ObamaCare Damage: The Numbers Never Added up, IRS to Collect Fines, and Job Losses


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I saw that Hot Air was covering the news that, according to the CMS, ObamaCare will cause costs to go up, and will NOT meet the claimed projected savings. Hot Air quoted that news source that “shall not be quoted,” so I looked up other sources. Like this, from Kaiser Health News.

So who are these guys who are sounding the latest alarm? They’re the professional actuaries at the Department of Health and Human Services’ Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), who typically operate with far greater independence than others who make official government projections. The Congressional Budget Office, for example, must follow rules handed down by Congress. The Office of Management and Budget is an extension of the White House and therefore governed by the President.

The new CMS analysis by law operates independently, and its report carries this disclaimer: “The statements, estimates, and other information provided in this memorandum are those of the Office of the Actuary and do not represent an official position of the Department of Health & Human Services or the Administration.”

How downright refreshing! Actual analysis rather than political propaganda!

So what’s the difference between CMS’ conclusion of higher costs and the sales job used to pass Obamacare? Obama delivered on his campaign pledge to spend taxpayers’ money on the uninsured (or at least 34-million of them), but he totally reneged on the larger promise to make medical care and insurance more affordable.

Even if you accept that 45-million are uninsured (a deceptive figure), it still represents only 15 percent of 300-million-plus Americans, meaning that 85 percent have coverage. For them, Obama won votes by repeatedly promising to reduce costs by $2,500 per year per family. The President flunked by that measure; the CMS report confirms that his plan pushes costs higher instead.

You mean, that according to an independent analysis, ObamaCare is based on yet another lie? Where might you have heard that before? We attempted to raise the warning, but the MSM was too busy lying about us to tell you what was going on with this legislation.  That, and they wanted the legislation, so they had a vested interest in keeping you in the dark.

The American Spectator has more

Medicare cuts are unlikely to materialize: The CMS report cautions that “it is important to note that the estimated savings shown in this memorandum for one category of Medicare provisions may be unrealistic.” The reason is that if the proposed cuts to payments to hospitals, nursing facilities, and home health agencies go into effect, “roughly 15 percent of Part A providers would become unprofitable within the 10-year projection period…” The only way to resolve this problem would be to prevent the cuts, which in turn would eat up some of the projected savings from the legislation.

You can’t double count the Medicare savings: While in theory Medicare Part A cuts would extend solvency of the program by 12 years, the actuary writes, “In practice the improved (Medicare hospital insurance) financing cannot be simultaneously used to finance other Federal outlays (such as the coverage expansions) and to extend the trust fund, despite the appearance of this result from the respective accounting conventions.”

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If I’m remembering correctly, Rep. Ryan tried to point this out during the televised confab at the Blair House.  It was dismissed by the POTUS and the MSM.  Seems to me that Ryan was correct, and the POTUS…well…lied yet again?

There is also news about the fines for not having insurance under ObamaCare. Take a look at this from Reuters.

To collect penalties the Internal Revenue Service is considering withholding tax refunds since it cannot seize assets or levy fines, the IRS commissioner said recently.

Another lie?  I thought that it was some wild conspiracy that suggested that the IRS would be the collection agency for ObamaCare.

And you know, it’s a great thing that Obama’s policies don’t kill jobs

The decision of student lender Sallie Mae to close its call center in Killeen and eliminate nearly 500 jobs left workers stunned, but the congressman who represents the area says he predicted jobs would be lost here if a bill ending the bank-based system of administering subsidized student loans passed.

I wonder how many of those workers were Obama voters? Did they realize at the time that his policies would kill jobs, or were they getting their info from the MSM and drinking the Kool-Aid?

That’s just the start of many more my friends. This administration will continue to kill jobs, and the MSM will not tell you anything remotely close to the truth.

Elections have consequences, and this administration seems to have an allergy to the truth.


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  • As the health care bill is implemented and the changes start taking place, I really believe we will be seeing a lot of consequences that were not disclosed by those who pushed for the passage of this bill.

    Those workers who lost their jobs? Just another example of the consequences of the Obama agenda. I have no doubt there will be more forthcoming.

    • Larry, I think that’s why the spread the implementation out over many years. They don’t want too many people experiencing the results, at least not right away. That, and they’re trying to do ten years of funding to provide six years of program. What happens at the end of those ten years?? A crisis, no doubt.

  • Lies? From the Hope N Change administration??? Say it isn’t so!

    If they ever told the TRUTH, I’d fall over.

  • Karen, I think that so many people would fall over, it’d knock the Earth off it’s axis!

  • All this was known before it “passed.” The media cares not. I love how Obama thinks people should have to prove they have healthcare but not that they are in the country legally.

    • That, Harrison, will be the first of what I think will be many ironies with this legislation.

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  • Sallie Mae (and their 500 employees) is just one of the businesses that will be left in the wake of destruction the Obama administration is leaving behind. It didn’t matter how many warnings were put out about Obamacare and the student loan takeover. The MSM did not do their job and they own much of the blame for the bill passing along with the statists in Congress and the White House.

    • I agree Conservative Lady. There are many more to come, and it’s up to use to publicize them, as the MSM will not do a thing to report it.

  • I keep saying the way around all of these fines and withholding is simply to get your monthly tax deductions down to a science, so when you file on April 15, you owe zip, they owe zip. Problem solved.

    • I’ve been thinking of that as well, especially as a way to starve the fed. I wonder how much it would hurt them if no one gave them an interest free loan?