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The MSM is not Biased; The MSM is not Biased


Just keep saying it long enough, and the MSM really won’t be biased…right?

I don’t think so.

Isn’t it great when all the talking heads come out saying almost the exact same thing as the POTUS?   Noel Sheppard at Newsbusters has this video…

It’s just a coincidence?  Yeah, and I have some magic beans to sell you.

As for the claim itself, it reminded me of the recent “let’s reform Jimmy Carter’s image by saying he was productive.” effort.  Sadly, for this Congress, no amount of lying will repair their image.  Let’s take a quick look at their “accomplishments:”

The Porkulus: Spend nearly a trillion dollars on turtle tunnels, among other things, and watch unemployment go up!

Majorities: Have unbeatable majorities in both houses, and spend most of a year working on ObamaCare.  In the meantime, you don’t pass other major initiatives, like Cap and Trade and Card Check.

ObamaCare: Speaking of ObamaCare, you pass a 2000+ page law, get surprised by what is in it, and then watch in horror as everything that Conservatives (and especially Sarah Palin) said about it come to pass.

Tea Parties: When there a popular movement forms against you.  Insult them, because that always works. Come to think of it, call them racists too.  That helps!

Electoral Bloodbath: The people go to the polls in November, and vote you out in record numbers.  When faced with this, the acceptable course of action is to try to get as much of your agenda passed with what little time you have left.  It also apparently helps to insult the voters, and have a lot parties to celebrate your ‘accomplishments.”

I could go on, but I think you get the point.  This Congress was a train wreck.  No only did they fail to get many of their major initiatives passed, the ones they did have already failed to perform as advertised, or they have been ineffective at meeting their objectives.

In the end, this is another nail in the coffin that is the MSM’s credibility, as if they had any left.  Defending this turkey is like being a character witness for Charles Manson.  No matter how many times you say it, no one is going to believe you.

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  • As most of your readers will probably say, I beg to differ with the media’s analysis of the 111th Congress. Calling it a train wreck is much too nice.

    • I was feeling generous, holiday and all. 😀

      They were beyond a train wreck. In fact, only their own incompetence prevented them from doing even more damage.

  • Barack Obama uses the word productive in his presser and the media jumps on it and runs with it. The propaganda arm of the Obama regime is in full throttle trying to save his troubled presidency, they aren’t even trying to hide their bias anymore.

    • Very true. The bleating is getting louder and louder. That much is certain.

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  • Their “production” has yielded a 13% approval rating. What good is productive legislation when that legislation is destructive? Not a coincidence.

    • You are so right. What freedom loving people consider destructive, “progressives” consider wonderful.

  • Let’s see. We were voted out of office in a bloodbath….but only because we didn’t get “our message” across to the stupid masses.

    Yep. Sounds about right.

    • Sad thing is, that really was their message.

  • Jim

    And the FCC is worried that the media is biased toward the Conservatives. Go figure.

    • Yeah, we have radio, one TV network, and a bunch of blogs. They have three broadcast networks, at least two major cable networks, and all but a handful of newspapers. They also have a strong web presence, with the HuffPo and the Kossacks.

      Yep, the advantage goes to us.

      Sarcasm aside, even though we are smaller in terms of outlets, we are winning the war of ideas. If it weren’t for Conservative media, most people wouldn’t know what is in ObamaCare, and that people are losing insurance and doctors because of it. They wouldn’t know about all the sayings, books, and videos that show what the lefties think. That’s their problem, we keep exposing them, and as long as we do so, they can’t complete their plans.

  • MK

    Good grief, it’s like they’re all a bunch of brain-dead sheep. There i was thinking progressives were about individuality, free thinking and all that.

    • That’s just the advertising. It’s really about cradle to grave control of every human on earth.

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