Is Bipartisanship Possible or even Preferable?


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With all the talk of bipartisanship lately, have we been missing a larger point?  We’ve talked about it being inauthentic, a trap, and a farce.  All of those are likely quite true.  But is the larger question, “Should Republicans  even try?”

All through 2009, this blog, and thousands of others, chronicled what the Democrats wanted.   We used video footage, quotes, excerpts, and good old fashioned “connecting the dots,” to show what the end-goals of the Democrats were.  We knew that the public option was supposed to lead to single payer.  We knew that the Porkulus was a massive pay off.  We knew that the bailouts were meant to achieve control of as many industries as possible.  We knew that they want to control the media and Internet.  We knew that they mean to get card check as a payoff for their union goon supporters.  The list could go on and on.

Not only were we able to discover the Democratic goals for 2009, but we can also safely assume that the goals have not changed.  They may re-name the initiatives and legislation, but the intent is the same.  Just as the oft mentioned “second stimulus” morphed into “the jobs bill,” they will use subtle (or not) changes in language to re-define and re-frame debates.  When, in reality, they are presenting the same tired “progressive” ideas in alternate packaging.  In this manner, they will attempt to increase their control over the everyday lives of all Americans.  Bit by bit, piece by piece, they will eventually come to control everything we do.  They will bide their time when they must, and they will take large chunks when they are in power, or can when they can exploit a crisis that they likely caused in the first place.

So then, let’s assume that there is some bipartisan “progress” on health care.  Will this not be part of a socialist plan that is either a direct attempt at control, or a Cloward-Piven plan designed to create an exploitable future crisis?  Will a watered down “progressive” policy still be fascist & socialist?  Will any concessions or assurances made by the Democrats be broken once the vote is taken?

To be realistic, bipartisan legislation will undoubtedly slow down the march towards the nanny state.  But, we’ve already gone too far in that direction.  Each step brings us all closer, and far too many steps have already been taken.  We can afford no more of the slow slide towards control.  Instead, the powers of government must be rolled back, not simply expanded more slowly.  The left is too close to their end goals, hence their desire to use whatever means necessary to get there.  They can literally taste it.

It cannot be ignored that we are dealing with the left.  They have shown again and again that they believe that the end justifies the means.  They have repeatedly lied about their intent, and have been trying to deflect the blame for their many failures.  The GOP should have no motivation to deal with another party that have repeatedly failed to honor the most simple of promises.

The promises of bipartisanship coming from the left are as empty as all the other broken promises.  They should be considered as such.

  • Their idea of bipartisanship is creating a far left bill and then having the Republilcans go along with it. If that is bipartisanship, I can do without it.

    “the powers of government must be rolled back, not simply expanded more slowly”

    That one statement says it all, it tells us what the goal should be. Democrats have been slowly pushing this agenda over many, many years and they will not stop until they have achieved it. It is time to not only slow them down and stop them, it is time to return to the government as the frmaers had intended it

    • John had a great post up yesterday, and it reminded me of how angry I was with the Demicans and Republicrats in the last decade. I had been calling the GOP, “Socialism lite.” We can’t afford ANY more socialism.

  • sorry havent been around as much hun..Computer problems..oiy!..:) have a blessed weekend!

    • Have you had viruses? There are a number of us that have had some serious infections.

      • Um, are you sure you want to share that on the inner-webbys?

        Sorry, couldn’t resist.

        As I tell everyone, I run no anti-virus software, no firewall, no registry cleaner, nothing … Never get viruses either.

        Once you go Ubuntu, you never go back!

        Oh, and the post … Bipartisanship is bull****! I don’t send my representative to Washington to make deals on things I don’t want.

        • Well, the rash has cleared up… 😀

          I know about ubuntu, Snarky is using it. I probably would too, but myself and the kiddo have too many games that would wouldn’t work, and I don’t have the expertise to decompile them.

          • Just download the program, burn it to a disk, reboot with the disk in and it’ll walk you through a dual set-up. You’ll have both operating systems on the same machine. I don’t know anything either (decompile? are you trying to confuse me?), but I managed to do it. It also has this program called wine that runs most windows programs.

          • I’ll look into it. I was going to install it on a backup machine I have, just in the event that it would be needed.

  • I agree, just holding the line or slowing down the march toward the nanny state is no longer acceptable. We on the right have been in a tug-of-war with those forces on the left for years, a war that we’ve not been trying to win, but one in which we are just trying to hold our own. The final outcome of such a struggle can be seen by a blind man—we will lose! Holding the line is no long enough we most, take back lost ground!

    • Delaying actions will get us nowhere. Our backs are against the wall. The GOP does need to be the party of no. No more!

  • I personally have had enough of this bipartisan crap. Everything that is coming out of Washington is so far to the left how can any conservative consider crossing the line. I agree with Ron. It’s time to take the stand and hold the line.

    • I have to thank you John. Your post from yesterday inspired me. The line must be held.

  • We don’t need the type of bipartisanship that Obama has been talking about. As you said Matt, it only slows the march towards a nanny state. As conservatives we should not be (to borrow a line from Reagan) “raising a banner of pale pastels, but bold colors which make it unmistakably clear where we stand on all of the issues troubling the people.” If conservative candidates run for office on conservative issues and are capable of articulating their conservative views to the American people, they will win elections. The American people want solutions, not a progressive agenda that is scaled back slightly so it can be considered bi-partisan.

    • You nailed it!

  • I’d like to take the left’s need for bipartisanship and shove it up their cornholes. That’s exactly what they’ve done to us for the past few years, and that’s exactly what they deserve. Every time we compromise our believes to meet the dimocrats in the “spirit of bipartisanship” we compromise our beliefs in the Constitution. I think compromising one’s belief in the Constitution is just as bad as being among the left.

    I think we should be the “party of no” when we gain back the majority. After all, is saying “no” something you say to children with foolish and naive beliefs? Then why the hell should we NOT be the party of no?

    • They would have to shove that past their heads, which would make it a challenge.

  • Unfortunately, it has become a zero sum game and both parties are working off of such tight electoral margins that they seek to sink the other guy in any sly way they can, hence Democrats now asking to “work” w/Republicans on healthcare.

    • Well said. The games have to end, and some ideology needs to be out in front.

  • Matt, Great post. The socialists have already moved us too far left. To compromise any more is to lose everything. When I taught ‘negotiation techniques,” I would shared this truth: “He who slitith first, gets his split splitithed.” There is no ground to be gained back once compromise is made.

    In walking with God, how can one be bipartisan with the devil. In government, what right does our chosen conservative representatives have to compromise in the name of by-partisan ship with the progessive leftist socialists.

    As Picard said, the line is drawn here, We must not compromise any further. We have Obama and his minions Reid and Pelosi in office, because we have compromised in the name of tolerance and bi-partisanship for too many years.

    • I agree Bill. We slid so far, there isn’t much farther to slide before we arrive at the destination ordained by the left.

  • Bipartisanship is not desirable when the result is further infringement on liberty. Bipartisan bad ideas played a large role in giving us this President and this Congress.

    Be thankful you are not in Illinois (I assume), for we nominated a RINO Cap & Traitor to run for the Senate against a slimy Chicago Dem, so we are doing our part to encourage the bipartisan move to the left!

    • I agree, and thanks for the comment.

      We in PA have, of course, Arlen the Traitor, as he was downgraded from RINO last year. Toomey will take care of him in November.

      I saw that I’m on your blogroll, I returned they favor.