Sunday Links: Rush Edition


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I was kinda torn as to the theme this week, until the other night, when there was a Rush documentary on Direct TV.  We’ll see how many in our little CH 2.0 demographic likes Rush.

A Conservative Teacher has leftist conspiracy theories.

Always on Watch has more complaints from the “religion of peace.”

Steamboat McGoo has a Thanksgiving message from Sarah Palin.

Ol’ Broad has the following great image…

Atlas Shrugs has Islamic supremacism at Christian Schools.

America’s Watchtower has Websites taken over by the government.

Bunkerville has the Government takeover of private websites.

Capitol Commentary has a great post on the Taliban deception.

We have Rule 5!!

Jim at Conservatives on Fire has “We the People Culpa Mia.”

Karen has a post on the First Thanksgiving.

MK skewers the logic of gun control.

FleeceMe askes the question, “ What is the Dollar Worth?”

Frugal Cafe Blogger has Obama’s approval numbers at record lows.

Fuzzy has a Thanksgiving post.

Innominatus is discussing those mischievous NORKS.

King Shamus has a meal so unhealthy, that you’ll have a freaking coronary learning about it.

Legal Insurrection has an excellent question.

Liberty at Stake has and inside look at JournoList.

Lonely Conservative has some Saturday Funnies.

Maggie the elbowing of Barak Obama.

Manhattan Infidel has a Thanksgiving message from our kind and friendly government.

Motor City Times has the fact the some people are calling Christmas Trees Christmas trees!

Nice Deb has a great collection of articles.

No Sheeples Here has a Picture of the Day post.

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Nuke has a post on the Christmas Tree Bomber.

Our Lives, Our Fortunes, and Our Sacred Honor has a great West video.

Political Policy has an incredible post on Democracy and Conservatives.

Political Realities has Schools and searches.

Porcupine Rim has a terrorist accusing us of being terrorists.

Randy’s Roundtable presents the 66% want to cut federal payroll. Yup, they’ll listen to that!

Reaganite Republican has one of his great Rock and Roll posts.

Republican Redefined has a Thanksgiving Post.

Right Klik also has a Thanksgiving day post.

Rjjdq has the Oregon Bomber story.

Rotti has a Thanksgiving post as well.

Spellchek wants the ethanol subsidy to end. I think it’s a fine idea.

Teresa is discussing Black Friday fail.

Bunni applies her normal levels of cuteness to thanksgiving.

Bob has some of his patented, high quality Rule 5 over at TCOTS.

The Conservative Lady is covering the open calls for revolution from the hard left.

The Other McCain has posts about lefty conspiracies, and for God’s sake, hit his tip jar. Something about forklifts or sudden death…or something like that.

Troglopundit has “I’ll be groped for Christmas.” Something tells me this will not be pleasant.

Totus wants us to “just say no” to compromise.

Trestin has his latest, “Letters I never wrote.”

Wade has some comments about the TSA.

Angel has more on the Oregon Bomber.

Wyblog has the fact that the lefties slipped and admitted that climate change is a redistribution scheme.

The Robot has some great Rule 5.

The Classic Liberal cites that the Euro game is over.

The Daley Gator has had some great ones in just the last couple of days. It seems that quite a few ACORN workers have been convicted of voter registration crimes. Also, Six people were arrested at an anti-violence march…for violence! Never give a Democrat a Cookie (If you have small kids, you will have uncontrollable laughter with this one).

I know, there are a ton of Rush videos, but I took over an hour to compile stuff for this post, and since Rush doesn’t appear to have an official YouTube channel, the going was tough.  There was a bunch of stuff that I couldn’t find, so if you can locate good ones, you can embed videos in the comment section.   Just copypasta the html in there, and you’re good to go.

At any rate, I hope everyone has a good Sunday, and visit our links here today.  We’ll be voting for Useful Idiot of the Month until Early  Wed morning.

Go Steelers!

  • Great links Matt. You know I actually love Rush, but my wife on the other hand cannot stand them for some reason. I told her that Rush was one of those bands ahead of their day and she just didn’t understand the music. She didn’t buy it.

  • My wife is the same way. I think it’s one of those infamous “guy things.” I knew you liked them. We’ll see if the Steves, Bob, CL, Robot, RR, KS, and the others chime in.

  • Thanks Matt for the link. Of course Rush kicks butt. I’ve posted them on my site. They were huge in Detroit. They were never a chick band because of the music style and Geddy Lee doesn’t exactly get mistaken for Jon Bon Jovi. Come to think of it, you’d be hard pressed to come up with many front men from Canadien bands that drive chicks wild.

    • I can find no fault with that assessment.

  • Rush had a lot of great stuff, And thanks for the link Matt.

    • That they did. You’re very welcome Randy.

  • Thanks for the link Matt! I like Rush,especially their early stuff, but I was never a huge fan. My wife on the other hand, can’t stand them at all.
    Hey 5etester, how about “Loverboy?” Didn’t they drive the ladies wild in the ’80’s with the leather pants and headbands? 🙂

    • Hey Steve. The prog rock part of their career good, but there aren’t a ton of good videos from there.

    • Did think of that one Steve, but I always figured Mike Reno was gay. Too much of a pretty boy. But you’re right, as a band, they’re concerts were full of women.

  • Rush is great band.I’ve always liked them.

