Blog Focus: A Righteous Rant


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Most bloggers do rants from time to time.  We go off, in anger, or supreme determination, and publish some stream of consciousness.   Hopefully, the rant will convince or inspire.  The other day, our friend, the Mind Numbed Robot, linked to one of the best rants that I’ve ever read.  So, read on for a long excerpt from E Pluribus Unum at Redstate:

Democrat election workers currently cheating the vote: you’ll love federal prison

You may already know this: there will be a reckoning. Actually there will be three. This is primarily about the third one.

The first reckoning – America’s second Declaration of Independence

The first reckoning will be on election day, November 2, 2010, when Americans vote overwhelmingly to reject the Democrat agenda. It will be a down payment on the epic 10-year butt-kicking that will be delivered to the anti-American, anti-freedom, corrupt, anti-Constitution movement. We lost our vigilence, allowed this statism to creep up for the last 80 years. Now it’s run amok, and we’ll swing the pendulum back. As Dick Cheney would say, big time. Maybe you think it’s just a short-term temper tantrum, which the media hacks will of course assert. You’ll see.

It is a reckoning that will take your breath away. All your cheating will not keep the Republicans from taking 70 in the House, 8 in the Senate. That is the first reckoning. At least while you’re sitting in prison, you can comfort yourself in the knowledge that your cheating kept it from being 100 and 11.

The second reckoning – retribution

The second reckoning, I will relish this. I am not a nice person at all when it comes to retribution. I will savor it the way I savored the Texas Rangers’ 6-game beat-down of the Yankees (conservative country sure jammed it up left-wing country’s rear, didn’t it?). The events of November 2 will make it perfectly clear to all Americans not named Jimmy Carterthat the Democrats and the unions engaged in massive, epic-scale election fraud.

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It will be the bridge too far. Regular Americans are not like you and your patronage buddies, union thugs, organized criminals, communists, and radical social engineers. Nor are we anything like the snotty rich baby-killer limousine liberals that control you. Regular Americans are generous and magnanimous. Your mistake is that 80 years of tolerance you have mistaken for cowardice and lack of resolve.

What will happen after this election, when it’s clear that you stole 20-30 House seats and 3-4 Senate seats, you are not ready for. What happens will be fought on your territory, using rules you know but never expected to have turned on you, by a fiercely resolute people possessed of righteous anger that’s been stacking up ever since liberal judges started flouting the consent of the governed. When pressed, they are smarter and more devious than you. They plan. And they stick the knife in the place that will hurt the most.

And let me tell you something. Regular Americans don’t riot. They don’t demonstrate or boycott (very well). They don’t astroturf. They don’t terrorize innocents. They don’t commit indiscriminate violence or indiscriminate property destruction. They know, or will know, the people and organizations who are controlling you. Retribution will be clean and efficient. It will cost you, and your owners,a good bit more than it was worth to save a handful of House and Senate seats that ultimately won’t stop what we do.

Just shooting in the dark here, because like I said, I’m not in on anything. But it hurts a whole lot more to have the stock values of your benefactors wrecked (Soros does not possess especially secret knowledge), deliberately and maliciously by hidden hands, than it does to have some of your low-level thugs beat up. It will hurt tons more when union pensions never see another penny of taxpayer bailouts starting… well, already starting now.

If you have a union pension, let me just say… you don’t.

And it will really, really ruin you when a national right-to-work bill gets signed the fourth week of 2013, days after EO10988 is rescinded, making it illegal (again) for government employees to unionize. We will enjoy breaking you.

You’ll see. You yourself will not escape retribution, although I’ll have to say that in the big scheme of things, you are just a tool. Americans will be taking care of the kingpins.

So, follow the link, and read the rest at Redstate.  Obviously, I have no idea if any of this could be done, but if it can, it should.  We need to make union thuggery, and voter fraud,  a thing of the past, and this rant lays out a framework for accomplishing just that.

