It’s Time to Discuss Voter Fraud


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It’s not lost on anyone that the upcoming midterms are perhaps the most important in the history of this nation.  Given that level of importance, it is definitely time to discuss voter fraud.  It’s been said that, in certain parts of the US, that a GOP candidate being up one or two points will lose due to voter fraud.

Why would folks say that?  Well, the evidence is voluminous.  For example, we know that members of ACORN were convicted of voter registration fraud.  We know that Al Franken won with the felon vote.  The list can go on and on.  However, this development seals the deal for me.  For background on what AG Holder is up to (or not up to), take a look at this from Pajamas Media.

Motor Voter struck an important balance — it sought to increase voter registration, as well as ensure voter integrity. Welfare offices and motor vehicle offices became voter registration centers. But the law also required states to conduct list maintenance to ensure ineligible names don’t pollute the voting rolls. Dead people, ineligible felons, and people who moved away must be removed from the rolls by state election officials.

The attorney general was given the power to enforce both provisions of Motor Voter, yet Eric Holder is only interested in enforcing one. This attorney general simply won’t do his job and enforce the list integrity requirements.

The decision of the Holder DOJ to ignore the integrity provisions of Section 8 is deliberate and corrupt. In November 2009, political appointee Julie Fernandes told the entire assembled DOJ Voting Section that the Obama administration would not enforce the list maintenance provisions of Section 8. Section 8 “doesn’t have anything to do with increasing minority turnout,” Fernandes said. “We don’t have any interest in enforcing that part of the law.” End of story.

So, liberal groups register thousands of invalid voters all over the country, and the DOJ refuses to enforce the rules that state that ineligible voters be removed from the rolls.

The results?

Every two years, states must report to the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) information about their voter rolls. The latest report is troubling. South Dakota, Texas, Mississippi, Kentucky and Indiana report in excess of a dozen counties with more registered voters than living people old enough to vote. Having more voters than living humans tells you something is wrong. In West Virginia, one county reported 113% of the voting age population was registered to vote. Baltimore, Maryland, reported 104% of voting age citizens on the rolls. Iowa and North Carolina also reported counties with more voters than living citizens of voting age.

So, we have more voters than eligible people?  How very interesting.  There’s no chance of fraud with that, is there?

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Then, we have the Soros funded Secretary of State project. Since Secretaries of State certify election results, having “progressives” in those positions would go far in terms of covering up the fact that Mickey Mouse voted for the Democrat 3500 times, wouldn’t it?

Did I mention that the Secretary of State Project also has received money from ACORN?

Each of these factors, individually, is fishy.  But, as usual, when you look at them all together, a plan emerges.  It would seem that they are covering all the bases.  They have the registrations being faked.  They are refusing to remove invalid voters, and they are putting sympathetic people in place to rule in their favor no matter what fraud is perpetrated.

Then, on top of all this, is  the fact that the Democrats will accuse the GOP of voter suppression.  They do it in almost every election.  In other words, the GOP might try to prevent unregistered people from voting, or might they find some absentee ballots submitted by Donald Duck and Buzz Lightyear.  The result? Cover up the fraud by attacking the messenger.  Then again, it has nothing to do with what the Republicans actually do.  The Democrats throw that out at every election to take the focus off of what they are doing.  It’s the classic, “accuse your enemy of doing what you are doing.”

This past January, I had hypothesized about how the Democrats might try to use fraud to prevent the election of Scott Brown. I had also recommended a plan of action.  At the time, I had made my suggestion too late to be of use for that election.  However, there are several weeks before the midterms so there is time to coordinate an effort.

We know that the dead will vote. Democrat allied organizations might fill up buses or vans and take voters from polling place to polling place, and fake absentee ballots will arrive in a flood.  All of these activities have been documented in the past.  The problem is that there has been little documented evidence, or no will to pursue said evidence.   I think technology now allows us to change both.

So, I started thinking about how to prevent and/or expose those.  The dead are dead, and those voting in their name aren’t really going to be easily identifiable, so that’s kind of out.  Fake absentee ballots, unless a poll worker is able to expose them, are out of our reach.  That leaves us with being able to address people being transported from place to place.  We’ve all heard about it before; groups being picked up by the Dems or an allied group, and being driven from polling place to polling place, voting at each.

