Sunday Links: Trans Siberian Edition UPDATED


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Well, it’s the Christmas season.  It’s a time of prayer, family, shopping,  remembering others (do something for the less fortunate!), and frantic preparation.

It is also traffic suckage season, complicated by blogger mood disorder.  So, let’s try to recognize the season, as well as correct some of the suckage.  Enjoy the links, and have some Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Mind Numbed Robot got a gift from the fat man, and the Nightmare Act falling.

Russ is back in action, and is covering the failure of the Nightmare Act.

The CL discusses Inflation, and Wikileaks.

Motor City Times has a “green” bicycle.

The Daley Gator, the great giver of traffic this week, has his “The Tolerant Strikes Again” podcast.

Wyblog tells us how the administration is “living on a prayer.”

Steamboat McGoo has “How Can You Sing Harmony With Your Finger Up In There?

Always on Watch has a musical interlude.

America’s Watchtower has the failure of the “OmniPork” bill.

Atlas is covering that Muslims don’t want hearings into radicalization.

Bunkerville has an expose on the food police.

Capitol Commentary is the place for home defense.

Conservatives on Fire has a guest post from Frankenstein Government.

Apparently, yodeling is a bad thing, just go over to MK’s place and see why.

Karen shows that you can mock a lib with their knowledge. She also has Santa getting busted.

Fleece Me presents the “fact” that if you expose the government’s fail, you are somehow “misinformed.” Just as the people that get money from Soros, they’ll tell you so!

Frugal Café Blogger has posts on Paul Ryan, & Beyond Cool.

Fuzzy draws comparison to “Duck and Cover.

The Independent Bloghorn has disturbing information on school lunches.

Innominatus has the “Barry Satisfying Meal.”

King Shamus has a post on the size of government, and he also presents, “The Brothers Mario.

Labor Union Report has that the public union ponzi scheme is collapsing.

Libertarian Advocate has a HR suggestion for the WH.

Lonely Conservative has some man crush from Chrissy “Tingles” Matthews.

Trans Siberian Orchestra – Christmas Canon

shadow | Myspace Video

Legal Insurrection describes how difficult it is to fire a teacher in NJ.

Makes my Brain itch is proclaiming his innocence, as am I.

Maggie has a post on why a small bank was ordered to remove religious symbols.

Need to survive the office Christmas party?  Manhattan Infidel will tell you how!

(The Conservative Hideout is not liable for any damages, lawsuits, terminations, deportations, or other negative results.)

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Nice Deb is covering the Nightmare Act failure, as well as the DADT status.

No Sheeples Here has a great pic, and a greater honor.

NoOneOfAnyImport has some great trailers.

Nuke will see that it is “Dan-handled.

Are Earmarks and Pork one in the same? Political Realities takes on that question.

Porcupine Rim has a video that shows all the ObamaCare Damage you could think of.

Randy has some great Friday Night Funnies.

Rjjrdq is reporting that terrorist investigations make Muslims sad.

Republican Redefined has a post on Michael Moore’s Wikileaks leak.

OK, here are some other Christmas songs…

Right Klik is covering the War on Christmas.

Reaganite Republican has one of his greatest hits posts. Check it out for inspiration.

Spellchek puts an interesting hypothesis as to why we’re still in Afghanistan.

Soylent Green got some interesting and revealing spam.

Tea and Politics has a post on how Al Qaeda launders money.

Sipping Tea and Pondering Things has a post about the original Tea Party.

Teresa has some Christmas Music.

My Tea Party Chronicles has GREENBACKS FOR GREENWAYS

Rotti has a post about some local GOP Changes.

Bunni is trying to help some of her furry friends.

The Astute Bloggers have found that the Arab League boycotted Spielberg.

The Augur has a poll on Earmarks.

The guys at The Current are still working on their new blog. It will be coming soon, and you will be pleased.

Bob Belvedere at TCOTS, has some great Rule 5, and Blogger Mood Disorder.

Thed Other McCain has some support for Herman Cain, which should be considered.  For those of you not familiar with him and his incredible story.  Check him out.

Totus is discussing the death of the OmniPork.

Trestin shows us why socialism fails.

Washington Rebel has a post on the survey that says Fox Viewers are misinformed.

Angel has a post on how women dress in the workplace.


Have a good Sunday folks, and don’t forget the “reason for the season.”


Larry has posted, “Tis the Season for Christmas Music. ”

We have been mentioned in the weekly FMJRA post at The Other McCain.

  • Those are some great songs, Matt. Thanks for the link.

