Talkin’ and Bloggin’ and Waitin’ and Fearin’…


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This title may remind you of a song by Dusty Springfield “Wishin’ and hopin’ and thinkin’ and prayin’…” In that song Dusty talks about how to get the love of a man. It is a great song and when I hear it I reminded by how we are going about the rebirth of America all wrong. Dusty’s song is filled with action. Our song is filled with whining.

Then only action these days is coming from the Tea Party and a few brave Military men who are risking personal peril for saying they don’t recognize Obama’s right to be president or commander in chief. Another serviceman is “Facebooking” at the risk of being punished by the military. Outside of these examples I really don’t hear of anything that is being done. Everyone knows what needs doing but no one wants to say it. Just these words are enough to scare most people off of this blog and I haven’t said anything yet. I’m just talkin’ and bloggin’ and waitin’…

The reason for this is because what we are doing as a people and as a society is “Fearin’”. We have to contend with “Political Correctness” which is just another way of saying that you should think and feel certain things and if you do you should never speak them. Well, I happen to think that Obama is a “Racist” and that what he promotes is a racist agenda. I refuse to be the slave of “Fearin’”. Obama had barely wrinkled the sheets on the Whitehouse bed when he accused a “White” officer of being stupid and that “without the facts”. The church he attended for 20+ years is clearly racist. These words are from their website (the Trinity United Church of Christand are part of the “Black Value System”:

9. Pledge to Make the Fruits of All Developing and Acquired Skills Available to the Black Community.

10. Pledge to Allocate Regularly, a Portion of Personal Resources for Strengthening and Supporting Black Institutions.

11. Pledge Allegiance to All Black Leadership Who Espouse and Embrace the Black Value System.

12. Personal Commitment to Embracement of the Black Value System. To measure the worth and validity of all activity in terms of positive contributions to the general welfare of the Black Community and the Advancement of Black People towards freedom.

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Never have I seen so many uses of the word “Black”; black people, black leaders, black business, black community, black values, black institutions…etc. There is so much Black here there is no room for anything but Black. This is only one reason why I think Obama is a racist. I also believe his politics are largely designed to take from “Whites” and give to the Blacks. This may or may not be Politically correct speech but I think it is true. Redistribution of the wealth is more likely to benefit Blacks in America than whites. Just talkin’ and bloggin’ here…

I also believe Obama is a Dictator. Everything I can find on the man shows that he will not be assuaged by anyone and must have his own way on everything. You cannot disagree with him as you will be excluded: He has excluded republicans, conservatives, tea party protestors, reporters and TV networks, and etc. So often the man is rude to those asking him questions. He will bore them, talk over them, become effusive, and deny them. He is like a spoiled child in the Presidency. What the hell were we thinking to elect this emotionally underdeveloped person? To make it worse he had “No, None, Nada, Zip” experience. Excuse me I just had an attack of ???????

So here we find ourselves in the “Fearin’” stage. Actually we have be afraid the whole time but now were afraid of our own fears. We are afraid that we made a big mistake. We fear that November cannot come soon enough. We fear being found out that we believe that our country has been seized by a communist, racist, fascist, community organizing dictator who will destroy all hope of America as we have known it. We have spoken in hush tones and behind closed doors until now we are growing louder and coming out into the public realm and saying “Throw the Bum Out”.

Now if you have made it this far on this blog you are a seeker, a believer, a patriot, or a spy. To all of you I say that we have not come this far to be defeated by fear. In the 60’s Arlo Guthrie wanted all of America to stand up and sing a chorus of “Alice’s Restaurant”. Arlo was anti-war but his point that if the people unite and all stand at once they are unstoppable. India’s, Mahatma Gandhi proved this very thing. Read these words from him:

We believe that it is the inalienable right of the Indian people, as of any other people, to have freedom and to enjoy the fruits of their toil and have the necessities of life, so that they may have full opportunities of growth. We believe also that if any government deprives a people of these rights and oppresses them the people have a further right to alter it or abolish it.

