Cognitive Dissonance Part II: A Wrench in the Indoctrination Machine


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In the post on Cognitive Dissonance, I talked about the methods used by the left to indoctrinate youth, and then keep them indoctrinated by controlling the flow of information.  Now is the time to target one part of that apparatus, and throw a wrench into its works.  Education might be a great place to start.

I say this because to achieve their planned “utopia,” the left must indoctrinate everyone.  Socialism, Fascism, and “Progressivism,” while all somewhat different in scope and application, are closely related in that they are totalitarian in nature.  The State takes on the role as final arbiter of all human activities.  To maintain such a level of control, the population must be fed a constant stream of propaganda.  Schools must become the engines of indoctrination.  Crises must be created and sustained.  Scapegoats must be identified and punished.  The state’s miscues must be covered-up, and it’s accomplishments embellished (or even fabricated).

This propaganda must start at the earliest possible age, hence the government’s interest in universal preschool.    In that setting, songs, stories, games, rewards, and chastisement are all parts of the indoctrination process.  I remember hearing stories about Castro’s Cuba that goes along those lines.  For example, school children are instructed to close their eyes and pray to Jesus for candy.  Of course, there is no candy when the children open their eyes.  Then, the children are instructed to close their eyes and pray to Castro for candy.  While the children were “praying,” they teachers went through the room and put a piece of candy on each desk.  The message is obvious; there is no God other than the state, or “Dear Leader.”

These efforts continue throughout a child’s “educational” experience.  As children grow older, student clubs and after school programs are pushed, or even mandated.  Special observances and “days” are required.  Participation is either required, or dissents are punished and branded as being filled with “hate.”  Peer pressure, grades, and rewards are used to increase compliance and punish dissent.  At every step of the process, government or party sponsored ideas are pushed.  Children are required to regurgitate them, or even act in ways that “prove” their allegiance to the party or State.  Even at Universities, students end up being required to espouse the approved ideology of the state in order to advance or graduate, usually so they can become indoctrinators themselves.

All through the citizen’s life, the propaganda is tailored to obtain the maximum effect.  Motion pictures, television, radio, and print are all run by the state or by those that are ideologically allied with it.  Dissidents or outside entities are always “conspiring” to harm, or even kill the people.  “Evil” entities are trying to poison the water, sabotage the food supply, keep people poor, starve children, kill elderly, make them or keep them sick, and so on.  (Ironically, this is often what the State is doing to the people, but blaming an ideological enemy is very convenient as a cover-up.)   On the other hand, the State, or the leader, is held up as the heroic champion of the people, protecting them from the “evils” of the world.

And what of the purveyors of that freedom?  They are punished, or in some cases killed outright.  In this country, they are identified, labeled, and subjected to Alinsky style attacks on their families, jobs, reputations, and so on.  In the “progressive” utopia, “tolerance and diversity” only apply to the “progressives.”  All other ideas are classified as “hate.”

In the end, cut off from the rest of the world, or from any other sources of information, the people end up swallowing the state sponsored version of reality, and most become compliant “sheeple.”   Those that have a notion that something is wrong stay silent, as the punishments for dissent (or even questioning the state) are often not worth the risk.  Also, with the state controlling the flow of information, people that suspect that all is not well are isolated, never knowing facts that prove their mistrust, or even that there are others that believe as they do.  In total isolation, these people do not represent a significant threat to the state, and can easily be dealt with on a singular basis if they speak out.

If you are seeing some parallels to 21st century America, you are not alone.  Some of the efforts are slightly different, but the effect is the same.  From cradle to grave, we the people are being bombarded daily by the MSM with messages that run counter to not only the philosophy of the founders, but reality itself.  Kindly remember the words of John Dewey:

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Children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society which is coming, where everyone is interdependent.”

If one wants complete power and control- not just politically, but over the very minds of the people, dissent simply cannot be allowed in any form.  Other ideas pollute the body politic and cause the system collapse under the weight of its own failure and deceit.  Once the Soviet Union finally started to allow their people to speak freely (to an extent) it collapsed within a few years.  Most of their satellite nations fell first.  Totalitarianism, no matter its “brand,” requires extensive force and control to work.  If people have open access to information, and the ability to speak out and share that information, the lies, corruption, and failures of the state become apparent.  To a great degree, totalitarianism, whether branded as communism, fascism, socialism, or “progressivism,” is a fairy tale based on a lie, and the citizens are forced to play a role.  Once exposed to reality, however, the fairy tale becomes just that, and enough people quit playing along to cause the system to fail.