    • You’re welcome Larry. I tried to find some Point of Grace for you, but I couldn’t come up with it.

      • There aren’t a lot of good videos out of them, especially of Christmas music. I am going to do some looking around and see if I can come up with something to post later today. I may have some Southern Gospel Christmas music also. I haven’t done something like this before, but it would be a good change.

        • You should. These link posts are time consuming, but fun. I like that they’re more personal, and I can share some things I really like. Others seem to like them as well. My post a few weeks ago with Rush videos had more comments than any in the history of the site.

          • I am working on the post now, as well as my Sunday link post. The music I am using is going to be very different than most of my readers are used to, but I hope they will watch the videos. These are some very good singers with a great message.

  • Thanks Matt.
    Have a wonderful observance of the Winter Solstice.

    • Well, I’ll just as soon celebrate Christmas! 😀

      You’re welcome Trestin. Keep up the good work.

  • Thanks for the link Matt. I always enjoy rummaging around looking for music vids to share.

    • It is fun, though sometimes frustrating. I’ve taken to using Bing’s video search. Sometimes, the YouTube isn’t all that cooperative.

      • I’ll give that a try. Thanks.

  • Matt, thank you so much for the linky goodness.

    Glad you liked the Brother Mario trailer as much as I did. I thought that was brilliant. Thanks again.

    • The Brothers Mario was excellent. I’ll post it over here in a while, I just wanted to give you the immediate traffic benefit of it.

  • Thanks for the link Matt! My wife and my mother have taken my boys to see TSO a few times and they loved it, I haven’t seen them. My oldest boy is a musician and he managed to get their autographs.

    • You’re welcome Steve. Here’s some perspective. TSO started as a side-project of the 80’s metal band Savatage. When grunge got popular, they went increasingly to TSO.

      You can hear some of the similarities here…

  • Your rock– thanks for the linky thingy- Mucho gracis–oh, I can wait on that one!

    • You’re welcome! De Nada! 😀

  • Thanks for the link! Your Daley Gator and Lonely Conservative links are incorrect, by the way. You sure do us all a solid. Link lists like this are surprisingly hard work.

    So thanks again.

  • What a great roundup! I’m going to have to come back later to listen to some of these wonderful musical moments.

    And thank for the link to my posting about Dean Martin’s “Silver Bells.”

    • Thanks, and you’re welcome!

  • HI Matt! Merry Christmas to you and yours, and all your readers!

    This is a great Seasonal post, and I love all the great video’s you found to Celebrate this fun Holiday! I will be watching them all at length later. I love TSA and Andy Williams Christmas and the others.
    I have been dusting off my Christmas CD’s to get further in the spirit.

    Thanks for linking me in this great roundup, and
    enjoy your weekend.
    We would all do well to remember the real reason for the season…..not to buy stuff and go further into debt, but to praise the Lord and honor his birth, the light of the world.

    • Thanks Bunni. Sad as it is, I’m dusting off Christmas LP’s.

      Well said about Christmas!

  • Strike that typo, I HATE the TSA, but Love the TSO…hee hee.

    Too many acronymns. the TSA would feel up Santa and all the reindeers, and I hope the Reindeers would leave them presents, the organic kind 😉

    • I’m glad you clarified Bunni. I thought that maybe you were sharing a bit too much about your personal life. 😀

  • Matt, thanks so much for the linky– much appreciated. I love the clever way you set up your Sunday links, interspersed with cool stuff.

    • It’s fun, I have to admit, and people tend to like it. It’s the most popular post of the week.

  • Thanks Matt. I’m actually enjoying the Christmas music this year. They usually over do it by starting it at Halloween, but I didn’t notice it so much this year for whatever reason.

    • Me too. I’m just more into it this year.

      You’re welcome, and thanks for publishing such thought provoking stuff.

  • Thank you so much for the link. I love the TSO. =)

    • I know what you mean about TSO. It’s like combining Christmas Carols with heavy metal. Can’t get much better than that.

  • thank u MATT!..the music is awesome!! ..and the linky luv is appreciated always!

    • Thanks Angel, and you’re welcome!

  • Thanks for the extra link, Matt. I do appreciate i.

    • No problem Larry. It’s a good post, and deserves some attention.

  • Thanks for the Christmas Cheer and the Merry Linky Love.

    • No problem Bob. Have a good one.

  • I really enjoyed listening to the awesome music!

    Thanks so much for the link.

    Merry Christmas!

    • You’re welcome, thanks, and same to you!

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