British Unions Promise Massive Disruption: Could it Happen Here too?


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Here’s a hypothetical situation…

After retaking the Congress in 2010, the GOP stalled the Obama Agenda, saving the nation from economic collapse.  In 2012, Obama follows Jimmy Carter onto the ash-heap of failed Presidents.  With a Conservative controlled Congress and White House, the new administration begins to make the hard cuts to reverse the damage caused by Obama, Pelosi, and Reid.

As the agenda of tax cuts for everyone, cuts to unconstitutional programs that do not work, and the complete repeal and replacement of ObamaCare works its way through Congress, a small portion of the population decided to stop it.  The SEIU, Organizing for America, Move on, Think Progress, and a host of other leftist groups stated their intent to shut down the country in the GOP passes it’s agenda-the will of the people be damned.

Could that happen here?  While I think most of us think that it could, it is already being planned in the UK.

Unions last night warned they were joining forces for a series of co-ordinated strikes that will bring Britain to a juddering halt.

By working together for maximum impact, they said the country would be crippled by strikes, civil disobedience and other forms of peaceful protest against Government cuts.

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Two union giants – the Public and Commercial Services Union and Unison, with a combined membership of 1.7million – will this week sign a deal to co-ordinate the action.

And Mark Serwotka, general secretary of the PCS, has written to other union bosses urging them to join.

He said he had received ‘very positive’ feedback so far and warned of ‘a campaign of resistance the likes of which we will not have seen in this country for decades’.

Plans include anything from holding sit-down protests on motorways to massive strikes against job cuts, pay freezes and changes to pensions.

Ladies in gentlemen, this is the left.  If they are in power, they will ram what they want down your throat, and dissent is equated with hate.  Then, when they are out of power, they will make threats and try to intimidate people into not limiting their power.  Dissent magically becomes acceptable again.  In other words, if you don’t do what they want, it’s tantrum time.

Might they cause a crisis to prevent passage of a Conservative agenda?  Yes they can!

  • Yup… I still have the image of the New BLack Panthers standing in front of polls with weapons.

    You bet it could happen here. And now they know they won’t be prosecuted.

    • With Holder basically doing a “hands off” of leftists, it will be to us to report anything.

      Thanks for the comment, Karen.

  • The leftists are nothing more than thugs. Pure and simple. When they have power we have seen what they will do. They will do whatever it takes to get their agenda passed and it doesn’t matter if the people are with them or not, they are going to do it anyway.
    They believe it is their birthright to be in power, so when they are out of power they feel that they can do whatever it takes to get back in power–if that means intimidation, so be it! They just can’t believe that not everone agrees with them but they honestly feel that once their agenda is implemented people will come around and see how brilliant they are.

    • I think those shenanigans will backfire on them. I don’t know that the folks will take very much in terms of thug tactics.

  • Doomed

    My Nephews wife is a pretty high up honcho for Blue Cross, Blue Shield.

    We had a family BBQ the other day and she was saying that Blue Cross, Blue Shield is freezing hiring. They are looking at ways of cutting costs and she believes as do many of the execs she hangs with that she will be out of a job within the next 2 years as the full weight of Obama Care begins phasing into place. She is convinced the Her company will be one of the first to fold.

    She literally is afraid for her career and is actively looking for another job. Unfortunately its in a market that NO ONE IS HIRING.

    She says the health care field and insurance industry is a train wreck right now.

    My mothers doctor has a huge sign up saying he will see NO NEW MEDICARE PATIENTS. I asked him why the other day. He said simply the Obama health care is forcing him out of business.

    Another one of my doctors who is a specialist told me that nearly every friend he has is a specialist doctor of some sort and they are all in their mid 50’s. He said every one of them has claimed they will retire rather then fight the government for the right to practice their specialty.

    He is a heart surgeon. He said his fee for bypass surgery will drop from roughly 50,000 per surgery to 10,000, and in the mean time his insurance against malpractice will escalate to double what it is now.

    He said he has no choice but to retire himself in another couple years.

    The Progressives LEGISLATED their crap into law. Now they will REGULATE universal health care on America.

    It is their way.

    • Exactly. I know people in that business too. There’s a ton of uncertainty out there.

  • Brian

    LOL – I love your hypothetical where the GOP suddenly becomes Conservative, whatever that means these days, and saves the country from the financial collapse they helped to bring about.

    But, yes the Democrats I can see the Dems doing something like this because they are basically spoiled children and spoiled children throw temper tantrums.

    • Lol, it is a hypothetical story! 😀

      If successful, it would take YEARS to get all the RINOS out, if it’s even possible.

  • yep. Sometimes I want to hide under a rock. Can’t be any worse than living with the liberals here in Manhattan.

    • Are you Patrick from Spongebob?

  • The American Left would certainly try similar things. But I think the backlash against them would be so immediate and so severe that they’d give up after a very short time.

    At which point they’d revert to more cowardly things putting biohazard stickers on bags of sugar and mailing them to congressman.

    • Yup, they’d lose support in a hurry. They’d only be successful where they can outnumber normal people by 10-1.

      As for cowardly, you nailed it. If they can’t dominate 10-1, they’re humble bumbles.

  • I don’t think so the unions are not strong enough not to mention what Reagan did to the striking air traffic controllers in the 80s.

    Sorry for not commenting I was on vacation!

    • You’re probably be right. Of course, Reagan had the balls to do it. There aren’t a whole lot of people like that anymore. I also wonder if they blocked businesses, or kept an ambulance from getting to a dying person, could they be sued?

  • Doomed

    I would reply to Brian.

    I understand his angst over the GOP. This shows once again how people are not really understanding the tea party movement and just what exactly its effect is having upon the GOP.

    The time for mindless spending is over. The time to return to fiscal sanity is upon us.

    And seriously if this years crop do not get it then in 2 more years the tea party will be out weeding out more fiscal liberals until the party of the GOP has its head on straight.

    Most of us agree that the GOP lost its frickin mind from 2002-2007 with a president that never met a spending bill he didn’t like.

    • “Most of us agree that the GOP lost its frickin mind from 2002-2007 with a president that never met a spending bill he didn’t like.”

      There was a TON of third party talk during the last couple years of Bush/Cheny. People were thoroughly disgusted with the stench coming off the GOP. When folks asked me in 06 what I thought about the GOP losing Congress, I told then that the GOP deserved it. And they did.

  • I think your hypothetical story may not be so hypothetical. We have heard so much talk from the liberals about them doing what is right for the American people. Class warfare, at it’s finest, is what we are seeing right now and if they get the idea they can cause a ruckus and stop the conservative agenda from being enacted, you bet they will try it. Funny thing is, this is the very thing they have been accusing conservatives of.

    • Accusing us of what they do is standard operating procedure.

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  • MK

    The same thing happened in Australia in our past, back then strong leadership and the people being sick and tired of these assholes broke the power of the unions.

    Britain has no such leadership and its people are largely cowed and too weak to tell these scumbags to eff off. It’ll be interesting to watch as they trash their own country, perhaps we can learn from them.

    • I hope both of our nations do. Thanks for that comment. It’s sobering, but necessary.