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Sunday Linkage: Featured Blog of the Week Edition


Welcome to Sunday.  Here are our links and some specially themed images.  If you’re a car person, you’ll figure out the identity of the Featured Blogger of the Week.

Motor City Times allows Bill Maher to display his stupidity.

The Robot has Ladies of Liberty.

And yes, that is the Bot singing.  Great job man!

The Classic Liberal has a ton of Bernanke fail.

America’s Watchtower has a display of John Kerry’s elitism.

Capitol Commentary shows us how to write a liberal blog post.

Cubachi has polling that shows Benedict Arnold Crist is sinking like a RINO laden stone.

MK has a post on the reactions to Islam..

Eastern Right has some Johnny Cash for your enjoyment.

Wyblog is exposed education reformers.

Doug has a collection of stories that you WILL want to see.

Frugal Café has the Elmo-Cleavage controversy.

Fuzzy has a must-read.  Go there and read it!

Innominatus has a priceless image.

Just a Conservative Girl has Sunday Funnies.

King Shamus has the Tale of Two Campaigns, and the sinking ship.

Liberty at Stake is reviewing the elections.

Lonely Conservative has a post on Democratic hypocrisy.

Maggie has a guest linky post, from Lonely Conservative.

Manhattan Infidel has a post about Bell, California. Nothing at all unusual going on out there!

No2Liberals, at Nuke’s place, has another post on the alleged SEIU fake voter scandal in TX.

Political Realities has a post on Tom Coburn.

Randy has the latest Ten Buck Fridays Poll.

Reaganite Republican has Sunday Funnies, and some Cyber warfare.

Republican Redefined has the Colbert fiasco.

Right Klik has the new Ten Buck Fridays Poll, as well as MSM lies about the ObamaCare fail.

Start Thinking Right has Obama’s town hall fail.

Teresa has a profile on Christine O’Donnell’s opponent.

Texas Fred has a post on the race card, and the Democrats that play it.

The Augur has some story links for your education.

Bob at TCOTS has some of his great Rule 5, a post on Carter, and reminds us that the coming year will be a bumpy one.

John, at the Current, has his Sunday links, Country First, and his contributor, Right Hand Man, has a great  post showing how the National Popular vote is meant to eliminate the influence of less populous states.

Totus has a post on “Obama’s Money.”

Trestin has a post on the wild fires and the environmental policies that cause them.

USA Watchman has the Poem of a Soldier.

Get over to Angel’s place and wish her a Happy Sukkot.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, out Featured Blogger of the Week is Bob Belvedere, the proprietor of The Camp of the Saints.  From some of the best Rule 5 on the internets, to all the opinion you’ll ever need, it’s all at TCOTS.

BTW, does anyone know what happened to Bunni?

  • Thanks for the link Matt… And I’m wondering what happened to the Amusing Bunni as well.

    • No problem, Steve. I hope all is well with Bunni.

  • Hi Matt. Thanks so much for sharing the video. I’m really glad you liked it. Also, I’ve got a message out to Bunni on FB. Hope she responds soon.

    • You’re welcome, Robot. I was very impressed with your video. I had forgotten that I’m friends with Bunni on FB.

  • Thanks for the link once again!

    • No problem, Steve.

  • luv the roundup my friend..and thanks for including moi!!:)

    • You’re welcome Angel. Keep up the good fight, and keep on making me hungry at every holiday! 😀

  • Thanks for the link Matt!

    • No problem, my friend!

  • Matt, you rule.

    Thank you very much from a very grateful me.

    • Thanks a lot King Shamus. It is appreciated, and you’re very welcome for the link.

  • Thanks for the link Matt. Great Cars…

    • Thank you, Watchman. They are all Plymouth Belvederes.

  • Thanks for the link, Matt. I truly appreciate it.

    • No problem, Karry. Thanks for the support.

  • Thanks for the link Matt. Much appreciated.

    • You’re quite welcome!

  • It figures! Matt goes off and does this very kind thing for me and I’m AWOL because I threw-out my back and the drugs are making me think like a Bolshe.

    Major apologies for the delay in thanking you for the Belvederes. You’ve got the classic years too.

    I miss my ’64 [it was white] with it’s Slant-6 and push-button transmission.

  • Sorry to hear about your back. Hopefully, you’ll be back to 100% in no time.

    You’re quite welcome for the Belvederes.

    I had no idea that Chrysler stuck with the push buttons up to 64. learn something new every day.

  • I love the old cars. I’m planning on buying an old truck when I get out.
    Thanks for the link.

  • Thank you for the link love Matt.

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