Sound familiar? These people marched unarmed against British marksmen who fired on them briefly before coming to their senses and refusing to fire on and unarmed people. On other occasions the British beat the Indians with clubs until the soldiers themselves became exhausted and ceased the beatings. And what is it that we have to fear? The American Military? I think not. The police? Perhaps a few. Obama? Not at all. If we march in sufficient numbers not even equally a majority but purely a dedicated, single-minded, group none could deafeat or dissuade us. Surely America awaits her rescuers. It is true that Gandhi was arrested and imprisoned. In fact he was imprisoned so often that he called the prisons “Her Majesty’s Hotels”. Today we seem to be lacking our Gandhi but I know he or she is out there. Ultimately Gandhi and his movement won only to result in his assassination. Will someone sound the trumpet.

Now I have not even mentioned Obama’s pro-Muslim, anti-Israel approach. This has already become too much talk and not enough action.

America hear me! We have no time for Talkin’ and Bloggin’ and Waitin’ and Fearin’… Obama is “Marchin”.

  • You realize, that by pointing out their own inherent racism, you will be labeled as a racist. But then again, that the PC/Cultural Marxism that we’re supposed to be fearin’.

    You’re raising very “uncomfortable” issues with this post-ones that should be discussed. I like it! 😀

    • Ken Minor

      Matt I am afraid that I have been too afraid. I know I am not a racist but I do know one when I see it. As you said these are some uncomfortable issues and as such we either deal with them or live with them. Bertha Lewis is telling black people to circle the wagons because the whites are coming to get them. The administration is pumping up the Latino’s because they are lawbreakers in our country illegally and we are supposed to be PC. No frigging way. Call me what you want just call me that in english.

      Habla engles o no vives aqui! Vamanos! And that goes to illegals from every country and includes Obama’s auntie who is still here illegally and living in government housing on your dime. Go home now!

  • Ken, you’re absolutely right. We must get braver and louder.

    • Ken Minor

      Thank you for the encouragement. I am convinced that short of a Miracle our nation will be overrun with wacko legislation and our Republic will be a memory before November ever comes. The Liberals are feverishly working to make us powerless.

      Bravery is nothing more than doing what is needed regardless of the consequences. Bravery does not eliminate fear it only puts it where it belongs: in the back seat.

  • You said a mouthfull Matt and it needed to be said. Obama has a new twist on an old saying, “from whitey according to his means to blackie according to his needs”. I have no doubts at all about Obama being a racist and one who has a deep seated hatard for white people, who I suspect make him feel inferior.

    • This was Ken’s work Ron.

      It’s a shame that some people’s self inflicted racism taints the country. It’s time to be ending racism for all time, not increasing it, or using it for political gain.

  • Well, Ken, this is a great post to debate, so let’s exchange some ideas.

    I agree with your general premise. I agree that PC causes some to be silent. That’s the intent. PC is supposed to “shame” people into silence. It was created to silent dissent, hence controlling debate. We should speak with confidence and facts.

    That being said, I think that we’re mostly doing what we should be doing at this point. Conservatives and other concerned citizens are marching. They are following the successful non-violent protest model used by Gandhi and Dr. King. We are talkin’ and bloggin’ and those things are needed. We need to share our ideas, and the facts that back them up. We need to expose the administration, their plans, their philosophy, and the probable results of their actions.

    We are winning. The left has already lost the debate. Public opinion has swung our way. The Democrats, and their allies in the media have been reduced to name-calling, and they are losing in the polls, and in the ratings. MSM sources are experiencing layoffs, and it only stands to get worse for them.

    The left cannot cope with the internet and the free-flow of information that we have here. When a politician lies, 100 bloggers will post a YouTube video showing that they did. When Czars are appointed, their past statements are shown for the world to see. There is transparency here, and the left cannot tolerate it.