That, my friends, is the fatal flaw of any totalitarian system, including “progressivism.”  Free information, free speech, the ability to broadcast and share that information all combine to make the totalitarian state fall like the house of cards that it is.  This is also why the “progressives”  have not been completely successful in subverting the Constitution.  They can indoctrinate in the schools all they want, and they can distort and selectively cover the news to their heart’s desire, but as long as people have access to information and can freely discuss their views, the indoctrination fails.  When people can see reality, and join together to discuss and act upon it, reality wins every time.

While we have been able to slow the progressives, they are still creeping ahead incrementally.  Each succeeding generation of children is more and more left leaning.  Conservatism is being watered down, and knowledge of the founding principles of this country is being lost.  More and more people haven’t the ability to recognize reality, even when they are personally affected by the negative consequences of “progressive” policies.  (That would seem to be the intent.)  We are seeing parents, who were indoctrinated, not knowing, or caring, that their children are being indoctrinated.  Sadly, we will eventually reach a tipping point at which there will be a critical mass of indoctrinated people that will finally give away our freedoms.  It may not happen soon, it might be decades from now, but we owe it to future generations to simply not be content to slow “progressivism,” but to stop it and reverse the damage done to our Republic.

So where do we go from here?  In my last post, I discussed some general recommendations on using cognitive dissonance.  For this post, I wanted to expand on some of the original ideas, and address the kids.  They are simply the most vulnerable, and are more easily indoctrinated.  That, and the indoctrination machine already has them.  So, here we go…

  1. There are some Conservative Children’s books out there.  These are easily found on line; here and here, for example.
  2. There are also Conservative Coloring books out there.  Google will help you find them.
  3. If there are any Conservative artists out there, if you would consider drawing some coloring sheets that could be released for free, that would be great. (Since my artistic ability ends at stick figures, I am of little help on this one).
  4. We also need some children’s books and coloring sheets about the AGW fraud. (For example, the left shows kids pictures of polar bears on a small piece of ice.  The ideas is that the bears will die. What if we were to tell them that the bears can swim for 100 miles?)
  5. If there are some folks out there with some professional video skills, some videos for the kids might be good.
  6. Board games might be made to reflect Conservative, free market ideas.
  7. As we locate more and more of these resources, share them.  If you are a Conservative parent, you are likely already teaching your children these things.  While that is great, we need to expand the audience.  So we need to get this out to other children, as many as possible.

Remember, the left has to indoctrinate everyone for “progressivism” to work.  We are not limited in that way.  Our beliefs are based on reality, so what people see and hear will prove us right.  The truth allows one to tolerate dissent – covering up for a lie does not.   If we make a greater effort to expose kids to the real world, many will be saved from indoctrination.  Others will not, but most the one’s that don’t wake up are likely to be less effective, as they will be conflicted and a bit more confused, as what they see will not match what they’ve been taught.   Still others will never see the truth, no matter the consequences or reality.  Let them go, there’s little that anyone can do for them.  Just don’t let them have power of any kind.

I think if we can do this, we can make billions in education (indoctrination) funding irrelevant.  Even those that do not recognize reality will be confused and disheartened, making them less effective “drones” in the progressive utopia.

Please add your suggestions.  I am basically calling for a “Counter-Revolution” in terms of the indoctrination of our children.  We have to do better at counteracting it.  Not just for our own kids, but the children of our friends, neighbors, and relatives as well.   There are Conservative kids out there fighting the good fight. They fighting against overwhelming opposition, so anything that can help them would be a benefit.  So, if you know of other resources, or you are able to help in some way, leave a comment.  I will be making a resource page for this effort, so anything that you think is helpful would be most welcome.

  • Mind the Gap

    I’m having a bit of cognitive dissonance myself while readin this article. Where to start? The LEFT is about fighting totalitarianism. We agree that AUTHORITARIANISM IS THE ENEMY. Civil debate and non-violent argument is key to avoiding totalitarianism. Most conservative organizations (Muslim, Christian, Jewish churches for example) are authoritarian in culture and administration.

    Liberals realize our educational system IS authoritarian in many ways and strive to CHANGE that. The liberal agenda of early childhood education that you rail against — is all about giving not just the children of the rich and the powerful, but also giving innocent children opportunity to ask questions & get respect. It’s about leveling the playing field and empowering others — not leaving power into the hands of a few.

    I’m really confused cognitively when you call liberals socialists and at the same time call them totalitarians. One philosophy advocates for greater empowerment & fair representation of the masses and the other advocates for subjugating the masses by a few.

