President Obama Plays Politics While Americans Die


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The post title seems a tad bit dramatic, doesn’t it?  Read on, and you’ll see that perhaps it is not.

We all know that the POTUS is using the oil spill as a way to push for Cap and Trade legislation, which has been moribund since last year.  We have also theorized that his lack of action of the matter was intentional as well; to make the effects of the spill worse.  After all, you can’t let a perfectly good crisis go to waste, can you?

Well, that’s not the only legislative proposal that is subject to the President’s game playing tendencies.  According to Hot Air, via Cold Warrior, the POTUS allegedly told Senator Kyl that if he secured the border, the GOP wouldn’t be willing to consider “Comprehensive Immigration Reform,” read amnesty.  Here’s the video.  Kindly pay particular attention from the 3:00 mark onwards.

Americans are being killed by illegal aliens on a regular basis.  Parts of the US are now off limits to US citizens due to the danger posed by illegals. Yet, the POTUS is content to allow this, as long as, in the end, he reaches his political goal, which is 12,000,000 more Democratic voters.

Do you still think that the title of this post is overly dramatic?

It seems to me that the POTUS needs to kick some a** and plug more than one hole.

  • MK

    “It seems to me that the POTUS needs to kick some a** and plug more than one hole.”

    Mate, we’ll all be dead and gone by the time he does the right thing. It’s time Americans kick his ass out and plug his pie-hole, that’s the only way you have any hope of dealing with the problem of illegals.

    • I hear ya man. We’re working on it. Step one is November.

  • This guy is reprehensible. There’s simply no excuse for him. This, naturally, will be underplayed, won’t make the TV news, won’t make the NY Slimes, won’t be treated seriously by anyone but us RWEs. I feel sick just knowing we have to put up with him for another 2 and a half years.

    • I know what you mean about the ill part. We’ll survive though, at least, hopefully, most of us will.

  • I agree with Snarky on this one. This man is absolutely reprehensible and shameless. If I was Arizona no matter what happens I would tell the federal government to pound sand.

    • I think there needs to be something decisive with the 10th. There are a lot of suits out there right now. If these could be won, it would be a great development.

  • The White House is denying this, but there is no doubt in my mind that Barack Obama is capable of doing something like this. It is disgusting!

    • Yeah, this just reeks of politics. What upsets me is that people are dying.

  • Unfortunately neither party has done what is necessary because they want to get Hispanic votes.

    • True, but if Obama can get them amnesty, it’s game over.

  • Someone needs to plug our dear leader’s hole.

    • The one between his ears? Where a brain should be?

  • Its about the country with our fearless leader, its about him and his idea for American and his re-election! He wants the latino vote in 2012 and see victories in the western states as a path to re-election. He doesn’t give a damn if some Americans are killed by illegals. Remember Matt, this guy is a collectivist and has no use for individual rights and freedoms—-its the collective! And he will continue on this path until stopped by those of us who have his number!

  • With the kind of hard crime boldly moving across our borders, it can’t be explained away. He and his band of ugly Democrats want every Hispanic in the country to vote for them, and they don’t care that young women on both sides of the border are captured and sold, little girls and boys are sold in to sex rings. Murder is an afterthought.

    Sovereignty is not high on this Presidents list, even though his first sworn duty is to protect America.

    Excellent post!