    Before I just go rambling forever, what do you think that we could be doing more of, or better?

    • Ken Minor

      Actually Dr. King took his model from Ganhdi. Gandhi himself actually let marches that were of a disobedient nature while remaining non violent. It wasn’t until Dr. Kings marchers were attacked that Americans realized what a great crime was being committed on humanity. So it was with Gandhi. For us, our beatings have been from the press and the president, both by what they say and what they don’t say.

      It is my opinion that this goverment wants the people to throw the first punch. Every word they say and all of their actions seemed designed to provoke. We should be doing the very same. I am not sure that anyone living in America now wants to be at the head of that line when Obama orders open fire. It surely isn’t something I relish.
      What we are doing may or may not be working. I tend to belive that we are a rather close knit group of folks who see it basically the same. We read each others blogs and leave comments and write our congressman but to date there has been no “outright” civil disobedience to this government.
      As far as what we could do better I am of the mind that we have to deny this government its power. How we do that is unclear. Everyone says that it must be nonviolent but I have never seen a revolution, certainly not the American Revolution, that was non-violent. But even violence will not work if there is not an overwhelming majority of people aware of the price and willing to pay it. So, whether the solution is violent or non-violent in each case the people must be of one mind and willing to suffer.
      As for me I am willing to deny them my monies. Not everyone is self employed so I will long be in jail for not paying taxes and will have accomplised nothing. I am willing to sit on the Capitol steps and be removed only after having an audience with the president or having been dragged away by the Capitol police. This is the choice I think Gandhi and King would make. Will anyone go with me? I wonder?
      To date my civil and military records are blemish free. I would trade them for one good clubbing by the Obama minions on behalf of my country. Now, I realize that November may come followed by Nirvana. I think that none who taries here believes in that. We are all equally disturbed by the question of “what to do”. In my mind, wishin’ and hopin’ and plannin and… just won’t cut it. I left off prayin’ because that will do more good than all of these words. Still I think God wants us to stand for something. I guess I just don’t want to stand alone.

      • “Actually Dr. King took his model from Ganhdi. Gandhi himself actually let marches that were of a disobedient nature while remaining non violent. It wasn’t until Dr. Kings marchers were attacked that Americans realized what a great crime was being committed on humanity. So it was with Gandhi. For us, our beatings have been from the press and the president, both by what they say and what they don’t say.”

        Quite true on Dr. King following in the footsteps of Gandhi. I didn’t specify it as I thought it was well known.

        There has been violence directed towards the movement, Mr. Gladney and the man that’s now missing a finger would attest to that. The scale is nowhere as it was then, but it is there. The left and it’s MSM minions have been on the propaganda attack since day one, but the attacks have not stuck. In fact, they have backfired. The MSM has lost more audience. They are laying people off and closing offices. The poll ratings for the politicians are falling fast. The GOP now has a 10 point lead on the Dems on generic ballots.

        They have been provocative, wanting us to strike the first blow. It hasn’t happened yet. They have done what they can. They’ve had goons show up, and they threatened us with the anarchists. They’ve tried infiltration (which will continue and be more “effective” in the future). It hasn’t worked.

        Obama is not going to give the order to fire. He and the others know what we are doing. They know that attacking a peaceful assembly is political suicide. They know history just as well as we do. They also know that while they can get the MSM to say anything they want, no one is paying attention to them anymore. The MSM can lie all they want, but The government will order no official violence. If it comes, it will be by proxy, from the anarchists or the “purple people beaters.” The problem for them is this; they can blame, lie, smear, and the like, but when the video and pictures are freely available via search engine, they lose.

        We are close knit. We do read and support each other, and that is as it should be. In any movement, people of a like mind gather to exchange ideas or plan action. This makes us harder to infiltrate, at least at the local level.