    Even your example of the global warming/polar bear example gives you away. Your agenda isn’t to fight totalitarianism, but instead to make sure the people are kept in align behind the elite oil energy monarchy. Liberal coloring books give a picture of a polar bear losing ice (perhaps with information about how they CAN swim 100 miles), but more importantly, that with less ice means warmer water which means less fish which means less seals which means less food (and you can’t put the same amount of polar bears on the same amount of ice!). Your example doesn’t take into account that young children (and perhaps yourself!) cannot take in the complexity of environmental dynamics all at once.

    • Don

      @Mind the Gap…where do I start?

      Let me begin with your claims that “less ice means warmer water which means less fish which means less seals which means less food (and you can’t put the same amount of polar bears on the same amount of ice!)”

      I would point you to my article about that very topic. I have plenty of scientific references that show the Polar bear population is INCREASING, not decreasing. They have been around for thousands of years, they adapt their hunting habits rather than starve. Besides, that article also demonstrates that NASA and other scientific organizations have shown polar ice to be increasing as well. So if science proves the Polar bears are not in danger of extinction, isn’t it inherently wrong to teach our young children that they are? Is that not a lie?

      You also have a problem with liberalism being associated with totalitarianism and socialism. Your rebuttal is to name religions and claim they are authoritarian. Okay, no one said religion is or isn’t. But what does that have to do with a political ideology, such as socialism? Quite the non sequitur there. Or let me use a phrase that is more easily understood – apples and oranges there.

      If liberals realize our educational system is authoritarian, please tell me – how did it become that way? Who is responsible for it? Could it be that the “free love” generation of the late ’60s is now is positions of power in academia? You surely can’t be blaming Conservatives, otherwise we would be saying “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance, allow prayer in school and teach radical things like, oh I don’t know, the Constitution, maybe? Or the principles and concepts of our Founding Fathers?

      Conservatives espouse ideas of teaching actual history, not revisionist history. Conservatives want to empower children to learn to think critically, not just take the leftist pablum that is fed them to regurgitate it at a later date. Conservatives want children of America to be able to compete with children in other countries, academically. I tell you what, if you wish to see what Conservatives want to see changed in our educational system, visit this website. It is about a documentary called 2 Million Minutes that follows students from 3 different countries through high school. 2 million minutes is equivalent to 4 years of high school and the film proves that the average American high school student is feverishly preparing for the 1956 Olympic games. Yes, we are that far behind countries such as India in what and how we are teaching our children.

      Lastly, you say:
      I’m really confused cognitively when you call liberals socialists and at the same time call them totalitarians. One philosophy advocates for greater empowerment & fair representation of the masses and the other advocates for subjugating the masses by a few.

      Are not socialism and totalitarianism both ideologies that spring from the same writings of Karl Marx? Or at the very least they have the same basic tenets in common, that of equality through outcome, not equality through creation and subjugation of the ‘masses.’ In a socialistic state, you have an elite few (the government) making the rules for the masses, in totalitarianism you have the same thing. They just go about it differently. Socialistic states tend to have faux democracies whereas out and out totalitarian states usually have despots or one party rule at the helm.

      Venezuela, Britain, France = socialistic
      North Korea, China, the former Soviet Union = totalitarian

      Maybe next time you rail at what Conservatives think about things like education and global climate warming change you ought to not only have your facts straight, but do a little research as well.

    • Wow, where do I start with this….

      The left IS totalitarianism. Leftist movements, whether they be fascist, communist, socialist, or “progressive,” are all based on control. Control of information, control of banking, control of business, control of wages, control of health care, control of education, control of transportation, control of energy production and use, and control of housing, are all aspects of leftist policies.

