Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Wrap-up


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Just as with the 9-12 protest last year, Glenn Beck has had a controversial event. It seems that the rally went off without a hitch, and there were no reports of arrests, hate crimes, or any other problems.  Of course, that won’t stop the left from inventing some over the next weeks or so.

I was unable to watch the event in full, due to some family commitments.  However, I did catch some of the live stream, as well as the coverage on CSPAN.  All in all, I caught about 45 minutes of it, and I must say, it was inspiring.  I do wish I had caught Dr. Alveda King’s speech, here is an excerpt form YouTube.

As it was with last year, there is already controversy over the numbers in attendance.

Here are some pics, and some of Beck’s comments,  via Weasel Zippers.

UPDATE: This is what Beck had to say about attendance (at the very beginning of the rally):

CNN – “I have just gotten word from the media that there are over 1,000 people here today,” Beck said sarcastically.

“We are humbled that you are here,” he said. “The reflecting pool holds about 200,000 people. This field back here holds about 250- to 300,000 people. They are not only full here, they’re full in that field, they’re full behind me, and they are now across the street approaching the Washington Monument.”

Looking at the pictures, it’s fair to estimate that there were over 500,000 people at the rally.

However, the MSM isn’t quite reporting the truth, as that has proven to be elusive to them. Here’s a report from the NY Times…

WASHINGTON — Tens of thousands of people rallied at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday, summoned by Glenn Beck, a conservative broadcaster who called for a religious rebirth in America at the site where the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his famous “I Have a Dream” speech 47 years ago to the day. (Emphasis mine)

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As for the other rally today, held be Rev. Al Sharpton, attendance was much lower.  While precise numbers are not available, Gateway Pundit has some coverage.

2,000 – 3,000 turned out at Al’s counter freedom rally.
From the
The Washington Post.

“Let the line stretch. They already going to say there were only 2,000 or 3,000 of you here,” Sharpton said. “If people start heckling smile at them. This aint about you, it’s about Dr. King.”

The media is not airing any crowd shots at this time.

Jaime Contreras, local SEIU president added this:

“Shame on them. We still have a dream. We are here to let those folks on the Mall know that they don’t represent the dream. They sure as hell don’t represent me. They represent hate-mongering and angry white people. The happy white people are here today. We will not let them stand in the way of the change we voted for!

Folks, what you are hearing is the sound of thousands of liberal heads exploding.  Beck, yet again, has had an enormous rally.  There were no arrests, no incidents of racism, nothing that the MSM can use against him (other than what they take out of context or invent).  Again, he has confounded the left by refusing to fit their narrative.  They have no idea what to do about him.  Smears don’t stick.  Ridicule only makes him stronger.  They haven’t a clue as to how to respond, other than to continue insulting him, and us.  Given their ratings, or lack thereof, we know how that is working out for them.

You might think that Beck is a nut.  He might be.  However, if he is a nut, he’s one of the smartest nuts we have.  Beck has looked at our history, both of the nation, and the civil rights movement, and he has recognized a means to revolutionize the population.  He is right about the “black robe brigade.”  The clergy had a massive role in the transmission of the ideas of individual liberty, in a sense, preparing the population for the Revolution, and the Constitution that followed.    These ideas are rooted in Christianity-that our rights descend from God, and are not granted by man.  Don’t get me wrong; I am in no way questioning Beck’s faith, or that he’s doing this as a political stunt.  This is real, in my opinion.

The more I think about this, the more I think that this is the start of something incredible.  If you watched Beck’s Friday show, there are tens of thousands of clergy, of all races, ready to sign on to this idea of restoring honor.  Additionally, they are begging the IRS to take their tax-exempt status.  They have hundreds that are reporting themselves for political speech, so they can sue the IRS, and win.  It is a revolt of sorts, and I don’t think the left will win it.  They have been doing it for several years, and IRS won’t bite on it.  The general interpretation is that they know that the’ll lose, so they leave the churches alone.