        As for civil disobedience, I don’t know that it is even necessary. I know I floated the idea of having about 2-3 million folks show up in DC and shutting the town down. No violence, no vandalism, just keep anything from moving on the ground. Would I take a beating? Many more have made greater sacrifices. Would I spend a night in jail (for disobedience)? Probably, if the plan was well crafted and accomplished it’s goal. That being said, I think that the left wore out civil disobedience. I don’t think it would make the “splash” that it did in years past, and it would be used as an excuse to crack down. I think it would hurt more than it would help.

        The Tea Parties have been going on for over a year now. I started this blog just prior to the very first demonstrations. How long did Gandhi labor? How long did Dr. King march? They knew that they were in a long tern struggle, as are we. November is one phase-they next phase-and one of many. We have learned the meaning of Jefferson’s statement, “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” We cannot forget that, and if the GOP does, I will have no problem reminding them, just as we are now telling the Democrats. I was one of the many Conservatives on forums complaining bitterly about the GOP for years prior to Obama. They lost their way, acted like they believed in “socialism lite,” and paved the way for Pelosi, Reid, and Obama.

        As for “what to do,” I think it is simple. We resist with our words. There are many infiltrating the GOP, altering it’s course. Many are receiving training to become more effective in their public efforts. Many others, such as all of us here, are blogging. We are getting our message out, and taking actions. They may not seem overt now, but the results will become apparent. I think we are in the (still) beginning stages of a great awakening regarding the nature and purpose of our Republic. These are exciting and troubling times, but persistence will pay off in the end, just as it did with Gandhi and Dr. King.

        I would be remiss if I did not mention that the struggle for individual freedom will never end. Tyrants and would be tyrants will arise. Their philosophies and policies might come with different names, and they may just be repackaged tyranny from the past, but the answer is clear-we can never rest, or never take our gaze off of those in power.

        • Ken Minor

          My reason for pointing out that King took his lead from Ganhdi as I want to make sure of my audience. Further, Dr. King took a watered down approach of Gandhi just like Gandhi gave a watered down quote from our “Declaration of Independence”. Things tend to water down over time, and such is the starch in the average American’s spine. Most will not even allow themselves to be informed let alone pay any price for their freedoms. A good 15 to 20% of Americans don’t even see themselves as free but rather as wards of the state. To that end Obama made an appeal that targeted Blacks and Latinos to be at the polls in numbers this fall. He did also mention women and the young. You and I were not mentioned. Perhaps you but I am older than dirt. Ha!
          I address you last this way because what we are dealing with is not at all similar to what Gandhi and King faced. What we face is truly more like one of the modern Fascist dictators. We have not long be under the control of an unresponsive government but we do fear it greatly. Our fight is not with the long suffering we have endured but rather with what we hope to prevent from being placed upon our children and grandchildren. As for me I will not live so many years as to wage a long war of words with this deaf president but rather must make my difference before we become a totalitarian society.
          You are right to say that Obama will not fire upon us. He will take away your freedom of speech and steps are in the making to do that particularly with the Internet. I think we would agree that most media outlets are all but in his control and that alone makes our jobs harder if not impossible. As for me I would rather fight for freedom on this side of the battlefield that from where Obama hopes to soon place me. Truly one day will be the day that we beat out swords into plowshares but I suggest you hold off on that for now.
          The question that plagues me more that what should we do now is: What do we do if Obama succeeds in taking us past the point into his socialist utopia. We have little voice now; what do we do when we have no voice. If Obama is successful in rallying his appeal to Blacks, Hispanics, youth and women as he did in 08 he conceivably will have his goal. That is 6 (SIX) months away. In between his strategy will further divide this nation. Bertha Lewis is suggesting that the white people will be creating “Internment Camps” for ??? and that the days of Jim Crow will pale as to what is coming.
          My brother, you and I are talking here. We wish to help our cause and while we might put to paper only words of hope on these pages let us not fail ourselves within. Truly these are committed people who are bent upon OUR destruction. This president believes that “Christianity is a tool of the white make to keep the black man oppressed.” Over 95% of blacks and 70% of Hispanics who can vote will vote with this man if they show at the polls. Recognize it or not the Tea Party is largely white people. White people not aligned with the Tea Party are intuitively feeling that they are soon to be subordinated to a government that appears to be insensitive to their needs. Race as an issue was dying in America until we elected this Particular Black President. Another person of color may not have had this one’s radical agenda. But this is the time that we test our metal.
          In my opinion to think that we have years to solve this problem is to accept what we are given and not to take what is ours. May peace be upon everything we do. How that is done requires a wiser person than I. I only know that when I see a tree with bad fruit I will not wait until the harvest is over to cut it down. I cut in my blogs and in my speech. My speech is becoming less Politically Correct and bolder. I will speak up and I will join with others who have a direction that can stop this REGIME. This message will self destruct if I find out that I am wrong.

