Ignorance is Strength for the Left


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My family taught me to never be afraid of asking the tough questions.  My Father would always say, that if it sounds too good to be true, well it probably is.  This taught me that there is no free ride and if someone tells you there is, then grab on to your wallet and hold tight.  It also made it much more difficult to sway my opinion using emotional tactics and promises of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  I became a realist.  My Mother believed that an education combined with observation and experience, would provide me the tools needed in life to make sound decisions.  This drove me to examine life with a critical eye and obtain a deeper understanding of events.

I was sixteen when I started working for my grandpa on the township roads.  He was 73 years young and still plugging away in the workforce.  He worked at that age not because he had to work; but because he was driven by a work ethic and purpose that few understand today.  With the exception of working on my uncle’s farm this was my first real job.  You know a job where you actually had taxes taken out of your check.  I made $3.35 an hour and trust me I earned every penny of it.  We worked at times in some of the most unbearable conditions.  Even before all this global warming nonsense , Pennsylvania summers in the 1980s were usually hot and muggy with stagnate air.  I busted my butt for very little pay, but the true reward for my efforts did not come through a paycheck, it came by working for a man that was a vault of knowledge and experience.  Just being around my grandpa in a work environment taught me so much about life and the challenges we face each day.  His wise influence still clings to me this day.  One of the things I learned from him was how to approach and deal with challenges in life.  I mean we all deal with challenges on a daily basis.  For instance there is never just one way to approach a challenge in life, but there is always the best way.  And the best way is different for each of us.

The challenge I face today is probably the same challenge that many of you face.  That challenge is trying to inform the ignorant of what is actually going on with our Republic.  Now please don’t view the term ignorant as a negative thing; it simply means uninformed.  Life is filled with many distractions, from getting the kids the soccer practice on time to watching our favorite TV shows.  We get caught up in all the little moments in the day and sometimes lose our bearing on the things that should truly matter.  We end up choosing a kind of self-imposed ignorance because there just simply isn’t enough time in the day to add one more worry.  Well I’m here to tell you that you had better make time.

You see I believe that most of the people are starting to wake up and see this administration for its actions and not so much for their words.  The people are starting to take the time and observe the events happening around them with a critical eye, because deep in our gut we know something is not right.  A larger number of folks are starting to rediscover the documents that our Founders crafted to protect our individual liberties from tyranny.  Many of us know someone whether it be a family member, friend, or even spouse that has decided to remain ignorant to the facts of what is going on in this country.  For the most part they are good people with good hearts; they just have made a choice to live blissfully in ignorance.  When I approach them with questions on this issue, I hear a broad range of excuses from I’ll cross that bridge when we get there to it’s just two confusing to deal with. I usually respond by saying, well we’re at the bridge now or there’s nothing that’s confusing about liberty and freedom.

So why is this topic so important?  It’s it important because America is changing before our very eyes and we need to reach these people so that the progressives/liberals don’t use them.  What I mean by this is that the left will use the ignorance of these good folks against them in times of crisis.  If the ignorant feel blindsided by events they will look to blame the system, capitalism, the Republic, the Founders and so on.  There will be an opportunity for the left to use the crisis to manipulate the ignorant and justify the usurpation of more individual rights; ignorance will become strength for the left.

This is a challenge that we must face and address. We must diminish this strength for the left by informing the uninformed about liberty, freedom, property rights, limited government, the free market, and how the American spirit can still carry us out of this mess.  How we do this will be different for each of us.  Remember there are many ways to approach a challenge, but only one best way.  Each of you know the best way, you just have to find it within.  Our Republic’s survival just might depend on it.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!
Original Post:  The Current

  • John, it still utterly amazes me when I hear young people say how corrupt and unfair our capitalistic society is. They have been conditioned to believe they are OWED, yet they can’t explain why. I swear if I hear another twenty-something say “hope and change” I am going to leap from my roof.

    • Thanks for the comments Steve. My grandpa always said that without source knowledge, every generation would eventually become weaker. He used to say when I was a teenager, “You kids are made of glass.”

      • Wow, this really says it. I have felt this way for years but have never come up with a good way to explain like you did. The left has been trying to keep us in the dark for years. I actually think that they are purposely dumbing down our school kids so they are as you put it ignorant to what is happening to them.

        We will all pay the price for this indoctrination of our youth.

        • Thanks for the comments CW. I too worry about the education of our children. We need to fix our educational system by getting the government out of it.

  • Don

    Excellent comments, John. It sounds like your Grandfather was someone I would have liked to have known.

    • Thanks Don. My Grandpa was one of a kind. I learned so much from him about the basics of life.

  • Well said, John. Ignorance and leftism go together like peanut butter and jelly.

    I’d add that another problem is that this is not just an age of ignorance, but an age of fear. Fear is something else that statists prey upon.

    • I agree Karen fear is something that statist use against the masses, but fear is a byproduct of ignorance. When people are informed, the fear is shifted from the people to the politicians. Because an informed voter is dangerous to the status quo and politicians.


  • “This is a challenge that we must face and address. We must diminish this strength for the left by informing the uninformed about liberty, freedom, property rights, limited government, the free market, and how the American spirit can still carry us out of this mess.”

    That sir, is some good stuff.