Here’s the rub for the left.  Beck and the clergy are going to go out and spread the ideas of individual freedom far and wide.  It can’t be stopped. The government can take Churches, and the ideas will be preached in the streets, and in home churches.  They are going to teach their children, both their own, and others.  They will be immune to the left’s propaganda machine.  The left’s rotting and corrupt institutions will not contain this, nor can they turn it back.  Essentially, you cannot kill an idea.   In the end, the people that hold these ideas simply will NOT OBEY a socialist government.

Socialism, “progressivism,” fascism, no matter what you call it, are jealous systems.  They are so control oriented, that they cannot tolerate true diversity of ideas.  They fail miserably when their lies, and the results of their policies, are exposed to the light of day.  So, they try to control information, schools, and threaten/discredit those who dissent.  We see all of this happening now.  They have to control and indoctrinate everyone, or they fail.  They have to “convert” or silence everyone-we do not.  They also have to either ban, or co-opt religion, as they cannot even tolerate the people having any source of power higher than the state.  If the people believe that their rights descend from God, and not from the state, they aren’t going to go along with those rights being limited.  They are going to resist the nanny state.  They are not going to accept the elites at their word.  Our adversaries, therefore, have spent the last few decades trying, via Cultural Marxism, trying to eliminate or distort the meaning of our religions and of our Republic.

Much of that is about to be undone.

I’ve said before that the United States is more than a geographical area.  It is really a set of ideas.  Inalienable rights, limited government, freedom of speech, the right to keep and bear arms, state’s rights, and all the others, are unique in world history, as these ideas are, in actual practice, designed to prevent tyranny.  Throughout history most of humanity has lived in some state of slavery or anther.  The ideas of the founders changed that.  A purposely limited government cannot control the people, so the left has been trying as hard as they might to negate or stifle those ideas.  Using media, education, and the legal system they have been successful in growing the powers of the state.  However, Beck’s event has the potential to undo all of that.  More and more people are rediscovering the ideas that are the backbone of our Republic.  As that occurs, the statists among us are going to be dismayed when these participants in this new enlightenment simply disregard them.

Maybe I’m jumping the gun here.  Maybe I’m right.  No matter what, this event is the start of something.  It takes the war of ideas to an all new level.  I’ve compared our current fight with the left with WWII.  Obama’s election was Pearl Harbor.  That was followed by a period of negativity and darkness, when victory was was in doubt.  Then, came Midway-a decisive victory  that turned the tide, even though there was much hard fighting ahead.  I had originally thought that Midway was going to come in November.  I see now that it just might have happened today.

I’ll call it now.  The left is done.  They are a dying beast.  They will flail about with their remaining strength, but they will be defeated.  As more and more people come back to ideas of the founders, the left will simply be unable to stop them.  The left will do more damage, and engage in more Cloward-Piven, but you can’t kill an idea, and if we are indeed on God’s side, we cannot be defeated.

  • Beck should have invited you to read that aloud before the crowd. It’s that good.

  • Thanks man, that is humbling. I always get nervous when I write something like this. I like to push it sometimes. I’m glad you liked it.

  • Great job Matt, thanks for the pics and information. I don’t know where the hell you get the time. Keep those pics around, I’m sure that the Liberal media will be photoshoping some of them.

    • I was writing this post on and off all day. I was busy with family, so it took a while. Thanks for the kind words, and the pics are saved here, and on a USB.

  • I am sure the mainstream media will come up with something to try to discredit Glenn Beck, the rally, and the movement itself. They are starting with the numbers, but they are wasting their time. Any idiot can see from the photos that there is more than just “tens of thousands” of people on the grounds of the National Mall.

    These are powerful words, Matt. Wonderful, wonderful post. Tell your family we appreciate them letting you have the time to finish it, as it really is that good.

    • Thanks for the kind words Larry. I does mean a lot. I hope I’m right, and the left is toast.

      I just wrote the post when the family was doing other things, and I finished after they went to bed.

