ObamaCare Damage: Doctors Moving Away From Medicare


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During the “pitch” for ObamaCare, a repeated warning from Conservatives was the fact the people would not be able to keep their doctors, and that Medicare would be gutted.  They were, of course, accused of “fear mongering” and lying.  Low and behold, less that six months after ObamaCare passed, it seems that some Medicare members aren’t going to keep their own doctors-just as predicted.  Here is some coverage from Texas.

Texas doctors are opting out of Medicare at alarming rates, frustrated by reimbursement cuts they say make participation in government-funded care of seniors unaffordable.

Two years after a survey found nearly half of Texas doctors weren’t taking some new Medicare patients, new data shows 100 to 200 a year are now ending all involvement with the program. Before 2007, the number of doctors opting out averaged less than a handful a year.

“This new data shows the Medicare system is beginning to implode,” said Dr. Susan Bailey, president of the Texas Medical Association. “If Congress doesn’t fix Medicare soon, there’ll be more and more doctors dropping out and Congress’ promise to provide medical care to seniors will be broken.”

More than 300 doctors have dropped the program in the last two years, including 50 in the first three months of 2010, according to data compiled by the Houston Chronicle. Texas Medical Association officials, who conducted the 2008 survey, said the numbers far exceeded their assumptions.

The Pitch: So saith the chosen one, “You can keep your own doctor.”

The Reality: Not so much.

The question then is, what’s next?  This will, of course, create a crisis.  Now, the Congress has the ability to correct the spending cuts that they placed on Medicare, but that would mean that ObamaCare would cost more.  Or, did they put the Medicare cuts in to make it look good on paper, and to get it passed, knowing that there would be an outcry later to restore the funding?  Then, they can appear to be heroically saving Medicare from the “party of no.”

At any rate, the results are coming in, and ObamaCare is everything that Conservatives said it was, and everything that the Democrats denied it is.

Elections have consequences.  Ponder that while you’re trying to find a doctor.


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  • If we connect some dots, we see a trendline forming. It leads to a place where the doctor shortage is “corrected” by jailing doctors who refuse to play the government game. We’re not there yet. Before we get there, they’ll first threaten doctors’ licenses, hit ’em with fines, etc… But keep heading the way we’re headed and we’ll see doctors in jail.

    • That might happen. Once they create a crisis, the options are endless. One thing I can safely predict is that the “solution” will involve more and more government.

  • And then there are the doctors who are just going to retire instead of facing the Medicare cuts. Less doctors and less doctors taking Medicare lead to the increase of healthcare costs and the rationing of treatment coupled with the possible loss of your doctor. Like you said, we warned about this but were called fear mongers. It looks like we were right all along and those that called us names were living in denial.
    I think that you are on to something in regards to this being part of the plan. I think that it is entirely likely that Barack Obama knew this was going to happen, but that once the bill was passed he would be able to throw more money at the situation. the initial bill does not reflect what the eventual costs will be, and that is how Obama wanted it. Now that it is passed, more money will be allocated for the system, Barack Obama always knew more money would be needed but in order to placate an already cynical public he decided to “hide” this money until the bill was passed.

    • That’s about it Steve. It’s very predictable.

  • It’s never pleasant to be among the harbingers of doom who can now say “I told you so.” If only they’d listened. And now it’s up to us to fix it.

    • We have a helluva job on our hands, Snarky.

  • I’ve been told that some doctors who are pulling out of not just Medicare but insurance as a whole are starting up their own programs where you put down a deposit and then make monthly payments for X care. I actually can’t help but wonder if we won’t see more of this. I actually think it isn’t a bad idea.

    • The free market will always try to find away to get around excessive regulation. If the Dems catch wind of this, they’ll eventually find a way to shut it down.

      I owe you an apology. I never did add your new site to my blog roll. I’ll do it before I go to bed tonight.

  • Since when have politicians told the truth. The lies that have been told are slowly coming to light. People are really getting sick of these guys in Washington—all of them. They take the American people for a bunch of fools and to a certain extent they are correct. Some of us however, saw this coming and raised the alarm. More elections are coming and soon many of they bastards will be looking for new jobs and other people to screw. They have been exposed and its about time.

    • I agree, with two conditions. One is that there will be people that vote for the same old crap, no matter what the form or person. Two is that there is a percentage of the population that won’t care enough to find out about the corruption.

      Other than that, we’ve only just begun. More and more is going to come out over time.

  • I’m afraid this will have the same impact on the medical profession that government control has had on education. Many intelligent people choose not to become teacher, because they can make much more money doing something else. I’m afraid many people will not wish to go through all the schooling required to be a doctor without the promise of financial reward.

  • You know, the progressives dream of themselves as our masters and want to make that real, and that is scary.

    What makes it worse is some of the stories that come out from the UK like this one, Woman Dies When NHS Doctor Fails To Spot Toilet Brush Wedged In Her Bottom (http://www.anorak.co.uk/248511/strange-but-true/woman-dies-when-nhs-doctor-fails-to-spot-toilet-brush-wedged-in-her-bottom.html), and Man died after medics missed disease six times (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/7611044/Man-died-after-medics-missed-disease-six-times-inquest-hears.html).

    I have seen a few episodes of medical shows about people who have had Diseases that were missed by other doctors and figured out by doctors who thought outside the box. With Obama Care the government will have to shut down these shows, because they will show how incompetent Obama Care will be when people see & hear the doctors say thing like this “you can’t be treated for that, the government hasn’t approved that.”

  • MK

    The end game is to make obamacare fail, once it does, they then run in to breathlessly save the day, oh look, this just isn’t working, we tried but they [whoever that is] failed, the answer is single-payer, 100% socialism like Britain or Canada.

    That’s the end game, it just remains to be seen if the American people can see past the BS peddled by the left and demand a repeal. I’m not entirely sure that will happen.

  • Ken Minor

    Looks to me like it is all going according to plan. Never let a good crisis go to waste and if you don’t have one make one. Everyone knows and understands that doctors cannot operate on what the government wants to pay. The government knows that and Obama for sure knows it. Make them leave. Create the crisis and voila. Lots of good comments here on a great article. It is such a shame that so few will ever read these words.

    Thanks Matt.

    • Thanks Ken. That’s what we’ve been saying since the beginning. This is a among the biggest Cloward-Piven plans ever implemented. We will get to single payer unless this is stopped. Each crisis caused by this law will result in more and more government intervention, until we get to something like the NHS. Then, people start to die.

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