      No wonder you are experiencing dissonance, given the statement, “It’s about leveling the playing field and empowering others — not leaving power into the hands of a few.” That is precisely what they left does-puts government in control of everything. Government empowers nothing but itself. Truly empowering people would mean allowing them to pursue their own self-interests, provided that they do not infringe on the rights of others. Empowerment means the government getting out of the way, not putting up roadblocks. Leftists do not like this, as it decreases their level of control over the populace. “Fairness,” and “leveling the playing field,” as defined by the left are inherently unfair, but almost perfectly equal. The unfairness stems from the fact that people will not own their own labor, and the benefits of it. Why try to excel when you are penalized for it? The equality is simple. In the “progressive utopia” there will be two levels of citizen. The peasants (most of us) that will have little to nothing, and the elites (the few) that will have the best of everything. Fairness to the left is nothing more than screwing everyone down equally.
      Ah, for the AGW stuff. I understand this quite well. Phil Jones, of ClimateGate fame, was quoted by the BBC last month as saying that there has been no statistically significant global warming since 1995. The artic sea ice volume grew by 30% in 2008-2009 (I haven’t looked for more recent numbers). We just had a record winter in the US, the UK, China, and so on. Record cold, record snow, and the like. (I know the MSM tried to say that the snow was because of AGW, but they left out the fact that it has to be COLD for it to snow). I understand that elites have been looking for a means to control the means of production for many years now, and first settled on Global Cooling back in the 70’s. When that didn’t work out to well, they moved to global warming. And now that warming isn’t working out too well, they’re settling on “climate change,” which is a really great ambiguous thing for them. They can then literally blame any weather event on human activity. Here’s a quick break down for you…
      If it rains, it’s AGW.
      If there’s a drought, it’s AGW.
      If it’s warm, it’s AGW.
      If it’s cold, it’s AGW.
      If it snows, it’s AGW.
      If it doesn’t snow, it’s AGW.
      Now, some are floating the idea that earthquakes are somehow our fault too, but that’s a bit too crazy for any reasonable person to agree.
      You see, all they have to do is purchase some “science” that was created by cherry picking date, censoring critics, hiding the decline, not counting data from weather stations in cooler areas, and flat out eliminating “outlying” data in order to get the desired result. Then, they say is, ”OMG we’re DESTROYING THE PLANET!!! YOU MUST GIVE UP YOUR FREEDOM TO US TO PREVENT NASTY STUFF!” (Well, that and we, for some reason, need to make Al Gore a billionaire.)
      BTW, Polar bear populations have INCREASED!
      Now, you have an option; learn to research, question everything, and learn…or drink more Kool-Aid and wait for more leftist sponsored propaganda/instructions.

  • Once again Matt and excellent piece. I think one of the enablers of the indoctrination of our children is government and unions in our school systems. We deal with teachers that do not check their political beliefs at the door. Instead they push their very liberal philosophy on our kids. If we want to set local standards, this is one area I think we can have an immediate impact. Parents can still go to school board meetings and bring this problem of liberal bias in the classroom up. Anyway great post.

    • Very true John. The government and unions are part of that. But the entire system is rotten. From teacher education, to the textbooks, to most of the state departments of education are thoroughly corrupted.

      I’m trying to focus on little things that anyone can do to disrupt that process. Focusing on the local school board might help, but unions limit what the boards can do.

  • The left is against Totalitarianism? Are you kidding me? Why do you want to regulate every aspect of my life? Many religions have strict laws, but (with exception of Islamic nations) people can chose if they want to follow those laws or not. My church has what you would call an authoritarian culture, and does not force me to obey. The government AKA your church does! If I disobey I go to jail or pay a heavy price.

    I really do not know why I’m wasting time responding to your comment, it was one of the incredibly stupid things I have ever seen. Socialism is not Totalitarianism? What would you call the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics? Go back to Star Bucks and let the grown ups talk!

  • Ditto Trestin’s response to “Mind the Gap”‘s comment. Well said Trestin!

    Matt, I agrees with John: “Once again Matt and excellent piece. I think one of the enablers of the indoctrination of our children is government and unions in our school systems.”

    Do I see a book coming out in your future?

    • Dr. Bill, if I had the time… I really have to make the time.

  • I’m afraid Matt, this will take punitive action. Its not just a matter of changing the text books to give a true account of American history, because many teachers especially those in senior high seldom followed the book. Those who indoctrinate and express their opinions are at the core of the problem. We have far too many teachers coming out of the major universities who have been brain-washed by progressive thinkers. We must start their and demand and if necessary institute parity. We can do this in the state schools, and if necessary to a lesser extend in the private schools. This goes against the grain with me, but we are in a struggle and for a time need to adopt the tactics of the enemy and in this case the “means will justify the ends”—not my favorite method.

    • Ron, when the left started their “long march through the institutions,” they planned well. They own the process from top to bottom. There will have to be an equally systematic plan to achieve some parity. The left will resist any efforts to end their monopoly.

  • Mind the Gap has a bit of gap … in his friggin’ logic. It states:

    One philosophy advocates for greater empowerment & fair representation of the masses and the other advocates for subjugating the masses by a few

    Do your homework before you come in here, numbnuts. The argument that socialism presents a “fair and balanced” system for all is pure bullshit; socialism seeks to make everyone dependent on the government teet, forever, plain and simple, ie, “subjugation.”