Here’s my idea:

  • Patriots can volunteer to watch polling places.  The local Tea Party group can coordinate these efforts.  Folks can go in shifts.
  • Each volunteer should have a fully charged cell phone, a digital camera (preferably a video camera).  Take extra batteries, discs, memory…whatever will be needed to monitor the polling place for several hours.
  • Watch for vehicles carrying multiple people that enter the polling place.  If possible, take pics or video of the people, noting clothing, or anything that make the people stand out.  If possible, get the license plate of the vehicle.
  • Stay at a distance that allows you to get clear images, but not so close that you are too obvious.  Remember that the SEIU and other groups might have people there too.  They will attempt to interfere if they notice you.  For extra coverage, a second person at a different angle might have opportunities to get pictures.  If you take a second person.  Do not communicate, and do not arrive together.  Communicate by cell, and be at a distance from each other.
  • If you see something suspicious, take your pictures or video, and contact the others.  Then, they can track if the same vehicle or voters arrive at other polling places.  DO NOT INTERVENE!!!  We mean to catch them in the act, and expose it to the world.  If you approach a group of “voters,” you will be accused of voter intimidation.  Hell, they might beat you half to death, and accuse you of voter intimidation.  Always remember that they are reality optional, and their ends always justify their means.  Don’t give them anything to lie about.  The left and their media lap dogs will pick up on it, and it will take the focus off the fact that they were (possibly) committing voter fraud.
  • Of course, record any incidents of any side attempting to intimidate or harass voters.
  • Do NOT report any suspicious activity to the authorities until you have uploaded AND distributed your images or video.  We definitely can’t trust federal authorities.  State and local authorities are iffy at best. When you get home, or if you have a wi-fi connection on site,  send the images to as many people as you can.  Do the same with video.  Have people get any video evidence up on YouTube.  Download and save the videos if you are able.  That way, they can be uploaded again if anyone tries to “scrub” them.

What does everyone think?  Is this doable, or is there something else folks can do?  Suggestions are welcome.  Also, if you think these ideas have merit, spread them around.

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  • This sounds like a good plan, Matt. We do need to be prepared to document what happens in the upcoming elections.

    On a somewhat similar note, you have reminded me of one of the State Questions on our ballot in November. If passed, it will require all Oklahoma voters to show proof of identification when voting. It sounds simple enough, but there are some who are against it, because they say there is no real evidence of voter fraud. It’s kind of odd, actually, because I always show ID when I vote, unless one of the poll workers is someone I have known all my life and they know me by sight. It just seems like the right thing to do.

    • They will do anything to protect their ability to commit fraud. They will call the law you discuss at your site voter intimidation, or repression, or discrimination.

  • Doomed

    There is little doubt that Al Franken is an illegitimate senator from the state in which he was spawned.

    I knew instantly that the Democratic party was fubar when the democrats elected a former standup comedian to represent them in congress.

    Now their are many LIBERALS who are breaking ranks with the Democratic party and standing against the Progressive mantra that Americans hate the rich.

    I have said it over and over and people seem to ignore me but Let me repeat it.

    There are liberals and there are Progressives. Progressives might be liberals with rare exceptions but there are millions of liberals that are NOT progressives. Right now the party is in turmoil as Liberals and Progressives fight for the soul of the party.

    We can only hope that the progressives win because when they do we will see the ranks of the GOP swell as fiscal and socially conservative liberals flee their party and join ranks with the GOP.

    Much as what happened with the Reagan democrats in the 80’s AFTER another Progressive served 4 years in office.

  • Doomed, I’m not sure on this one. I’m not seeing a tremendous difference between liberals and “progressives.” Progressivism seeks to acheive liberal goals through massive government intervention. Liberalism, as it is now, has nothing to do with being liberal. It’s about control to achieve “fairness and equality,” which have, in reality, nothing to do with fairness and equality.

    There may be some more conservative Dems out there, but as I see it, the Reagan Democrats are a dying,if not extinct breed.

  • The Dead are an important voting block.

    Wait, you mean the literal dead, not the Grateful Dead (though nowadays there are more often than not the same thing.)

    Same old same old for the Democrats I see. “Bring out your dead” as the saying goes.

  • I would submit that if you examined brain wave patterns, there would be little difference between the actual and Grateful varieties.

  • MK

    I like the idea of how to catch them, but damn it’s like you’re living in some sort of communist police state. Who was it that said, it’s not the people to vote that count but the people who count the votes.

    • Very true MK. That’s why I think any effort has to be to expose it. We can’t trust the administration, or most state governments to enforce anything at this point. So, the idea is to not intervene, but to document and expose.

      There have been anecdotal reports about people being bused from poll to poll for many years now. With all of the technology available, we should be able to document it. Just don’t turn it over to the authorities until after it’s been spread around. It only takes on “progressive” official to make sure that the evidence disappears.

  • You know Matt as I read your post I found myself grinding my teeth. This is so evil. I know it has been going on for years, but for soulless progressives, they believe the ends justify the means so they simply don’t care. They claim to be champions of democracy but subvert at every turn. I like your plan. I will find time in my day to stand watch…especially with Pomeroy up here in ND. He knows all the dirty tricks.

    • I know what you mean. I had to hold back to not be too “ranty.” What I really hope for is that people can expose this in at least one case. That will open up the floodgates, I think.