Nanny State Alert: NY City Wants to Ban Soda for Food Stamp Recipients


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It’s been said many times that government assistance comes with strings attached-that when you let the government do something for you, you cede control to them. That has been accelerating under our newest set of would-be “progressive” overlords, and here is the latest example.

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg sought federal permission on Wednesday to bar New York City’s 1.7 million recipients of food stamps from using them to buy soda or other sugared drinks.

Scoff if you will, but if they can tell people that they can’t buy soda, what can’t they tell people?

So Obama voters, how ya likin that “change?”

  • I know not everyone will agree with my take on this, as a lot of people believe it is okay to have such limitations when receiving federal or state assistance. However, I feel it is a very dangerous thing to do, ie. a very slippery slope.

    • I’m really not taking a stand on whether or not it’s right or wrong, it is, because it is. Government uses power to coerce people into doing what government wants. When government gives you something, you are open to that coercion. I really chalk it up to that’ what government does. The best way to avoid it is to not have it.

  • I’m totally fine with that. Food stamps should be like WIC – just the staples. When other people are buying one’s food, one better not squawk about what’s on the menu.

    Don’t like it? Get a job and buy your own darned Big Gulp!

    • I think I understand your point, innominatus, but I still worry about how far down this slope they will go. Maybe I am worrying about nothing?

      • We already went down the slope, Larry. Government has been attaching strings to assistance for… probably forever.

    • I see your point. I guess I bypass the whole should it be question by simply expecting it. If you take from the government, expect rules and limitations.

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  • You are so right Matt. When you trade your liberties for government cheese you become a slave to the system. You no longer have control, they control everything. If people cannot see the picture this paints they never will my friend.

    • I agree. That’s the general idea. It goes into most everything that government does. With the Porkulus, states could get money for unemployment benefits, but they had to change their laws to match the administrations priorities. They are adding more and more “strings” to everything. It’s the nudge!

  • As a citizen of NYC this is almost enough to make me quit my job, go on food stamps and buy nothing but soda.

    Bloomberg you bitch.

    • NY has it bass ackwards as usual. They come up with crazy regulations and taxes, and people find a way around them. Hell, I know the mob is making a killing on bootleg cigs, all to avoid the obscene tobacco tax up there. When are they going to learn?

      I know, dumb question!

  • MK

    Can’t say i’m surprised, neither can i find much pity. People vote for socialism, they must then wallow in it.

    • True, but it doesn’t seem to make them want to escape the problem by becoming productive. That part of them has been trained out by our would be progressive overlords.

  • Let’s see; they drove the economy into the tank, and tricked millions of people into becoming dependent on food stamps, now they want to use the food stamp program to control their behavior. Hmmm… Good thing those people did not listen to the right wing fear mongers.

    • Yeah, you’re right. After all, we’ve predicted that sort of nonsense for years! 😛

  • Slippery slope? We’ve stepped on it and slipped!

    This is the problem with everything government does. Period. They become the masters, we become the servants, and everyone acts accordingly. Sweet deal, uh?

    Goes to show you none of it is “charity.” Genuine charity would give them the money to let them do what they please. Genuine charity does not require control.

    I’m totally fine with that. Food stamps should be like WIC – just the staples.

    You can’t defeat progressivism by acting like a progressive.

    the mob is making a killing on bootleg cigs

    Same lesson for the Drug War. The demand is there, period. Government is incapable of stamping it out. Guns and coercion can’t save a mans soul.

    The war has driven the price of drugs sky high though, meaning the cartels and gangs make lots more money. What do they do with all that money?

    Kill the war and you kill their profits. Econ 101. You also take a significant amount of unconstitutional power away from the federal government.

    • Thanks for that one CL. That IS the nature of government. It doesn’t matter who is running it. It doesn’t matter what the original intent of a program was. The government is about power, and if you sell your soul to it, you’re owned.

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  • Yet another example of citizens ceding their liberties and freedom for the sake of being taken careof by the nanny state.

    • That’s the idea. It really isn’t a question of the soda, it is the the problem with government is general.

  • Years ago we owned a small store when you could only buy staple goods with food stamps. The idea was that if you are broke, flour and milk are better purchases than Twinkies and a Coke. Some in government said, “No, we all have to be equal. Folks with food stamps should be able to buy the same things as everyone else.” There are 2 sides to this argument and both are slippery. During our years of owning the store we saw the abuses of the Food Stamp Program. It was truly sad. It was sad to see folks having tough times and sad to see how easy the system could be gamed. People actually sold their food stamps to unscrupulous store owners for cash, literally pennies on the dollar. They wanted the cash and the storekeeper could deposit them at face value. An old proverb states, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

    The rest of this comment is my blog for today.

    Tough stuff,

    • I’m sure that your stories could be repeated all over the place.

      I remember seeing some footage on TV, I can’t remember the source, showing a retail sized space, filled with registers. All they were doing is swiping the then new, and “foolproof,” welfare cards, and handing the recipient cash.

  • hiya Matt..yea lets all go on the dole! giveaways for one n all~!

    • I hear ya Angel, but I’d rather work! I know, call me sick. 😀