Right-Wing Power and Those Who Undermine It


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The words “right-wing” and “power,” in the same sentence, have bad connotations in our left-wing media dominated society… but I use it because the terms have been hijacked, and I want to take them back. To channel Mao somewhat: “Right-wing power grows out of the voting booth.” This is an important message for both right and left, that the only weapon that we, in the United States of America at this time in history as citizens, have is our right to vote. That’s it. Those who advocate for revolutionary action, insurgent action, or any homicidal action against Americans are enemies of the political right in this country. This is a non-thinly-veiled denunciation of the recent actions of a sociopath who flew his plane into an IRS building because of his hatred of the agency. At least these are the motivations that the media reported. What the media did not report was that said suicide bomber railed against both the government and against capitalism in general. The hodgepodge of socialist and anti-government ideas that were sprinkled into his “manifesto” showed that he was just mad at life in general and did not know how to cope. But the media’s knee-jerk leftist reaction immediately painted this man as a right-wing extremist and they then released exposés on right-wing violence over the years. They displayed about a handful of examples over the last few years, but at least they got their message out: “right-wing extremism is out of control.” This is, of course, a tactic that the Left has used for decades, sometimes with reason, most of the time in order to smear the right. Groups that focus on racism are not right-wing nor are groups that advocate violence against some Americans for the sake of other Americans, by very definition these groups espouse an ideology that promotes one group over another. The right believes in freedom for all, not just for the few. Many of these supposed “right-wing” groups call themselves “national socialist parties” and believe that the government is run by business interests, particularly Jewish in origin. Historically, conservatives want to conserve the integral institutions of our free society and discard the unconstitutional parts… one of these basic institutions in our society is the right to vote and to supplant the right to vote with the right to engage in violence runs contrary to what “right-wing politics” is all about.

So when the media uses non-conservatives and non-libertarians as the models of “right-wing” ideas, they are willfully trying to confuse Americans, especially those Americans who want to believe that Timothy McVeighs are organizing death squads across America. Those who undermine right-wing power in America, a positive force for change, are those use their bullhorns, newspapers, and television shows to spread disinformation about what type of people are actually engaging in violence. Furthermore, it is obvious that those people who consider themselves as right-wing and also engage in violence undermine the cause, primarily because they do not understand the cause. The vote is our weapon. Let’s be clear and condemn these people in specific terms, those that run around calling themselves neo-Nazis, or try to incite open race or class warfare, or try to use violent revolution as a means of changing society ARE NOT “right-wing,” they are LEFT-WING. Glorifying dictatorships is leftist, espousing violent revolution against our Republic is leftist, and the belief in the implicit superiority of one group over another is leftist. Furthermore, the best way to destroy freedom in America is by giving the government a perfect excuse, i.e. embracing violence, to become dictatorial. The government seems well-inclined to do so, just think back to the DHS report (initiated during the Bush administration and released during the Obama administration) that classified veterans and “right-wing” groups as potential terrorists.

Conservatives and libertarians constantly, constantly, constantly argue for the cause of liberty and limited government. The media distorts this, and those who know people who are on the political right or are rightists themselves recognize the media’s virulent leftism… but this makes sense, media is a business that wants more customers, so it makes sense that they adopt a strategy that focuses on “the masses” and not on the individual. They like controversy, they like to frame issues in a way that sells more newspapers or gets more viewers, and most importantly they oppose political philosophies that encourage people to think for themselves: right-wing ideas. Do I want to censor the media? Never. What I dislike is the monopolization of information, therefore I encourage people to find alternative media, to read blogs (like this one), and to educate their children well. Having free, independent thinkers is the best way to ensure the survival of our country… especially because they swell the ranks of the right-wing. Take that, lefty media!


Originally posted at NeoRepublica.


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  • Don

    Excellent piece, AG! You are right in the fact that we have to take the language back from the left.

  • I agree with Don. Outstanding post.

  • Overall I agree but “personal freedom” doesn’t apply with Conservatives and abortion and, for many, gay marriage. I think Libertarians would disagree with Conservatives on several points including government regulations and things like the Food and Drug administration.

    • Don

      On the contrary, Harrison. Personal freedom to produce and enjoy the fruits of one’s own labor is the penultimate to the conservative.

      • More unites us than separates us. Harrison does have a point. The social issues do separate us.

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  • The media intentionally tried to distort Joe Stack’s motive, when yoiu read his manifesto he sounds like a communist sympathizer to me, but that was never reported. Much like most younger people today belive that Lee Harvey Oswald was a right winger when in fact he was a leftist, communist– the media and the school system are both guilty of this ruse.