  • Unions have been on the decline for decades but I think we still have another 10 years before their influence subsides enough for it to make little difference. They still do have a lot of money and, because they will never back Republicans, Democrats will continue to court them.

    • I would tend to agree, Harrison, but I also think that the concept of a “union shop” is antithetical to individual freedom. I do like the idea of making the entire nation “right to work.” People can still join unions, but no one is forced to.

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  • I have said for a long time that the unions are one of the biggest frauds in America. One doesn’t have to dig very deep to see they are the ones who drove General Motors and Chrysler into bankruptcy. They did this on the pretense of protecting their members, but that was a false pretense. All they are really interested in is retaining power for themselves.

    • Absolutely, LD. They could care less about the rank and file.

  • But it hurts a whole lot more to have the stock values of your benefactors wrecked (Soros does not possess especially secret knowledge), deliberately and maliciously by hidden hands …

    Current economic policy, backed in full by unions, dictate that their retirement accounts will be wreaked without the need for deliberate and/or malicious action.

    The market is in a bubble right now. Anyone who thinks otherwise, is smoking Keynesian crack. It might make you feel good for awhile, but ultimately turns your life into a train wreck.

    Conservatives, I beg of you to quit reading and listening to anyone that can even remotely be labeled a neocon. It is these progressives in conservative clothing who drove the wedge between conservatives and libertarians, and thus drove proper (free market) economics from the conservative cannon.

    While a righteous rant, by it’s very nature, progressive policy brings retribution upon itself. That’s not to say we sit idly by, but simply to say “stay focused on liberty and freedom!”

  • I am with you 100 percent. But what to do with the Courts is a conundrum. We can vote the rest out, but with are stuck with what we have. Looks like we will have to have a Constituional Convention, and that is fraught with many dangers,

    • I hear you there Bunkerville. John and I have had long debates on the virtue of an Article 5 Convention. It can be scary.

  • Doomed

    “We are spending more money than we have ever spent before and it does not work. I want to see this country prosperous. I want to see people get a job. We have never made good on our promises. I say after eight years of this administration we have just as much unemployment as when we started and an enormous debt to boot.”…….Roosevelt’s Secretary of the Treasury testifying before congress in 1939. Henry Morgenthau, Jr.

    Keynesian economic policy did not work in 1930-1941 and it is not working now. The only thing it does is add debt, increase the size and scope of government.

    Once again this is about policy not politics. A vote for a (D) this election cycle is an endorsement of failed keynesian policies. A vote for an (R) might not cure the cancer that eats at our bodies but at least it brings in a second opinion that actually matters.

    • I think it all depends on how far the Conservatives can get in terms of taking over the GOP. It won’t be until then that there is real progress on shrinking government.

  • Great rant. (Well, except for the part about the beatdown of the Yankees.)

    But I guess we have to allow for freedom of conscience in baseball matters.

    • Sorry about your Yanks, can’t win every year. I ought to know; Ilike the Pirates.

  • Righteous rant, I guess! Excellent. The sillies think the TEA Parties are going on hiatus – probably never to be energized again. Liberals are not paying attention. They have nothing to hang their intensity on, other than “we want it this way, and who do you think you are not to give it to us.”

    But WE have the U.S. Constitution, now introduced back into conscience, to hang our intensity on. Our passions do not blow in the wind.

    Good find Matt. I love hearing confidence in what the people can do. For too long we had none.

    • I agree, Maggie. We may be looking at another “great awakening.” At least, that is my hope.

  • The Union members are going to turn against their leadership for squandering all their dues to elect politicians that will craft legislation so that taxpayers will pay union pensions. In the end American carry with them a strong sense of what’s right and what’s wrong and many now sense that what is going on is wrong! Expect 2011 to be the year that union workers wrestle their union back from their Marxist leaders. It will be something to see! Great post Matt!

  • Excellent post and rant!! Unions at the very least need to be purged and reformed and they may need to be abolished altogether. We need to stop there thuggery and corruption for sure.

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