  • I try to avoid the racial stuff, but I can not go a week without someone accusing me of being a racist. If I was not white people would say I am opinionated, but a white man with an opinion is labeled as racist. It gets really old!

  • Absolutely awesome Ken!! I can sense your frustration, passion and desire. You are not alone, and I am willing to stand with you. I’m also tired of the tippy-toeing and politically correctness and I think that we need to call a racist a “Racist” and a dictator a “Dictator”. Every day I try to get people to wake up and pay attention and give them facts and try to give them some of my own passion. But most people are apathetic and to busy with their little lives in their little bubble. Most people don’t even want the real truth and for that matter they can’t even comprehend it.

    I’ve had a few people lined up to help blog on my website but of course they are always to busy. I tried to get a few people to go to our Tax Day Tea Party but once again they were to busy. I even contacted all the local Tea Party organizations in Iowa to offer my help, weather it was organizing or advertising on my website. I received ONE response. Our local Tea Party group has a website with four posts on it all year, so I know they are not busy.

    I’m almost at the point where I want Obama to succeed in his Marxist/Socialist ways so that it will finally effect some of these people in a negative way. Because I don’t think they will wake up until this happens. But then I read a post from Matt or a post from you and I realize that there are a few good men out there. I’ll keep pounding at the rock and together if we make enough noise maybe more and more people will join in.

    • Ken Minor

      Oh do I feel your pain. Everyday I talk with people who want something to happen but they don’t know what. We are not dealing with a traditional foe here. This regime is led by a community organizer, the most dreaded of all foes. They will accept nothing but their way and are prepared to try and try and try until they have worn out all the decent folks. I say decent folk because their methods and their goals are not about decency as we know it. They see the world through their lenses and use rudeness as their approach and persistance as their moto. Average people are not accustomed to deal with that. The result is the frustration we feel.

      As you might read in the discussion Matt and I have going above, how to deal with it is a question of great import. Patience is truly a virtue and possibly a liability.

      Join our discussion above.

  • Ken and Matt… Great discussion. I think in this modern day we can use technology as a vehicle and our minds as a weapon. Via our websites, social networking, email, and cell phones we should be able to mount a viable opposition. Ken I know that you are impatient as am I, and we would like to make a BIG difference right now, but I just don’t see that happening. Even if we could somehow gather 10 million people to shutdown Washington, do you really think that would help? The MSM wouldn’t make any big deal about it, the Liberals would classify us all as fringe right wing radicals, and everyone else wouldn’t even be paying attention. I think we are much more powerful behind a computer. And my hope is that this will get on Obama’s nerves and he will try to silence us. Black suites at my door taking my computer away would make a great news story for us. If things like this start to happen then I think some people will actually start to wake up. I certainly do not have the answers, but I do think that we are on the right path. I’m trying to network more and more each day, and yesterday I was asked to speak at a Tea Party here in Iowa at the end of May. Don’t give up… Our voices will be heard.