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  • Great post Matt! I haven’t had a chance to see much of the wrap up yet, but I have seen someof it. It sounds as if this was a great, controversy free event but we know the media will do whatever it takes to try to discredit it. The fact that Alveda King chose to speak at this rally and not Al Sharpton’s rally really says something about how the civil rights movement has been hijacked by Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and the other race baiting hustlers.
    This could be the start of something great, I find it hard to believe that that many people could attend this if there wasn’t a huge enthusiasm to get to the polls in November. For every person that attended how many were there that wanted to but couldn’t?

    • I was watching the live feed for a while, and there were over 100,000 people on. I can only imagine what CSPAN’s numbers were for the time frame.

      Much of the MSM either ignored Alveda King, or downplayed it. Doesn’t fit the narrative.

      Thanks for the kind words Steve. I had to drag this out kicking and screaming.

  • Wise words and strong sentiments, Matt. That was really good work there.

    After reading that, I’m more than ready for November.

    • I am ready to go and vote too. The more I thought of this, the more I realized what Beck is doing. It’s brilliant.

  • I am in the process of watching the entire rally again, via C-Span and I just noticed something I didn’t see before. If you will look at the closeups of Beck, you will see he appears to be wearing a bulletproof vest under his shirt. I could be wrong, but I am around a lot of police officers in my line of work and I know what the outline of a vest looks like. I am fairly certain Beck has one one.

    • I hadn’t noticed it, but I’ll check it out again and see. Nice catch.

      • Yesterday, Beck confirmed that he was wearing a vest. He said his wife asked him to.

  • Matt what can I say; the masterful way you captured the essence of this event spot-on. I applaud you sir and I am honored to call you my friend. Thank you.

    • Sheesh John, talk like that will give me a big head. Thanks! And I am honored to have you as a friend.

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  • What I found odd about the event was a couple of things:

    First: Al said the date was holy or something. It was the date of the rally that bothered him. IF that’s the case, why was the mall even available for Glenn Beck on that date? Shouldn’t that important date have been sealed already for Al and his goons?

    Second: At Becks rally, the spoke for 200 minutes, never mentioning Al Sharpton or Any of the other counter protesters…Every speech made at Al’s shindig (Except for the edu sec) made reference to Beck.

    Third and final: Becks rally was about faith, hope, honor, charity and returning to GOD as a nation.

    What do you have to be FOR to be against those things?

    This rally was clearly a direct nuclear hit on the progressive mindset. And the fact that they had no signs to pick out and photoshop, and no lefty plant in the audience to show as the “Real” tea party made this a perfect rally.

    • Well said Robert. They really are reaching to smear Beck here, and it will only erode what little is left of their credibility.

      They’re also starting to smear Dr. King’s niece. It’s gutter tactics, and I think it will backfire.

  • MK

    I hope you’re right about what Glen Beck is going to achieve, America desperately needs it. When he’s done, can we have him? We need him just as much.

    • I think you guys need someone homegrown. Otherwise, I think we’d love to share him, but we need him here.

  • Matt, I agree – Beck should have had you on his agenda. I think Beck is the real deal, and a true follower of Christ. I don’t agree with everything he says, but I do agree with most of it. He’s over the top sometimes, gets real annoying, but when he gets into his subject he is brilliant.

    Beck believes he was put in this time and place for a purpose and I believe it also. He talks about honor, and then introduces us to books to books and authors we would have never unearthed by ourselves.

    I also believe that this is the start of something incredible. The problem will be when we MUST continue to talk about the constitutionality of every piece of legislation. It will not be easy.

    You should be very proud of this essay Matt.

    • Thanks Maggie. I wanted to do this post all of that day, and I kept on being delayed. I’m glad I was. It gave me the time to really think about the implications of what happened. It might be the start of a second Great Awakening.

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  • However, if he is a nut, he’s one of the smartest nuts we have. ..true MATT..excellent overview and pics my friend..God bless!:)

    • God Bless you as well Angel. Thanks!

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  • Blowd

    You beck followers are nuts. If you want to live in a “nation that turns to god” there’s plenty in the middle east to choose from.
    This sort of nonsense discredits rational, intelligent conservatives.