    Furthermore, Matt’s equating it with totalitarianism is spot on: Socialism is run by the few, subjugating the many … precisely the system that Obama and his Merry Band of Congresscriminals gave you on Sunday night. Ask yourself this, if Obama and his Merry Band of Congresscriminals have brought about “empowerment and fair representation” via Obamacare … THEN WHY THE HELL IS HE, HIS FAMILY, AND CONGRESS AND THEIR SENIOR STAFF MEMBERS EXEMPT FROM IT?

    Don’t you recognize “subjugation,” ie, control, by the few (totalitarianism) when you see it?

    Do yourself a favor, before you reveal your stupidity on anyone else’s chunk of the innterwebz, go read Atlas Shrugged. If you’re downtrodden, I’m sure you can rent a copy from your local library. That is, if you can read.

  • brilliant piece …the leftists are in control of our childrens minds
    and ….it shows unfortunately!

    • That it does Angel. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Great piece. I do not have children, however kids spend (hopefully) so much time in school that it would be very difficult to counter-act the programming that goes on in many classrooms, the media, and popular culture. Someone from the Right is an “extremist” while someone from the Left is a “freedom fighter.”

    • Well said Harrison, and thanks. They also have the tendency to gloss over the fact that many of these “freedom fighters” were mass murderers.

      • Yea the movie Evita, Che, and others. Not to mention the garbage like Green Zone, Lions for Lambs, etc… How many movies will be made about the U.S. Marines going to Haiti and feeding the displaced natural disaster victims or what about the activists who busted ACORN? Uh… those movies will never be made.

  • With much of his legislative agenda stalled in Congress, President Obama and his team are preparing an array of actions using his executive power to advance energy, environmental, fiscal and other domestic policy priorities,” reports The New York Times. “We are reviewing a list of presidential executive orders and directives to get the job done across a front of issues,” said Rahm Emanuel.”

    You present the position that we bear an enmity with respect to authoritarianism, yet you fail to observe your political spectrum typifies that very thing. Thus, I can assure you that we share no such course. Id est, the blatant usage of the governmental mandate that coerces U.S. citizens to purchase a good, or be subject to a fine, is the actual synonymity you share – which is constraint. This legislative action, of which you no doubt acquiesce to, is the antithesis of individual freedom – and every principle derived therefrom. Consequently, your first proposition is fallacious and invalid.

    Regarding your statements on education, your version of change is also inaccurate and markedly myopic, you should have said indoctrination. Liberals have been involved within the educational system for years, and in every level.

    It’s about leveling the playing field and empowering others — not leaving power into the hands of a few.”

    On a collegiate level, the majority of college professors are leftists. From The Washington Post;

    By their own description, 72 percent of those teaching at American universities and colleges are liberal and 15 percent are conservative, says the study being published this week. The imbalance is almost as striking in partisan terms, with 50 percent of the faculty members surveyed identifying themselves as Democrats and 11 percent as Republicans.”

    “The disparity is even more pronounced at the most elite schools, where, according to the study, 87 percent of faculty are liberal and 13 percent are conservative.”

    “What’s most striking is how few conservatives there are in any field,” said Robert Lichter, a professor at George Mason University and a co-author of the study. “There was no field we studied in which there were more conservatives than liberals or more Republicans than Democrats. It’s a very homogenous environment, not just in the places you’d expect to be dominated by liberals.”

    You’re not engaging in equalization, your participating in technocratic elitism via the mechanism of paternal intellectualism. What exactly are you liberating us from, our nation’s history? After all, members on your side of the field view certain principles, such as those espoused by our Founding Fathers, as an antiquated vehicle that perpetuates fundamentalism. Kids should be educated to think globally, remember that statement?

    Liberal socialism and totalitarianism are not mutually exclusive, just look at Obama’s policies. Effecting social justice is but one example where the majority abrogates the negative liberties of the minority. The socialization of a moral imperative by manufacturing an objective standard, when one really doesn’t exist. Morality is relative and cannot be legislated, although the left does in fact employ it as a utility.

    From Friedrich Hayek;

    There can be no test by which we can discover what is ‘socially unjust’ because there is no subject by which such an injustice can be committed, and there are no rules of individual conduct the observance of which in the market order would secure to the individuals and groups the position which as such (as distinguished from the procedure by which it is determined) would appear just to us. [Social justice] does not belong to the category of error but to that of nonsense, like the term `a moral stone.’

    I could entertain the rest of your argument but I find you irritating and obtuse.

    • Wonderful response sir! Thank you.