ObamaCare Damage: IPAB, Rationing and the Dealth Panel?


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I caught this video over at Hot Air today, and thought it best to share it here.  Kindly give a close listen to Peter Orszag, the current Director of the Office of Management and Budget under the POTUS.

So, we have the IPAB, which stands for Independent Payment Advisory Board.  From what Orszag is saying; that it will cut costs by not being “based on quantity,” I think we can safely assume that this is a rationing body.

Now, if this is a rationing body, and they are going to cut costs by not treating things, might this also be the “death panel?”  Both Sunstein and Emanuel (EZKILL, not Rahm), have both tagged end of life care as something to be limited.  IPAB would seem to be a great way to accomplish just that.  No, you won’t have to stand before them and justify your life, but they might just arbitrarily decide to not pay for something that keeps you alive.  Considering that this already happens in the UK with cancer drugs, and 20,000 Brits with cancer are killed by the NHS each year, are we seeing a pattern here?

You be the judge.  Also, note that Orszag states that the Congress was notified of this.  So, not only have they been denying that rationing is part of ObamaCare, they were clearly aware that this is a lie.  In the end, there will be unelected bureaucrats deciding what type of treatments that we can, or can not have.  Add to that, the quotes from the aforementioned government officials who have been suggesting that we cut end of life care, and this law is everything that we’ve been saying it was all along.

Better get Granny ready for the pain pill.


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  • That Sarah Palin is crazy. Death panels? What death panels?

    • I know. Crazy, isn’t it. Some of the libs will refuse to believe it until it happens to them, or someone in their family. It’ll probably take a few years, but unless the legislation is repealed, it will happen.

  • Nothing to see here, Matt. Move along. You’re just perpetuating the myth. Shame on you.

    While we’re on the subject of Obamacare, aren’t all the wonderful things that we’re finding out about this bill, now that we can read it because the Dems had to pass it so we could, wonderful?

    • I know, I’m a shameful guy. However, when the myth turns out to be real…

      It is wonderful, since we get to point out that Obama lied yet again. Come to think about it, it’d probably be easier to track how many times he’s told the truth.

      Hold on….


      Please stand by…


  • We’ll have to start referring to him as the prince of lies.

  • Snarky, he is a child of the Prince of Lies, no question.

    • …or at last an avid follower.

      • …or at LEAST an avid follower.

  • Many facts about this law are slowly coming out only after its passage. I think these revelations will, in the end, help repeal this law. That will be after Obama is defeated in 2012!

  • Well Matt, it looks like Sarah Palin wasn’t as crazy as the MSM made her out to be. Sounds like “Death Panels” to me.

    • I had written about this before. Sunstein, and particularly, Ezekiel Emanuel have written extensively on this. Considering that they are both in positions with this administration, it’s safe to assume that they represent the actual beliefs of the administration. It came as no surprise that the law starts the movement to what they want- decreasing care to the sick and elderly.

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