Blog Focus: Negating the Electoral College and the Trolls that Love it


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Over the years, there has been some talk from the “progressives” about doing way with the Electoral College.  I remember folks in the Clinton Administration talking about it in the 90’s.  It came back again in 2000.  Lately, there are a number of states that have been passing laws to do just that.  I first heard about this at Kristen’s Mishmash.  Here is a quote from her original article on Bypassing the Electoral College

A bill is working its way through the Massachusetts state legislature that would bypass the electoral college and give all electoral votes to the candidate who won the national majority. Illinois, New Jersey, Hawaii, Maryland, and Washington already have this kind of legislation.

This is another way that Progressives are chipping away at the Constitution and the vision of our Founders. Our Founders believed that the people should not elect the president directly, so they set up the Electoral College whereby the people of a state would vote for an Elector who would have pledged to vote for a specific person for president.

Obviously, we are already a long way from this method (I can’t help but think of the 17th Amendment here, but that’s another story). These laws will further erode the Republic. A candidate who was not supported by the citizens of a state could easily win the state’s electoral vote.

There is a reason Progressives, Communists, Marxists and their ilk like to call the United States a Democracy, not a Republic. Our Founders warned about democracies. A democracy is the enslavement of the minority by the majority. Venezuela is a democracy.

Seems simple enough, however, there was a development that After Kristen’s first post, she was visited by a troll by the name of “toto.”  This person created a blogger profile this month, and suddenly spams Kristins comment section with talking points and links to sites that support this law.  She then did her second post.  Here is the comment that I left on that post…

Their reasoning is simple. Most of the population is concentrated on the coasts in blue states. By mass of numbers, they’ll carry most election. If you’re in “flyover country,” you might as well stay at home on Election Day. It won’t matter how you vote. The millions of libtards in the cities will render your vote irrelevant.

The Electoral College, much like the structure of the Congress, is set up to give less populous states a voice in elections. Do away with the college, and folks in, for example, the plains states will have no voice. It’s a perfect way to gain “progressive” dominance, and silence all of us “rednecks.”

At the time, I didn’t think much about seeing a troll.  We all see them from time to time.  I didn’t see “toto” as being worth the time, so I didn’t engage.

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Then, I did my daily visit with Steve at America’s Watchtower.  He was covering the Electoral College story as well.  Not only did “toto” arrive, but they also brought some friends.  They didn’t leave permalinks, and they all agreed with each other.  They also linked the same websites that were left at Kristen’s place.

Steve and Kristin do not link each other, so “toto” and friends (or sockpuppets), must be searching Google for anyone that is covering this, and spamming up the boards.  For me, this is actually the most interesting part of the story.  I know that the left wants to co-opt the electoral process.  That’s not at all a surprise.  When you consider that Holder will not enforce the parts of Motor Voter that force states to purge voter rolls of deceased, or otherwise ineligible to voters, and that the Dems have sought to control Secretaries of State all over the nation (they certify elections), we see that there is a pattern of electoral malfeasance.  Also consider the fact that ACORN added who knows how many fake voters to the rolls, and will again now that they split into dozens of smaller organizations with different names.  In the end, once you piece it all together, there is a pattern of interfering with the electoral process.  The elimination of the Electoral College can  simply be seen as another part of that overall effort.

We have also documented that the left will use trolls to attack, silence, spam, or otherwise disrupt Conservative sites and forums.  We also know that some are paid.  I have no idea if that is the case here, but who knows?  Maybe they’re doing some of Cass Sunstein’s “cognitive infiltration.”  No matter the cause or impetus, these same messages are being spammed extensively.  This is clearly an indication of a coordinated effort.

Here is a list of sites that have been spammed with the same “copypasta:”

The Baltimore Sun Forum

Stuck in Massachusetts

The Ten O’clock Scholar

Philadelphia Speaks


I could go on, but you get the point.  Someone really wants to support this destruction of our electoral system, and they are quite persistent in doing so.

To sum it up, let’s hear from Thomas Jefferson…

“A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.”

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  • Thanks for the link Matt! ANd thanks for the information also, I had no idea this was going on with the trolls. I know that the left wants to do away with the EC, they have for years now, so I thought this was a legitimate debate on my site.
    If they want to remove the electoral college it should be done through the proper channels, a consitutional amendment. These states are engaging in a conserted effort to stealthily change the political system.

    • I copy-pasta’d part of ‘toto’s” text into google. It’s come up on dozens of places.

  • Oh, by the way, it is kind of fun feeding the trolls once in a while! 🙂

    • It sure is! I do partake from time to time.

  • Yep, getting rid of the electoral college. That’ll work just fine. What could possibly go wrong?

    • Imagine that no matter where you go in the US, everything will look like Detroit.

  • The electoral College gives states power in elections that our founders agreed would be in America’s best interest. End of discussion. It must not change!

  • hey Matt..we are already in a Nanny state with the Obamas playing footsie with all our enemies and worrying about the heck we eat! Have an awesome day..another scorcher in NYC!..:)

    • Thanks Angel. Stay cool in NY!

  • More astroturf? Awesome.

    And we’re the fascists.

    • Ain’t it though?

      It doesn’t matter how opposed to fascism we are, we’re still fascists. Just ask any lefty!

  • This is very interesting Matt. A coordinated effort by the left to disrupt sites running stories they want buried. Could be a good radar as to what the leftists are trying to manipulate from the shadows.

    • I’ve been on that for over a year now. The left has gone as far as to pay folks to invade and disrupt sites.

  • You know what to do with a troll right? Stick a pencil up his A$$ and give hime a spin. 🙂

    Great catch Matt… Every day I’m amazed by the Liberal/Progressive actions.

    • The cool thing is that they are being increasingly exposed. Very bad for them. Great fodder for us.

  • How sad is it that leftards sometimes have to be PAID to troll?

    • That was attributed to Obama during the campaign, particularly in the primaries. They were supposedly very effective in disrupting support for Clinton.

  • They can’t win legitimately, so the ends justify the means.

    • It’s pure Alinsky. Power for powers sake, as long as you get it, and keep it.

  • Detroit is in ruins because of big government policies. What a horrifying thought — many Detroits across America. Oh! NO!

    Thanks for the great info and the troll alert.

    • Yeah, Detroit is the greatest (?) example of the final result of liberal policies.

      Thank you Teresa.

  • The EC is good because it provides for stability (no governing coalitions allowed!) however it also really limits us to two parties which try and campaign as being the same so as to win. Many on both sides want to do away with it however I think despite its flaws, it does give the little states a voice they need. Unfortunately, when a state, like CA or NY, always votes one way it does silence the opposition in those states from having their voices heard. When was the last time you heard about a Republican spending any time in Kalifornia?

    • That is the predictable goal. The big states tend to be blue states. For “flyover country,” they might as well stay home. That, too, is the intent.

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