    • Ken Minor

      I am more active with other on political and social issues than I have ever been. So I agree with you that the networking is such an important piece. I just sent and e-blast to 80 of my friends and clients asking them to openly consider Roy Blunt to fill our soon to be open senate seat. His opponent is Robin Carnahan and the words Carnahan and uber liberal are synonymous. This is an action I can take. I will make phone calls and knock on doors. These are all the reasonable side of me.

      Now, the other part of me that watched in amazement when Obama got elected and then became the “Uber Goober” and literally defy the consitution; that part of me expects anything and by anything I do mean anything. Unlike some, I think the man is the embodiement of evil. I don’t just think he has an axe to grind I believe he will use that axe to split our nation. Every sign now indicates that he has largely done that. The only ones that he doesn’t pick a fight with are America’s enemies.

      With this as a foundation as to what I think of him I expect him to circumvent the system whenever and however possible. He has proven how adept he is at it. As he now calls out to blacks and hispanics to fill the polls in November he has again astounded rational minds as to his politics. He is Not Your Garden Variety Liberal. As far as him taking your or my computer I would not be surprised. In fact I expect some sort of reprisal for my words. I don’t know why for I am not convinced that many ever see them. Ha!

      I do project a sense of urgency for I think we are play chess with an administration that has a half-dozen queens and we have only pawns. He controls the media and the government. He has the military and the court. Congress is an extension of his ego and laws are something that don’t apply to him. Perhaps I will be wrong. My predictions may be but my evaluation of him will withstand the heaviest scrutinty.

      May God bless America.

      • Ken –
        I know what you mean about watching Obama get elected. I’m a simple man, and I thought that the mere notion that Obama rhymes with Osama would keep people from voting for him.

        I also agree that Obama is evil… jump over to my website for a second, I have created a photoshop image of Obama as Dr. Evil, and just for Matt I have added Rahm as Mini-Me.

        Your sense of urgency is completely mirrored by me and Matt and probably most people that visit our websites. My main problem is that most people I encounter on a daily basis are apathetic, ignorant, naive, and/or arrogant. If I could zap some common sense and urgency into them I would. Believe me, I want to strangle 2 or 3 people every day. I could light myself on fire holding a sign that says “Obama is the Anti-Christ” and only a handful of people will be effected.

        So like you, I will send emails, write blog posts, and try to convey a sense of urgency to get people to wake up to what we already know. But if you do need someone to stand in the front of the firing line with you, I will gladly be there.

  • Guys, I look at this situation in the following manner.

    We are engaged in an information war. Obama is irrelevant, and he is bumbling. He couldn’t get the Dems in Congress to pass what he wanted (a public option). They had super majorities in both houses! He couldn’t get it done. He’s a babbling idiot when there isn’t a teleprompter in front of him! If Hilary had won, we’d be fighting similar battles, and she’d probably be more effective. Kerry would have been more dangerous, and he did engage is what I would describe as treason. No matter who the Dems ran in ’08, they would have won. We have to get over this “Obama is the boogeyman” thing. We need to defeat the ideas, not the man. “Evil incarnate?” I don’t know about that, but the ideas of Marxism, fascism, and progressivism are evil. That’s what we are fighting. Obama is just the current standard bearer.

    He is a community organizer, and they are a deceptive and persistent adversaries. However, we know Alinksy’s rules. We know what Cloward-Piven is. We are countering them, and they are at a loss as to what to do. All they have been able to do is repeat the same old tired attacks. They have been sadly predictable. We’ve written extensively on this here. We get a few hundred visitors here a day-over 1000 on a really good day. Everyone who reads is hopefully picking something up. That, and we’re a very small blog compared to others. But, when we combine the readership of all of the major sites, and the smaller ones, like us, we end up with a huge readership. And it’s growing all the time.

