Useful Idiot of the Month Poll: September 2010


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Here are your candidates for Useful Idiot of the Month for September.

Karl Rove: For providing aid and comfort to the enemy.  Exposing yourself as an establishment stooge doesn’t go over well anymore, does it Karl?

Harry Reid: The Dream Act was in yours!

Kathleen Sebelius: Can’t have those companies blowing the cover off of ObamaCare, can we?

Rep. Debbie Halvorson: At least we know who really are using Nazi symbols at rallies!

Bill Maher: Because he exists.

“Mad Men” star Jon Hamm: The good king shows us this…

The latest episode of ‘Real Time With Bill Maher’ (Fri., 10PM ET on HBO) dealt with the important topic of the Tea Party. And host Bill Maher started off with this question: “Anybody think this Tea Party is racist?” Guest Jon Hamm agreed that he thinks the party is a racist movement.

Barak Obama: Because he just…can’t…mention…you…know…who…

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Editor’s Picks: Because I can.


Lisa Murkowski: WAAAAAAAA! (Write in candidate)

Well folks there you have it.  The poll is set up for “one man, one vote.”  If you like ACORN, and want to vote multiple times, go for it.  Just don’t expect me to pay you for it.  😀

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  • Don

    After thinking it over, I voted for Tokyo Rove – even though I suggested Obama for butchering the Declaration of Independence.

    Seems, Rove met with Tea Party people in Delaware last year, urging them to get behind Mike Castle. They respectfully told him that they would do what they wanted to do, and back who they wanted to back. In my opinion, Mr. Rove got his feelings hurt because the Delaware Tea Party people would not bow to his wishes. Therefore, he is on a revenge path and by his behavior, it would seem that he is trying to make sure that Christine O’Donnell is not “electable.” That way he can then say that he was right all along.

    He attacks her about her “dabbling in witchcraft.”

    Hillary Clinton held seances WHILE in the capacity of First Lady – Christine O’Donnell was curious about witchcraft when she was 17 years old.

    He says she had trouble paying back her student loans. Yet in his latest book, Courage and Consequence: My Life as a Conservative in the Fight he admits that he left the Bush administration early because he was having money troubles due to the Federal Investigation into the Valarie Plame case.

    I could go down the list of each “problem” Rove has with O’Donnell and show that his concerns are not really concerns. They are simply the tools he is trying to use to make her lose the election. In other words, a means to an end.

    I have lost a lot of respect for Rove on this matter.

    Here is a video of a Delaware Tea Party official explaining why Rove is upset with O’Donnell.

    • I had been suspicious of Rove for years. Then, when I saw him on Fox, my view was changing. After this, I will never trust the man again. End of story.

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  • I had a hard time choosing between Karl Rove and Harry Reid. In the end I went with Reid because Rove is just an analyst while Reid’s attempt to use the defense bill to push forward amnesty is something that I find disgusting.

    • That makes sense Steve. I can find no flaw in that logic.

  • Every time Dear leader speaks he qualifies for the top spot!!

    • He sure puts himself in the running, doesn’t he?

  • I voted for Kathleen. Nothing like trampling on those who point out “an inconvenient truth.”

    • She was my pick to. It’s like she earns the Josef Goebbels propaganda award.

  • I hate to say this… but Karl Rove wins easily

    Sad- used to have a lot more respect for him up until last week

    • I was starting to like him, and thank, God, he showed his true colors.

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  • Jim

    I can’t go along with having Karl Rove on the list. Idiots are only useful when they are in the enemy camp. Having an idiot in your own camp is not useful in my opinion.

    • Thanks for commenting Jim.

      I do have to disagree. If you remember, it was either Stalin or Lenin that referred to people in capitalist countries that helped communism as useful idiots. Rove, being in the GOP camp, is the perfect useful idiot. He provided aid and comfort to the enemy.

      • Jim

        Okay. I see your point of view. Rove is a useful idiot for the Democrats.

        • That’s the idea. I’ll have to check out your place later. Thanks for visiting, drop by anytime.

  • Gotta pin this one on Darth Rove. I know he’s always been more of a party guy than a real conservative, but this time he really seemed to want it to be painful.

    Going forward, I’m going to have a real hard time taking him seriously on much of anything.

    • I know what you mean. He blew a whole lot of credibility with just a few words.

  • so many idiots, and only one vote… but I have to vote for the head idiot, Preznit Obama

    • That’s the beauty of the poll sit. Thanks for stopping by Nuke.

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  • hey i see that waaambulance image hotlinked from my site. it’s not mine and I don’t own it, but it would be cool if you didn’t steal my bandwidth. just download it and save it to your own disk.

    Feel free to delete this comment, but yeah hotlinking is kind of bad ettiquette…

    Otherwise I might have to replace that image with a giant weiner or something, and nobody wants that!

    • I changed it David. No problem.

      • Don

        You can hotlink from my site Matt. Just dust off the cobwebs and use any old pic. =D

        • Now, now, Don. Stop foaming at the mouth and stuff. 😀 The guy had the right to do that. It was a reasonable request. He has a nice setup at his place. It’s a snowboarding blog.

  • you’ve avoided the wrath of the giant wiener. for now…

    cheers & keep fighting for liberty.

    • Cool, you’re a Libertarian. We have a few Libertarian friends here, so stop by any time.

      To preempt you, I will post the giant weiner…

  • Don

    MY EYES!!! MY EYES!!! NO!!!!!!!!!! NOT THE WIENER!