Sunday Links: Vintage Commercial Edition


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Let’s go down memory lane and have links and vintage commercials.  Enjoy!

Mind Numbed Robot has Socia.list, and some thoughts.

Motor City Times has Links and 30 Days in the Hole.

The CL has Choose Your Illusion, and Anarchists.

The Daley Gator has a look at the Packers, and his weekly NFL picks.

America’s Watchtower has polling showing America split on Bush vs. Obama.

ARRA News Service has a great piece by Thomas Sowell.

Blogs 4 Borders has Gov. Brewer’s take on the lawsuits against her state.

Bunkerville has a post on the government’s efforts against the meat industry.

Campus Reform has a post on Battle Scars.

Capitol Commentary has the new liberal iPhone app.

MK has the “Sponging Parasites.”

Eastern Right has a great spoof.

Frugal Cafe Blog Zone has an advice giving vending machine.

At Fuzzy’s place, the title says it all.

Innominatus praises hippies???

Just a Conservative Girl has ongoing coverage of the Tea Party Convention in Virginia.

King Shamus has coverage of the NJ-3 race.

Liberty at Stake discusses the Trouble with Liberals.

Lonely Conservative has Sunday Funnies.

Manhattan Infidel is covering the shakeup in the Met’s front office.

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OK, that one was one of my favorite toys!

Maggie has the latest MI5 target.

Political Realities has the Chamber of Commerce, the NY Nanny state, and Term limits.

Randy has Dems in trouble.

Reaganite Republican has the McLaughlin Group.

Republican Redefined is supporting Anna Little.

Right Klik has Obama vetoing the recovery, and it appears that they were a target of “progressive operatives.”

Teresa has some links, including to yours truly. Thanks!

The Augur has her beef with Dr. Phil, and it’s a considerable one.

TCOTS has some of his typical high quality Rule 5.

The Current has an analogy based on Boss Hogg.(And he got this song stuck in my head).

The De-Evolution of Man has witch doctors.

The Other McCain has bomb sniffing dogs.

Please keep Ron from the TOTUS in your prayers.

Trestin has a post on the 10th.

USA Watchman has a post on why we should not apologize.

Angel has a post of IDF dogs.

Wyblog has a post on the tunnel to nowhere.

OK, this is newer, but I hate the Snuggle Bear.  Sooo….

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  • Great commercials Matt. Brought back a number of memories. Thanks for the link.

  • Sure thing John. Thanks for all your hard work at the Current.

  • Cheers for the link!

    • Thanks sir. Enjoy!

  • Thanks for the links, Matt. I really appreciate it.

    • No problem , Larry.

  • I was a maniac on my big wheel. These commercials really take me back, Matt.

    Thanks for the linkage as always. It’s very generous of you.

    • You know, I came up with the theme at the last minute, but I liked the idea of the old commercials. A lot of us are around the same age, and will remember these.

      There is no problem with the linkage. You support us, it’s no problem to do something in return.

  • Thanks for the link! Those videos really brought back some memories!

    • You’re welcome Steve.

  • A lot of those commercial take me back. I think I watched way too much TV as a kid.

    Thanks for the links!

    • I’m with you there. And to think that there were only a few stations!

  • Thanks for the link Matt.

    I remember all of these… great flashback!

    • You’re welcome, and thanks!

  • -Linking my Rule 5 of Ginger Young shows what a man of taste you are – thank you – she put the voom in va-va-va-voom.

    -I hear they’re coming out with a new version of the Weebles, the Feebles, and they all look like members of the current Administration.

    -I used to love Smash-Up Derby [that may explain a lot].

    -But, considering your previous linkfests, where’s the Hot Wheels commercial?!?

  • RE: Rule 5, that she does. You do have some of the best Rule 5 on the tubes, so a Steeler Cap-tip to you sir.

    RE: Feebles, they wobble, waffle, AND fall down!

    Smash up Derby WAS my favorite toy for quite a while.

    I knew there would be people wanting to know, “Where is the commercial for…” Simply put, I couldn’t do all of them. There were so many; McDonald, Lite-Brite, every soda known to man…

    We’ll do some more in a future post.

  • Little Mikey was such a doll. How could you not buy Life. Thank you Matt for the link!

    • That was a no-brainer, adding that one. It was one of the most successful commercials of all time. And, you’re welcome for the link.