    People are waking up. The polls show it. The people in the streets show it, and every indicator that I can think of is showing the same thing- we are winning. It’s going to take time. We have six months to November. We’re going to have more horrendous legislation passed, and we can’t stop it,..for now. November is the goal. Supporting good candidates is a goal. Moving the GOP to the right is a goal. Sharing our ideas and helping others to wake up is a goal.

    I’m with you both. I get what you are saying. When we are frustrated, the best thing to do is take some meaningful action. The question is what? For me, writing, researching, and getting content to as many people as possible is what I’m good at. Going to Tea Party functions? I do when I can (when I’m not a work). Everyone has to find what they can do for our cause.

    In the end, this administration is the end result of decades of indoctrination, creeping socialism, and subversion by advocacy groups. It took decades to get here, and we aren’t going to fix it overnight. I may not be alive by the time that we undo all of this damage. I just have to recognize that I’m a small cog in a big machine, and realize the historical context of what we are seeing.

    BTW,if you are discouraged, that’s where they want you. Discouraged people either do nothing, or get desperate and do something stupid. In either case, our enemies win.

    • Ken Minor

      Sorry I dropped out of this conversation I was away for a couple of days.
      Perhaps your last comments sums up best the difference between the way I see the Obama administration and the way you do. You see him as bumbling and I see his as shrewd. You say he couldn’t get the public option. While that is true he himself said this very thing 5 years before he got healthcare reform. He said that it would have to be a process and that he knew the process could take up until 20years. He laid the foundation and not they can amend the living heck out of it.
      As far as the polls go they are neck and neck on Obama’s overall approval rating. In the 2008 election Obama and the DNC outspent and outmaneuvered the Republicans at every turn. Even now he is calling for blacks, Latinos, women, and you to get ready for November. The house just passed Puerto Rican Statehood measure which is little more than a political stunt to get Hispanics on the bandwagon.
      Generally, the blacks, Latinos and young people are not heavy voters in midterm elections. If this “irrelevant” president can galvanize these blocks of voters it is likely that whatever gains the conservatives will make will not be enough. Additionally I think you underestimate the power of those that put Obama in the Whitehouse. Do you think that the most corrupt president in US history coming from Chicago is a coincidence? Is it also a coincidence that his political ties and roots are buried in Chicago land? Do you think this city got this reputation by accident? I have lived there and I am convinced that if it can be bought, sold, or controlled that Chicago is the place.
      As I write I am thinking that the core difference between us is that you think this is happening in some natural but unpleasant way. I on the other hand see this as orchestrated with the express purpose of gaining control over our Republic. Everything Obama has done has been in that direction. He puts thieves in charge of the money, legal misfits in charge of the Attorney General’s office, and self stated Maoists, Socialists, and Communists in every possible office. When he can’t get them vetted he appoints them while the senate is in recess.
      My dear American brothers and sisters, Obama is backed by the largest political machine to ever be formed on this continent or any other for that matter. Like a pail of maggots they are all intertwined in financial and social enterprises all the while feeding off of “We the People”.
      Lastly, we all hope that America can be restored to her former self without violence. In 1776 there were those who feigned the idea of independence and the possibility of violence was abhorred. Still the founders were left without choice and the Brits spoke evil of those who took its path while they themselves abused the people. At what level of desecration of our Constitution do we stand and say “No More”. Do we wait until we are shackled beyond redress to show our metal? Everyone should consider that for themselves and no man should be the judge between brothers. Surely as the sun comes up tomorrow this administration is pushing for a fight. Blacks and Latinos are being advised that they are the targets of discrimination and prejudice while no such condition exists. When a people becomes afraid enough they will fight and not only with words but with rocks, and sticks, and bottles of water thrown at police. This is the beginning I think.
      Then again, perhaps Obama is a fool making me one as well.

      • Ken, I think we are closer than you think. I think what is happening is orchestrated. Additionally, I think that this has been creeping along incrementally for over 100 years. What we are seeing now is the attempt by the current administration to make this a fate acompli. It is the historical context that, in a way, keeps me calm. It’s not too hard to see where they are going, and we can predict, with pretty good reliability, how they are going to do it.

