Sunday Linkage: Iron Maiden Edition


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Well, another week has come and gone, and it’s time for the Sunday Link post.  Every week, I try to bring a little something different to the page.  This week, it’s Iron Maiden.  I’m sure they’re not everyone’s favorite, but I’ve been a fan for over 25 years.  So, enjoy the videos, and visit the links.  There were are a lot of great posts this week.

America’s Watchtower has the story of  the boy who couldn’t have the American Flag on his bike.

Bunkerville has the ChiComs buying up GM facilities.

Harrison has a great post on the Gadsden Flag.

MK has a post on the “Leftist Filth.”

Karen has a post that is sure to inspire.

The Frugal Café Blog Zone has kids saving $ on the prom, the nanny state fail in San Fran Freako, and the rebellion against the TSA’s porno scanners.

Fuzzy Logic has a helpful letter of encouragement to Nancy Pelosi.

Innominatus has some great readers, even though their gifts are odd.

King Shamus has a great link from Noneofanyimport.

Conservatives on Fire, a recent add to the blogroll, reminds us that the lame duck Congress plans on finishing us off.

Atlas Shrugs, who graciously added the CH 2.0 last week (Thanks Pamela Gellar!), has the story of an American being stabbed for a bumper sticker.

Blogs 4 Borders has the details on Jan Brewer’s re-election.

Legal Insurrection skewers GlennGreenwald.

Liberty at Stake has an open letter to the POTUS.

Lonely Conservative has the fact that for all the damage that ObamaCare is causing, it did manage to help 8000 people.

Maggie has an incredible letter from a retired Air Force Major. You simply MUST go there are read it.

Spock quit Starfleet! Manhattan Infidel has the coverage.

Motor City Times has holiday trees and the useful idiots that made them all possible.

My Tea Party Chronicle has a great post entitled, “Sunshine and Socialists.”

Nice Deb has a post about free speech, and the demise of the gingerbread man.  The status of the muffin man, is, as of yet, unknown.

Political Realties has the fact that the DOJ gives millions to sanctuary cities.

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Don, at Present Discontent, has a post on Conservatism.

Reaganite Republican has a great collection of links.

Republican Redefined has the line on the 2012 candidates.

Rightbill has a video on Obama’s vision.

StartThinkingRight has a post on the reaction to “Obamanomics.”

When the New York Times runs a front page story detailing that the entire world rejects a Democrat president’s economic “solutions,” you can pretty much know for certain that those “solutions” must truly, truly suck.

Teresa has a fascinating study on video games as a therapeutic tool.

Bunni has a Remembrance post.

Bob has a great Rule 5 post in honor of Smitty’s deployment.

John at The Current has a post about compromise.

The Other McCain is discussing Gold, points out the mental deficiencies of Ezra Klein, and I should mention that Smitty is being deployed. And, thanks for the add!

The Silent Majority has the Liberals, elites, and real Americans.

Angel has a great post contracting Veterans and terrorists.

The Classic Liberal has End the Fed, and USAID putting people at risk in other countries.

The Daley Gator has Palin vs. Rove, and Dennis Miller doing what he does best.

Wyblog has his take on the TSA porno scanners, and it’s a great post!

Have a great Sunday folks.  Go Steelers!

UPDATE:  How in the hell did I forget the ROBOT??

My apologies, but Mind Numbed Robot has some links of his own, discusses that the Other McCain has lost their minds, and some Random Robot.

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  • Dude, you can post Iron Maiden tunes any time you want. IM made some awesome songs.

    Oh and thanks for the linkage. I am always flattered when you link to my stuff. You rule Matt.

    • Thanks, and you’re welcome!

  • Thanks for the link, Matt. There is a lot of great material in them.

    • It was a really good week for the bloggers, that much is certain.

  • One of the great heavy metal bands of the eighties! I still listen to them every once in awhile, one of my all time favorites!

    Thanks for the link.

    • I thought that Maiden might go over. There are a few of the regulars here that are about the same age, and like the same music.

      We’ll see what Steve from Motor City Times has to say…

  • Thanks for the link.

    Its funny, but when I think of Iron Maiden I think of is Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure:

    “Put them in the Iron Maiden”

    “Iron Maiden? Excellent!”



    • I spoke too soon (see last comment).

      • The videos are great! Reminds me of back in the day.

  • Thanks for the link Matt. It is always much appreciated. I love Iron Maiden. Excellent choice.

    • Thank you John. That was a good post that I linked. Gotta think and evaluate!

  • Don

    The linkage is appreciated, Matt. Thanks!

    Great choice in Iron Maiden. I only wish Midwest Classic Rockers, Head East had done videos, but alas no such luck. Although a former drummer of theirs formed a band called American Greed and remade “Never Been Any Reason” without keyboards. Pretty good IMHO. Mike Mesey (the drummer) is a friend of mine, been on the road with him back when I was working with Head East. His new band is damn good.



    He has also made a drum set/chopper that is freaking awesome.

    • Video embed!

      There’s Never Been Any Reason from eClarity on Vimeo.

      That is good sir!

      • Don

        Thanks for the embed, Matt!

        Yeah, I thought Mike did a good job. I got to know Mike Mesey when he was drumming for Head East back when I was on tour with them. He is a very good drummer and a lot of fun on the road.

        As you can see in the video, he changed the name of his band to American Greed from Slik. Probably because of the Scottish pop group from the ’70s.

      • Great tune!

      • That was really good. Good band name too.

  • Hey you forgot on Iron Maiden video:

    Thanks for the link, too.

    • LOL, Steve beat you too it. Embedded above!

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  • Thanks for the link, Matt, and the comments you left over at my joint.

    Smitty requested Miss Page as a going-away Rule 5 – I was happy to comply.

    • Indeed, that is well deserved.

      No problem on the linkage, or the comment.

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  • Matt, thanks for the link to the Major’s letter. I don’t see an email for you, but want you to know that my new blog home is live.

    So sorry to leave the link, but want you to have the information. Feel free to edit this out of the comment.

    • I saw your new place Maggie. It looks great! I’ll update my links.

  • Yay! Thanks for the linkage! 😀

    • You’re welcome Fuzzy!

  • Thanks Muchly– your place keeps gettin better~

    • You’re welcome sir, and thanks for the kind words!

  • Thank you for the linkage Matt.

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  • Hi Matt! Thanks for linking me, I’m so far behind visiting my favorite blogs! Iron Maiden is great, I think they have a new CD out,
    I need to get from the library and check it out!

    Have a fun weekend, and thanks for writing these very well written and time consuming posts, you have the best of the best here.

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