Sunday Links: Ancient Alien Conspiracy Edition


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I have to admit, I love conspiracy theories.  I don’t subscribe to them, but I have always enjoyed reading about them.  It started when I was about 8, and I read Erich Von Daniken’s “Gold of the Gods.”  Since then, I watched shows, or read books about the following:

  • The Earth is hollow, and the aliens live there.
  • Planet X is going to OMG KILL US ALL!! (And the aliens live there)
  • The moon landings were faked.
  • We never went back to the moon because the aliens live there.
  • We never went back to the moon because the Space Nazis live there.

There are more, but the Ancient Astronaut theory has always been my favorite.  So, sit back, adjust your tin foil hats, and enjoy the Ancient Astronauts, as well as the links.

The Robot has some GREAT Rule 5, as well as some great tunes, not to mention some indoctrination!

Motor City Times has increased health care costs.  I thought Obama said costs would go down?  He also has why the Dems lost.

The Classic Liberal has how Bernanke screws the world. Also, Ron Paul and the Dollar Destroyers.

The Daley Gator has why the Election isn’t Over Yet.

Wyblog gives his take on MSNBC.

A Conservative Teacher has a great video.

Always on Watch points out the Obama doesn’t get it.

America’s Watchtower reports (chortle) that the AARP (guffaw) has decreased their health benefits due to ObamaCare (ROFLMAO).

CAIR is suing Oklahoma for banning Shariah Law in legal decisions. I wonder if the ACLU will side with Oklahoma…”separation of church and state,” and all.

Capitol Commentary discusses the origins of China’s fastest computer.

MK has his post election statement.  Let’s just say that it’s appropriately named.

Karen has some information on sexual predators.

Snarky has…well, some snark!

Frugal Café Blog Zone has India’s shock at the teleprompter, a funny story, and Ubermoron’s suspension.

Innominatus has random randomness.

King Shamus has a post about the AARP running face first into irony.

Legal Insurrection has the race-card cockroach.

Libertarian Advocate has the clear intellectual superiority of the “sanity” rally.

Liberty at Stake has a great post-election rant.

Lonely Conservative explains why it’s a REALLY BAD IDEA to go after Palin and Bachmann.

Maggie has the insano costs of the India trip.

Manhattan Infidel has the plight of the monsters, and Indian offers of discounts.

Nuke has the latest Hitler reaction video.

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Ken at One Conservative Estimate has a great post-you simply must read it.

Political Realities is discussing the upcoming investigations by the GOP.

Randy has Pelosi’s efforts to destroy the Dems.

Reaganite Republican has the Band.

Republican Redefined parses the Obama post-election speech.

Right Klik has a guest post that defends Ubermoron.

Start Thinking Right has more on Ubermoron’s hypocrisy.

Teresa has a post on stopping ObamaCare.

Texas Fred has found complaints against the Tea Party.

Citizen X has what the TSA isn’t saying about body scanners.

Bunni is celebrating Tuesdays win.

TCOTS, once again, confirms the title of Best Rule 5 on the Internets.

The Other McCain has the most false analysis of the election, and the Minnesotans for Global warming video.

The Political Commentator has his take on Beck’s “15 days to collapse” theory.

The Silent Majority evaluates pre-election predictions.

Totus covers Pelosi’s fall from power.

Trestin is discussing the Nanny State.

USA Watchman has election results.

Angel has some humor at the President’s expense.

Remember to check out the Conservative Hideout Information Center!!

OK, why even talk about this?  Well, it does interest me, and that is my bias, but it has also influenced our popular culture.

Don’t believe me?

  • Thanks for the link!

  • Muchas gracias for the links, Matt – you’re a gem! BTW, you accidentally used the hyperlink for Liberty at Stake for the Lonely Conservative post… caught it because I clicked it.

    Wonderful round-up of posts, post-election, sir. Have a terrific remainder weekend… hopefully, Dear Leader won’t do something cringe-worthy in India before Monday.

    • No problem at all. I’ll fix that broken link!

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  • Big ups to you Matt.

    Thanks for the link.

    Also, thanks for the stroll down memory lane. “In Search of…” was pretty rad TV for me back when I was a young pup.

    • It was for me as well. That was the very first “in Search of.”

      No problem on the link.

  • Thanks for the link, Matt.

    • You’re welcome Larry!

  • Ancient Astronauts! I used to watch “In search of…” all the time.

    Thanks for the links.

    • Yeah,me too. It just amazes me on how little media we had back then. In Search of was among the best.

      No problem on the link!

  • You have some great links here Matt. I’m sorry I have not been around that much this week. Been working 6PM ot 6AM all week and through weekend. Just got off. I hope you are feeling better my friend.

    • I am feeling better. Thanks for asking. Hope the work schedule gets back to something more civilized!

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  • Many many thanks for the link love Matt.

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  • luv the linkys MATT..your’e a doll for including moi!:)

    • No problem Angel, your last one was very funny!

  • MK

    Thanks for the link back. Most appreciated.

  • Pretty cool stuff. Like you I find these theories interesting, but think they are 99% crazy. You may find this interesting:

    Thanks for the link!

    • I’ll check that out Trestin. Thanks!

  • Thanks for the link Matt.

    I was never much of a Sci-Fi guy. My focus during the first part of my life was sports and girls. Both took a lot out of me.

    • You’re welcome sir.