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There is No Debate with the Left- My Confrontation with Mr. Liberal History Teacher


There is no debate with the left- there is submission or opposition which must be submitted. This fact is not just in evidence when our leftist President speaks- Obama in his infamous health care speech said that there is no debate and that he will not tolerate any discussion on the issues. But it isn’t just the President- I think this is an inherent feature of a leftist liberal Democrat- that there is no debate with them, and this reminded me of a recent run in I had with another teacher.

As you are aware, I’m a teacher at a secondary school near Detroit. In my social studies department, which is quite large, we have many teachers, most of them liberals and one or two conservative. Last week I was talking to another teacher, who considers himself to be the guru of history and who’s style of teaching is to let students bathe in his brilliance, and we were talking about methods of teaching history.

So I said to this liberal teacher- “So what method of history do you focus on when you teach? Do you subscribe to the regressive model, where the past was a romantic perfect world and we have fallen? Or do you subscribe to the progressive model, where in the past man was less evolved and intelligent but as we progress in the future man gets better? Or are you perhaps a fan of the Great Man Theory, where history is shaped by great individuals?”

To be perfectly honest, I already knew what sort of method Mr. Liberal History Teacher taught in his classroom- he believed that history was a conflict, and out of these conflicts man moves forward. Typically in his class he would present a conflict, talk about the response to the conflict, and then teach about how the tension between the two was resolved. The key conflicts that he focused on was the conflict between classes. He also likes to focus in his classes on how the minority groups dominate or exploit the working class and the importance of revolution. In a nutshell, he is a Marxist. I already knew this, but he answer as to what sort of method he taught in surprised me.

“There are no different methods of teaching history,” the liberal teacher said, “There is no politics in history- the only possible way that history can be taught is as the progress of the workers against capitalism. You can not teach about wars. Do not teach about religion. You are not to teach about free market economics. There can be no debate on this if you are to teach history.”

This surprised me, so I said “That sounds to me like a method of teaching history, one that is kind of political in nature.”

“It is not political in any way- it is the way that history is to be taught. There is to be no debate on this, and no discussion on this. The only way that history can really be taught is this way- if you do teach about wars, religion, economics, freedom, liberty, property rights, or other concepts like that, you are politicizing the issue. Don’t make history a political game- teach it like I do,” he said- which meant teach it like a Marxist.

It was the way he said this that bothered me. I switched the subject and moved past it, but it took him a while to let go of his belief that there was only one way to teach history, the Marxist way, and that any debate or discussion about methods was wrong and a game that I was playing to score political points. Then when I watched Obama’s speech on healthcare and heard him accuse Republicans of playing games and say that there was to be no debate on the issue, and it hit me- for liberals there can be no discussion or debate on issues, only submission to them.

Liberals want you to submit to their authority. Sadly, liberal teachers believe this is their job- to stop debate and discussion and use their classrooms to make you submit to their authority and buy their version of events in the world. In my classroom, there is intelligent discussion, lively debate, questions posed and asked, and different views and methods presented. It is a lively room, where a conservative teacher teaches students how to think, read, write, and do well in life and on tests. In his classroom, there is one view presented, and students are driven to subscribe to that view by a liberal teacher who teaches students to submit and grovel before his brilliance.

This is what is happening in schools today, in little ways and big ways, and although it might scare you, it is important for you to hear stories like this from a teacher like me, who battles every day in the trenches to advance the principles of liberty and freedom.

Originally posted at the Conservative Teacher.

  • CT, Thanks for the excellent post.

    You are in the education system and understand the ins and outs of the system. Tell me, is there a way we can reverse this course?

    • John, I think that you post, and it goes to approval. Then, you post again, and Akismet thinks you’re a spammer. Just post once, I’ll approve it, and before long, Akismet will smile brightly upon you! 😀

  • CT, excellent post!

    You are an educator. You understand the system. Tell me is there a way to reverse the course of our current path in the educational system?

  • The majority of teachers are left leaning, but this is ridiculous. A great teacher creates a climate in which the students can teach themselves. It sounds like this guys is a classic S.A.D. (stand and deliver) teacher.
    As far as debate. Why would they want to debate? They have no ground to stand on and they know it. Only those liberals that do not understand their own belief system attempt to debate, and it often ends up emotional.

  • Only one way to teach history? That is rather arrogant. I didn’t have too many Liberal teachers until I made it to college and in the English department there were a couple. I don’t need to tell you the schools are filled with people pushing their politics. That is how they try and recruit the next generation.

    Only one way to teach history… that remark is stupid.

  • Don

    So how does he explain our Founding Fathers? They fought against socialism via capitalism and free markets. That and a few muskets…

  • I’m just going to throw this out there and hope my comment doesn’t detract from the fact that I completely agree with the message of this post. I too believe that our schools are overrun with those of the liberal or progressive persuasion and I find it deeply regrettable that they cannot leave their personal biases at the door before entering the classroom. That being said, I grew up in the public schools of the Bible Belt and I must confess that we are the Right are not without our own fair share of teachers with a political/social/moral agenda. Maybe its a response or even an overreaction to the overwhelming number of Left Wing teachers, but as someone caught in the middle of this battle for my ideological soul… I found both sides to have their bad apples. There may have been a far greater number on the other side, but we were not without fault in our own right.

  • I’m glad that CT let’s me post his stuff here. I think he brings a sense of perspective that we don’t often get to see.

  • Liberals want you to be like robots (Obamabots) and follow the leader without asking any questions. That is why it seems as though public schools are dumbing down kids. Marxists/Liberals don’t want you to teach these kids to have the ability to think on their own. That way the kids can’t rise above Marxist lunacy. It all amounts to government control, and that extends to government control over the mind.

  • Wonderful Post, CT! I’ve found this to be the case with the lib “educators” I’d had the misfortune to work with for the past two+ years. They do not listen to any view besides their own. There is no debate, no questioning, no reason, no intellect, NOTHING but their dictatorial drivel. Your exchange with this marxist moron just proved the point yet again. And, they especially HATE intelligent people who call them on their lies.