• I love these videos!! Gee… Obama’s ratings are in the crapper. MSM’s ratings are in the crapper also. Liberals suck. Fox News rules!! Conservatives are awesome!!

    • There’s only about a million of them. But if it’s well written, they’re good. Thanks!

  • LOL.. I agree, it never gets old. Oh, and Olbermann is an

    • Pottymouth! 馃榾

  • Don

    ROFLMAO! Great find, Matt!

  • Too funny Matt.

    • Thanks, I nearly snarfed coffee when I first saw it.

  • This video is a one size fits all. Thanks for posting it. Funny stuff and I will repost at the Facebook page with a link back to you.

    • Thanks Conservative Lady!

  • Hi Matt! How’s it going?
    That was funny! Hitler sure gets around, and his raving
    are hilarious.

    • He sure does seem to support Obama, doesn’t he?