Freedom Flotilla Retroactive Redux


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Every so often, I like to juxtapose today’s reactions to yesterdays events.  It usually shows how the MSM has lost any sense of objectivity, or reality,  for that matter.   I was making my way through the internets today, and saw that someone else had the same idea.  (Click the image for the original source)

Sad but true, I’d have to say.

h/t: Happyacres

  • Is “Blame Israel for Everything” part of the United Nations Charter yet?

    • Methinks it’s in the fine print.

  • Unfortunately I think the New York Times would feature headlines like that it WWII were going on today.

    • Absolutely. They’d be on the Nazi’s side.

  • Just thinking out loud here, but does anyone know if George W. Bush and Israel are any relation? With the way they both get blamed for everything that goes wrong on this planet, I think they must be brothers.

    I know that was sarcastic, but this is getting a little old, hearing Israel is always the one at fault, instead of the Muslims who provoke them.

    • It was such a planned provocation. It’s transparent.

  • Well. I never. (And probably never will … but that’s beside the point). Apparently the New York Times has ALWAYS hated Jews.

    Hmmm. I’m just curious. How come so many Jews quote it as The Bible?

    • That does mystify me. Why do so many American Jews support liberalism, when it’s becoming more and more clear that modern liberals are anti-Semitic?

      I wonder if the SPLC will list the NY Times as a hate group?


  • The newspaper is so very true. How did we allow it to come to this?

    • Trestin, It came in waves. The libs were infiltrating everything during their “Long march through the institutions.” Then, when the hippies stopped protesting after the Vietnam war, everyone thought they went away. They didn’t. They were going into education, media, and every other institution, in order to change them. We’re seeing the results.

  • MK

    I think the one in the bottom right-hand corner is most telling – ‘American knee-jerk support of Jewish rebels irritates cultured europeans.’

    I must confess, i have a knee-jerk disdain for most of today’s ‘cultured’ people.

    Different year, same hate.

    • Mind you, the pic is a parody.

      “Cultured”= Elitist

  • North Korea can blow a ship out of the water killing over 40 people and nobody says anything about it. But Israel tried to protect herself from terrorists and she is condemned.

    I have been naive not to have realized that this kind of antisemitism exists in the United States! And here I thought the liberals/progressives claim to be pro-diversity.

  • Thanks for stopping by Kristin.

    I think that either the amount of antisemitism has increased, or the proponents are simply more bold in openly stating it.

    It’s the 1930’s all over again, and it’s going to be ugly.