for the Tebow ad the best the left could come up with is “promotes domistic violence”. Now that’s pitiful!

    • The “tolerance” thing is a lie, just like the current push for “bipartisanship.”

  • Too bad NOW never stood up for Palin when plenty of men (and women) were mocking her, putting her down, and making sexist remarks. Kind of exposes their agenda for what it is: biased and Liberal.

    • Now is only for people that agree with them. No other women need apply.

  • After all the controversy I had a good chuckle when I actually saw the ad. I was almost disappointed.

    Then I began to realize that actually this drove tons of traffic to the Focus on the Family Website and had a real impact on people’s view of abortion and I thought “great strategy!”