Sunday Links: Banned Commercial Edition


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Sorry that my rounds and posting has not been up to my normal standards lately, but family stuff, plus a lingering GI virus, in combination with the sudden and sad loss of Ken, I’ve been a bit occupied.  Hopefully, with the start of a new week, and finally getting the Christmas decorations up, I can get back to a semblance of “business as usual.”

As for the theme, it is a case of; “I was looking for one thing but found something else instead.”  I started looking for interesting Christmas commercials, but as I did, I saw some even more interesting ones.  These are all banned, and they do show how much we have changed over the last few decades.  So, enjoy the videos, and click  the links.

Note: If you have some words about the passing of our contributor, Ken Minor, kindly leave them at his site, as I think his family will appreciate them.

Wyblog is covering some real “bi-partisanship” from a certain NJ Senator. He also has a moonbat troll.

Angel is covering the possible/probable arson in Israel.

Trestin is covering the Gadsden Plate.

Totus wants the TSA, “Off my junk.”

The TrogloPundit has some great Goracle demotivators.

The Political Commentator is discussing derivatives.

The Other McCain has a legal defense fund. He’ll win, in any event, but you know what to do. He’s also covering the “Unexpected” unemployment, as well as the Helen Thomas “Zionist Overlords,” comment. I take it that her SS uniform was at the cleaners.

The Current is extolling the virtues of the Daily Gut.

TCOTS has the Godfather House news, as well as exposing that not all GOP grassroots are really grassroots.

The Conservative Lady has a post on the Start Treaty.

The Augur has a post on gridlock, and why it is good!

After last months election, President Obama warned Republicans that they had better be ready to play ball and work with him.  “The American people were not issuing a mandate for gridlock,”  he said.  I beg to differ.  I, for one, voted for that very thing.  Call it “gridlock,” “traffic jam,” “hyper-partisanship,” or “the Party of No,”  I voted to stop what the Democrats artfully refer to as “progress.”  If that means that Congress doesn’t pass a single law until 2012, I’m OK with that.  And I think that most people who voted Republican last month would agree with me. That is why, despite liberal cries of “Treason!,” I think the Senate Republicans’ pledge to vote against every single bill until the Bush tax cuts are extended is exactly the sort of hardball Americans are dying for.  It’s just a start, but, for once, it looks like Republicans are on the right track.

SpellChek has a “green snowplow,” as well as Chaplin, and the totally expected unexpected.

Rjjrdq has Dream Act hysterics.

Right Klik has “My Big Fat Homoerotic Christmas.” You just have to read it.

Randy has Manson, and something about a pardon. (Fixed-Since I messed up Randy’s link, here is another as well…) He also has MSNBC showing how they are the totally unbiased network that never makes it up as they go along!

Porcupine Rim has a post about the sad state of Sweden.

Nuke shows why we should all be shopping at Sears.

NoOneOfAnyImport discusses why the Dems hate cameras

No Sheeples Here has a post on a kick *ss weapon system.

Nice Deb has some videos.

Manhattan Infidel interviews Gandalf the White.

Lonely Conservative has discovered the way to keep ourselves in good, old fashioned, not mercury containing, incandescent light bulbs

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Motor City Times has proof that governments cannot stimulate the economy, but the left doesn’t care about evidence.

Legal Insurrection has the horror of Anti-vegetarian hate.

King Shamus has a post on that magical “un” word.

Innominatus is covering the mosque issue in Oregon.

Karen has a great gun control video.

Fleece Me shows us why weddings must be planned on days not commemorated by Nazi atrocities.

Frugal Cafe Blogger has some Scrooged moments.

Fuzzy has a history lesson from the future.

MK skewers the TSA.

Conservatives on Fire contemplates the future of Hillary.

Harrison hates Christmas music, and he’ll tell you why.

Bunkerville is covering death panels by another name.

Atlas Shugs is telling us who is rejoicing over Jewish deaths.

Ol’ Broad has an example of evil.

Opus has cats playing patty cake.

The Classic Liberal has been on fire lately.  He has American Fascism,  and tells us who is paying for the Greek bailout.

The Robot has some fine Rule 5, and some interesting notes.

The Daley Gator counters blowhard Charles Blow with Rule 5. It worked!

The CH 2.0 Info Center has more Rule 5!

America’s Watchtower has the fact that the government is tracking people’s private information without warrants.

OK, let’s be out front here.  I’m not promoting smoking, and I’m not getting gold bars from big tobacco.  It is interesting though, on how the public  consensus has changed towards this legal product.

Have a good Sunday folks, and remind those close to you how you feel about them.

  • Thank Matt.
    Some strange advertising.

    • That is was Trestin,

  • Those are some strange commercials and you’re right. Things have sure change over the years.

    • That they have. While I was too young to remember these stories. My father would send me into the grocery store to buy him a carton of cigarettes…I was about 9 or 10. That would not happen now.

  • It was pretty funny seeing those commercials after so many years, andit does show us how much our attitude has changed over the years. Thanks for the link!

    • I know what you mean. It’s crazy how different things were even in our lifetimes.

  • Matt, thanks for the linkage.

    I always laughed at the ‘More doctors smoke Camels’ advertisement.

    Great stuff, Matt.

    Also, RIP Ken Minor.

    What a sad unexpected loss.

    • I had heard about the smoking Dr thing, but had never seen the ads. It’s like looking at a parody.

      I saw that you left a comment over at Ken’s place. Thanks!

  • Thanks for the link my friend. Have a great Sunday.

    • You too John!

  • Have a great day Matt, and thanks for the “almost” link…Heh.

    • I fixed that Randy. Thanks!

  • aw shucks I thought I was on the list (hugs)

  • oh there I am Matt…must be too early and need coffee..thanks again..these links are wonderful!

    • I could never forget ya Angel!

  • Thanks Matt. I think the strangest twist is that now we have cable and satellite where virtually anything goes, but those darn smokers are just a little too radical. I’m just glad I don’t smoke because of the cost.

    • It seems that the libs like all sorts of hazardous or nasty stuff, unless it involves tobacco.

      Maybe it’s just that it’s a huge industry.

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  • Haha, “more doctors smoke camels than any other cigarette” that is awesome.

    Thanks so much for the link. =)

    • No problem Fleece Me.

  • I promise I’m not whining because I do appreciate the linky-love but if your readers are interested in the “kickass weapons system” they’ll need to go to this link instead of the one in your post:

    • Sorry, my copypasta didn’t copy or pasta. It’s fixed now!

  • Thanks for the link, dude!

    • No problem Linda!

  • Wow, things have changed. Doctors say “remember the throat” and smoke Camels.

    I’ve never smoked and I’m grateful for that because it must be agony to quit. ‘Back then’ people didn’t know. My mother started smoking when she was pregnant with my brother – to have something to do with her hands when she played bridge!

    • It sure was different. The awareness is good though.

  • -Thanks for the links

    -I used to smoke Players and Lucky Strikes – four packs a day – and I sang better [go figure]. I miss smoking, but I don’t miss paying for ’em. Thank God for Nicorette.

    • They got really expensive, didn’t they. You’ll have to provide us with some evidence of your vocal talents.

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