ObamaCare Damage: Granny not Allowed in the ER


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It was said that ObamaCare would kill off granny.  You were told that we were “fear mongering.”  You know, being paid by the insurance companies and all (For which I have yet to see a dime…go figure).

However, like so many other predictions made by Conservatives, it is coming to pass.  It didn’t take too long after ObamaCare’s passing either.  Consider this from Information Liberation.

This is not the only troubling development as a consequence of ObamaCare. A local radio station in the Upstate of South Carolina, which has a call-in show each afternoon, was inundated with calls Tuesday afternoon concerning hospitals turning away Medicare patients this week.

One elderly woman was sent home from the emergency room after the bare minimum of treatment with a fever of 103 degrees. When she was forced to return to the emergency room within 24 hours, due to the fact that she was not adequately treated the first time, the doctor informed her they could not give her care because it was ‘too soon after her initial treatment.’

Some careful research on this issue uncovered a little-known, unreported matter involving government control of healthcare. According to none other than the Senate’s late champion of socialized medicine, Ted Kennedy, much of the excess cost of Medicare comes from readmissions within 30 days of initial treatment. Thus, proponents of government control of healthcare costs advocate limiting readmissions.

And what, precisely, was the ‘fix’ for that cost run-up? Ban Medicare recipients from receiving follow-up care within 30 days of their initial treatment as part of government-run healthcare.

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In anticipation of these homicidal measures being implemented once ObamaCare kicks in full-steam, apparently the government is getting in some early target practice on denying care for the elderly.

Just think about it; granny has a chronic illness, but she can’t be re-admitted to the hospital too soon.  Then, granny dies in the parking lot.  “KA-CHING!” says the government bureaucrats!  “We just saved some money, and there is one less granny to treat.”

Think I’m going off into tin-foil hat territory?  If I am, I have some high profile company.  Kindly consider this quote from Obama health care adviser Ezekiel Emanuel.

“Decreasing availability and increasing expense in health care and the uncertain impact of managed care may intensify pressure to choose physician-assisted suicide” and “the cost effectiveness of hastened death is as undeniable as gravity. The earlier a patient dies, the less costly is his or her care.” (Emphasis mine)

Source: What Are the Potential Cost Savings from Legalizing Physician-Assisted Suicide? New England Journal of Medicine, July 1998

Maybe they’ll come out to the parking lot and give granny a “pain pill.”

Elections have consequences.  Ponder that the next time you visit with granny.


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  • Rasmussen had support for “repeal ObamaCare” at 63% yesterday… and all time high. When we all “get to find out what’s in it” I can’t imagine that number going south.

    So what will Obama say when 70% of voters want this pig repealed? I sure won’t be voting for anybody who isn’t dedicated to repeal after November… or at least de-funding until 2013, then 86 it for good.

    • We’re finding out much faster than I originally thought, and it’s been a pleasure to do a post about each and every time I find something.

      Obama won’t care if 90% of the people want it repealed. Public opinion, the Constitution, morality, are all irrelevant to him. We are the great unwashed that he must drag into the “progressive” utopia-kicking and screaming, if necessary.

  • Every time a read a quote from Rahm’s brother it gives me the chills. This is so disturbing! This is how we treat the elderly in this country now? We push them aside because they are no longer useful and cost too much?

    • One of the things that scares the hell out of me is that how many people fail to recognize that Emanuel, Sunstein, Holdren, and probably others are channeling Himmler and his T4 program. If you know history, you know what this is.

  • MK

    In the old soviet union, the commies used to view old folks as useless old parasites taking up much-needed resources. The liberals in the western world share such beliefs because their ideology promotes exactly that, neglecting the old in the hope they die off.

    • That seems to happen in most statist systems. The USSR, Nazi Germany, and now here.

  • Don

    I have had first hand experience with this problem that Matt writes about. Let me explain.

    What the majority of you here at CH2.0 don’t know is that I am disabled. I was born with Tetralogy of Fallot, a heart defect that in the not so distant past was considered terminal. My parents were told I would not live to be 15 yrs old, this August I will celebrate my 47th birthday.

    Because of my defect, I have had many ups and downs in life. For a great period of time in my early adult life, I was able to work and led a pretty normal (health wise) life. Since age 33, I have been disabled and unable to work full time, therefore Medicare is my primary health insurance.

    For the last few weeks, other than a few comments and a couple small posts here and at my blog, I have been all but absent. Part of the reason is that my CHF (congestive heart failure) has been worsening and I have been in treatment for it. Last Friday, I had to go to the ER for symptoms of CHF and despite blood work showing elevated cardiac enzymes which are only present when a person is in CHF, I was denied admittance to the hospital by Medicare. The ER doc was furious and he tried for several hours to find a way to admit me. Medicare stood resolute and refused his requests, even though in the past I have been admitted to the hospital with LOWER levels of those very same cardiac enzymes than I had last Friday. As I recently told a friend; death panels? No. But health care rationing is already upon us.

    I post all this personal information not for solicitation of sympathy or anything of the sort; but rather for background to what is going on in our country right now. To kind of put a face on the stories that are already cropping up and will continue to do so until we get this monstrosity repealed and can put this dark chapter of American History behind us.

    • Don, I had wrote this article several days ago, and wasn’t going to post it immediately. The source article quoted anecdotal evidence, and I wanted something more concrete. When you and I had exchanged emails about this, I felt I could post it with certainty (unfortunately, of course).

      You will have our prayers, and support my friend. Stay well until we can get this thing repealed, then, maybe you can get some more substantive treatment.

      Thanks for sharing this. I was not necessary to share so much of your personal life, but doing so puts a human face in this situation. It is happening, and we need to repeal this garbage ASAP!

      • Don

        Thank you for your prayers, Matt. I did go down to St. Louis to see my cardiologist and he is setting up some tests for me to find out what is going on with my CHF. He talked with me at length about my cardiac enzymes and why I wasn’t being admitted. Seems that Medicare is already wielding a heavy hand when it comes to rationing, and I am afraid this is just the tip of the iceberg. I will admit though, that he was reluctant to speak out about Medicare, but you could tell he was very frustrated by having his hands tied when it came to treatment of his patients. I predict that if Obamacare(less) is not repealed, then the U.S. stands to lose some good physicians.

  • Hopefully come November the Democrats will pay for this abomination.

    • It’s going to start killing people really soon, if it hasn’t already.

  • E-Z-Kill said it. Yet we’re loonies when we actually quote him.

    Belgium is having a problem with involuntary euthanasia btw, so it’s not hard to see where this will lead.

    • That’s what they do, Karen. They ridicule us so maybe people don’t read the quotes.

  • No one wants anyone to suffer so why create a system where everyone suffers? Ok. Almost everyone but not Comrade Obama.

    Get ’em Matt.

    • Ken, the “progressives” don’t care. Their rhetoric says one thing, their actions show another. Since the bill became law, they’re openly admitting that rationing will take place. People are going to die, but since the left sees no value in the individual, they don’t care.

      Thanks for your comment. I intend on going after the administration by pointing out every lie, broken promise, and negative consequence of this legislation.

  • I’ve always figured the goal was to weed out the weak young and aging sick and encourage more abortions, thereby creating some master Zombiecrat race. If Hitler had been this subtle, he’d be ruling the world today.

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