Propagasm: An Example of Pure, Concentrated, Progressive Propaganda


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We’ve all seen Democratic/”Progressive” talking points before.  By COMPLETE COINCIDENCE, politicians, the MSM, pundits, and other hacks, all start simultaneously beating up a Conservative or group.  We know of the the Alinsky-derived purpose for them-to smear a target so what the target actually stands for can be ignored or distorted.  We’ve been called racists, terrorists, hatemongers, liars, and so forth.  We’re used to it, and it’s even backfiring (just take a look at MSNBC’s ratings).

However, in my rounds about the internets today, I saw propaganda so concentrated, and so intense, that it required a paradigm shift to understand it.  Therefore, I have created a new term to describe the phenomena…”Propagasm.”

Behold this propagasm, courtesy of Glenn Greenwald, at Salon.

The “tea party” movement is, in my view, a mirror image of the Republican Party generally.  There are some diverse, heterodox factions which compose a small, inconsequential minority of it (various libertarian, independent, and Reagan Democrat types), but it is dominated — in terms of leadership, ideology, and the vast majority of adherents — by the same set of beliefs which have long shaped the American Right:  Reagan-era domestic policies, blinding American exceptionalism and nativism, fetishizing American wars, total disregard for civil liberties, social and religious conservatism, hatred of the minority-Enemy du Jour (currently: Muslims), allegiance to self-interested demagogic leaders, hidden exploitation by corporatist masters, and divisive cultural tribalism. Other than the fact that (1) it is driven (at least in part) by genuine citizen passion and engagement, and (2) represents a justifiable rebellion against the Washington and GOP establishments, I see little good in it and much potential for bad.  To me, it’s little more than the same extremely discredited faction which drove the country into the ground for the last decade, merely re-branded under a new name. (Emphasis added).

I think the dude smoked a cigarette after writing that.  At any rate, he’s definitely making sure that too much blood doesn’t get into his Kool-Aid system.

They’re going to pile on with more and more propagasms before November.  That can’t run on issues, as they have all failed.  They have nothing left but Alinsky.  If they have nothing real to report?  Don’t worry, they’ll make it up as they go along!

  • They still do not get it do they? They just can’t believe that we have honest opinions about the direction of this country that are not race based. They want so deperately for us to fail that they continue to make stuff up but the vast majority of Americans realize that we are for real. And we will be heard from in November! And yes, I think that man needed a cigarette after writing that also!

    • Their narrative, or conditioning do not permit them to observe reality. They stick to the narrative no matter what actually happens.

  • Doomed

    Along the same vein:

    Some excerpts from a Progressive on a website I was commenting on.

    “””Republican American “conservatism” is no different from a cult. The authoritarian leaders have indoctrinated their followers just as thoroughly as Moonies. It is a fearful, paranoid, and hateful stew of pseudo-Christian religious exclusivity, racism, reverence of wealth, and militarism.”””

    “””This must be a great time for criminals and traitors like yourself. We final have an atmosphere where the public is encouraged to speak out against the US Constitution and the Rule of Law.”””

    “”“Defining the terms wins the debate.” No, it nullifies debate when terms are unilaterally defined. Real debate can only proceed when terms are mututally agreed upon in advance. But that means nothing to fascists who think being the loudest “wins” a debate.”””

    and the coup de gra.

    “””It’s not enough for the Reich Wingers to feed into class and ideological warfare, they want to provoke a race war as well.”””

    I would ask philosophically. Who are the Radicals? The tea Party or Progressives???

    • Very good point Doomed. I don’t know why you comment with them. It seems that no amount of logic will get to them.

  • They don’t understand the tea party movement so they fall back to the same old stale tactic. They use emotionally charged words and rhetoric to stir up the emotions of the ignorant.

    • It just doesn’t work anymore.

  • It gets really seeing the Tea Party accused of the same old things all the time. I have seen many such comments, all across the Internet. Some of them go do far as to say they are ignorant and easily stirred up.

    • It’s all they have Larry. They can’t win on facts. Reality itself is against then. Alinsky is their only weapon.

      It’s a good sign, really. There is no way for them to match or defeat them, so they resort to childish insults.

      Then again, leftists are childish as it is.