        Also, I am aware the the current health care bill is a giant Cloward-Piven plan. It will, if not repealed, create a series of crises, all of which will be exploited by wither Obama, or future Democratic administrations. I have written about this extensively, and I have stated that the goal is single payer.

        Obama did want the public option, and he couldn’t get the job done, for all of the power of Chicago politics, he ran into the problem of trying to pay off too many people with too many contradictory or nonsensical offers. The Dems ground themselves to a halt, and Obama was their quarterback.

        That being said, this creates another step in their path to single payer. They’ll have to get the public option in a few years, instead of right now.

        As for Obama attempting to activate the African American and Hispanic vote, he might partially succeed at this. But for me, the cruel demographics of the left still bites them. Remember 20-40-40? The country is 20% liberal, 40% conservative, and 40% independent or moderate. The independents showed up, and showed up big for Obama in ’08. 60% of those same independents are trending towards the right-center part of the spectrum. I would submit that the Hispanics and the African Americans go into the liberal bracket. They did show up in record numbers in ’08 as well. So, the numbers games still favors us. But the news on this front is not permanently bright and cheery. I think that they are trying to correct that imbalance by going for amnesty, as well as the Puerto Rico thing. The Puerto Ricans, BTW, don’t want statehood, and forcing it upon them might cause the situation down there to get ugly.

        Obama is a strategist, a deceptive manipulator, and is well versed in Chicago politics. He is smart, but also inexperienced, and cannot act spontaneously. I think, for me, that his playbook is limited. And it will continue to be limited, as he is losing credibility. His lies are being exposed. As for his appointments, they are Marxists-to be sure, but they can be removed, and their works undone. It has happened before.

        I do have fears that they may try a Reichstag Fire type of attack to justify additional actions or controls. I also have plans to blog in an alternate fashion is things become impossible here. If the poo hits the fan, I’ll send out information to everyone. Let’s just say that the internets has some hiding places.

        We’re not so far apart, my friend. I do think that one of the differences between us is when I’m facing something big, and this is BIG, I get analytical, and start picking things apart to see where they are going. Most other people get more emotional. Neither way is superior, but I think both are needed. It achieves some balance.

        In the end, we’ll all stand shoulder to shoulder, either metaphorically, or literally, when things get bad.

        Sorry if the comment is a bit rambling, but I’m exhausted.

        • Ken Minor

          …and analytical looks good on you my friend. Your last reply was one of your finest blogs. I am actually equal parts of analytical, emotional, and skeptical blended in a large vat of political fatigue. I trust none of them and won’t be at ease until my vote has been counted and we have won. I still have this incredible sense that November will not begin to solve our problems and I am not altogether persuaded that our future votes will matter regardless of their makeup.

          Away from his teleprompter Obama is a bumbling idiot. Still, in interviews and apparently in meetings he is quite effective.

          As to whether we will be able to communicate our thought much longer on blogs I am truly skeptical. They are already slipping in legislation to take over the Internet. I guess we will all have to become “Wind Talkers” to have an opinion.

  • Of course you are completely right Matt… (Mr. levelheaded)
    I think you and I were basically saying the same thing. “use technology as a vehicle and our minds as a weapon”

  • Thanks for the kind words.

    I think we are in agreement. Words (and, more importantly, the IDEAS) are the weapons of choice in this fight. The technology is the key. If the Founders had this technology, how much easier would have our original revolution been?

    I do understand Ken’s frustration. I was far more frustrated and discouraged in 2007-2008 than I am now. I expect this from Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. Back then, I expected way more from the GOP. Needless to say, we didn’t get much of anything from the GOP.

  • “No, None, Nada, Zip

    Reminds me of Rudy Gulianni’s 2008 convention speech. If you go back and watch it again, he pretty much nails Obama.