    I might be in the minority amongst Rush fans, but one of my all time favorite songs by them is off the Vapor Trails CD (I’m so old school):

    I think I saw the same documentary that Matt mentioned. After watching it, I ended up liking Rush even more.

    If I were to ask the Mrs. if she would rather see Rush or Bon Jovi she would pick Rush. I guess I’m a lucky guy.

    • Why didn’t my video paste….

      Try this gain:

    • LOL, my wife would sell one of my kidneys to see Bon Jovi. OK, that’s a joke, but I’m wearing kevlar to bed, just in case. 😀

      I had friends tell me that vapor trails was very good. I just haven’t had the time to get into it.

      • As one who has only one kidney, I endorse your kevlar decision. 🙂

        Thanks for the linkage!

        • You’re welcome, and thanks for the vote of confidence on my precautions!

  • Thanks for the link, Matt.

    • You’re welcome Larry. Not a Rush fan, I take it?

      • Uhh, afraid not. My music tastes are much different than most of you. Southern Gospel and Contemporary Gospel. The Cathedral Quartet, Gold City, Point of Grace, Avalon, etc.

        • I see. You ought to post some of that sometime.

          • I may do that sometime. There is plenty of it to be found on YouTube. I really like the quartets and used to have a lot of songs by the Oak Ridge Boys, when they sang gospel music.

          • I enjoy doing these posts. They’re personal, I get to promote my friends, and it’s often surprising to see how many people like the same things.

  • Matt. if it’s any consolation, I felt sharp chest pains and a numbness in my left arm as I was watching that vid.

    Thanks for the link. “Fly By Night” is my favorite Rush song, so that was pretty rad too.

    • You’re welcome KS. That video was disturbing, but strangely delicious.

      I hear you. There aren’t as many good early Rush videos as I’d like, but I did what I could. Fly by Night is a great one!

      You’re welcome for the link sir!

  • Awesome list, awesome band. They are such good musicians, they kick my ass every time on Rock Band. =(

    Thanks for the link Matt. =)

    • No problem FleeceMe. I suck a Guitar Hero. I mean, seriously. suck. Rush would blow me out of the water in about 15 seconds.

  • Rush is cool. When “Red Barchetta” comes on the radio, everybody else on the road is suddenly in great danger ‘cuz I get a little crazy. 🙂

    • I know what you mean. Sadly, there isn’t a really good video for that song.

  • The Coexist “poster” is quite something, Matt. This is my first time to see it. It makes you think as you decipher each icon. As always, thanks for the link;-)

    • Thanks, and you’re welcome. I’ve seen the bumper sticker with the “coexist” on it. The poster explains it quite well.

  • Hi Matt! What an excellent post you made in a “RUSH”….hee hee.
    I’m in a rush today too, and all the past weekend really. Thank you kindly for linking my “cuteness” we need it with all the awfulness out there. You have compiled the best of the blogs, and so many cool vids. I love that coexist poster too, it will never happen though. I think the feudal lords from ages past were on to something.

    Anyway, as a “chick”, I always enjoyed Rush. With some headphones and relaxing libations, they seriously rock. I’ll have to check out some of the vids. Have a wonderful weekend, and I hope your football team wins, and your reader’s do too. I think the Bears are playing the team Michael Vick landed at, so obviously I really want the Bears to win today.
    I don’t like Vick, ONE BIT, for reasons you can probably guess, I don’t care how “rehabilitated” he says he is. Anyone that would do that, they can’t be rehabilitated because that evilness is in their DNA, kind of like libtards 😉

    • Bunni, it appears you wish came true. Da Bears won.

  • A lot of people think that about Vick. Many will never forgive.

    It’s cool you like Rush. You just defy all of the stereotypes. Way to go!

  • A great band indeed. At first I thought you were talking about the other Rush. Cool videos. Thanks.

    • Thanks, and you’re welcome. I have never thought to post the other Rush. You’ve got me thinking.

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  • I groove on Rush, but prefer the earlier (and shorter!) stuff like “In the Mood”, like about 1975 musically

    How cool it is they went with the Libertarian lyrical themes later… I always found that a pleasant surprise

    Maybe they found lib wonderland Canada a bit oppressive… they were only in their 20s when they wrote those songs

    • True about the themes becoming more Libertarian. Though you can take two meanings from “The Trees.” That is pretty oppressive.

  • Thanks for the link. By coincidence a radio station played the 2112 album yesterday. I hadn’t heard the whole thing in years. It was great.

    • You’re welcome. I have never heard a radio station do that before. 2112 rocks!

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  • Thanks for the link!
    I’ll Twitter this

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  • Thanks for the link and the Rush. It seems to me that they should be the offical band of the TEA Party movement.

    My wife, who I have made a Led Zeppelin fan, doesn’t particularly care for Rush, but she watched that documentary with me and really likes them as people. It was a pleasure to see some Rock And Roll guys who are not carrying around a lot of self-indulgent baggage, who are just nice guys, and who actually like each other.

  • That is true. They seem to lack the unwarranted self importance that typical of public figures.

  • Thank you for the linkage, Matt.

    • No problem Teresa!

  • Just heard it on the radio-April 17th,2011-the Palace of Auburn Hills-Rush live in concert!

    • Very cool man! I have to make a show. I haven’t seen them live since Test for Echo.

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