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Immigration Reform: The Democratic Version


Dr. Bill Smith at ARRA News Service posted this, and I thought it would be good to share here.


Here are some links to make the night pass:

Reaganite Republican has examples of crap from the POTUS.

Karen at Eastern Right has an inspirational video that fits today’s situation perfectly.

Snarky at Feed Your ADHD has an ironic picture,  or is it ironic at all?

King Shamus has lib wind bag Garafalo experiencing the downside of karma.

Harrison at Just Politics is answering the question “Nazi’s, in my trash?” BTW, it’s more likely than you think.

Manhattan Infidel shows some Yankee related precognition.

Steve, from Motor City Times is breaking the news that AGW is making it snow in Michigan. Just in time for M0ther’s Day.

Political Realities is discussing Terrorists, Miranda, and Guns.

Solomon is discussing the Flag issue fallout.

The Amusing Bunni has an Amusing post about the Amusing Brit PM.

The Classic Liberal has some links, and a great post on why Black Americans Should Be Most Distrustful of Government.

The Conservative Lady has a great post on A Special Happy Mother’s Day 2010.

Wyblog successfully trolled teh feminazis.

The Current exposes the economic crisis.

Ron at TOTUS is talking about how the nanny state in Calipornia is falling apart.

Trestin is going over the Net Neutrality thing.

  • Trestin Meacham

    Great cartoon Matt. Thanks for the link.

    • Matt

      No prob Trestin. I like to do that now and again.

  • KingShamus

    Hey man, thanks for the linkage. I appreciate it, man.

    Garafalo getting her just desserts? Priceless.

    • Matt

      No prob King Shamus. That video of Garafalo almost made me snarf.

  • Snarky Basterd

    And thanks back for your linkage to me, my brother from another mother.

    • Matt

      Thank you my friend!

  • John Carey

    Thanks for the link Matt. The cartoon is priceless.

    • Matt

      You’re quite welcome, John. That cartoon completely describes the plan, and the motivation.

  • Bunni

    Hi Matt! Thank you so much for linking me.
    I’m in great company here, very interesting stuff.

    That comic is funny, but sadly, too true. That’s the only
    reason obummer loves illegals.

    I hope your weekend was lots of fun!

    • Matt

      You’re welcome Bunni, and same to you. The weekend was hectic (they always are).

  • Karen Howes

    Thanks for the hat tip, Matt!

    • Matt

      No problem Karen. You support us by visiting and commenting.