Sunday Links: Reagan Edition


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It’s a new year, so I thought it might be good recharge the inspiration batteries, and listen to some Reagan.  There has been no better communicator of our ideas and values than the “Gipper,” so enjoy the links, and recapture that for which we stand.

John, at the Sentry Journal, is discussing Stone walls.

Conservatives on Fire has a guest post, Small Steps Toward Taking Down Public Employee Unions.

Political Realities is covering the Federal Land Grab.

Reaganite Republican has some ELO.

The Camp of the Saints has a great New Years Message.

King Shamus has a great post, featuring our late contributor, Ken Minor.

Atlas Shrugs posted the fact that hate crimes against Jews are far more frequent that hate crimes against Muslims.

America’s Watchtower asks about the power to make executive orders.

The Other McCain has a post on how Holder intends to deal with the GOP House majority. He also states that 2010 was the year of Pamela Gellar (I can find no fault with that logic, given her accomplishments).

Bunni has her New Years Post.

Angel has a post on Mayor Bloomberg, and his failure.

Bunkerville is covering the fact that the boomers are going to drain the treasury.

Capitol Commentary has their Predictions for 2011.

MK has Hate on, Hate all.

Karen wishes us all a Happy 2011.

Riirdq has The Two Faces of Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

Always on Watch has a great New Year’s post.

Steamboat McGoo asks, Projectile-Vomiting: Is It Aerobic?

A Conservative Teacher has his top ten posts.

Snarky wishes us a Happy New Year. He also seems to suggest that we are all Basterds.

Fleece Me has a funny video.

Forgotten Liberty examines Islam.

Frugal Cafe Blogger exposes that latest Tax snafu.

Global Warming: A Worn out Hoax, has the prep for global cooling.

The Independent Bloghorn discusses that the wind-farms are killing birds.

Fuzzy makes a stand on the social issues.

Innominatus shows us Barry’s true love.

Infidel Blogger Alliance shows us the anatomy of a stoning.

Labor Union Report is covering the alleged NY labor slowdown.

Legal Insurrection shows some of the completely twisted logic that the left is using to play the race card.

Liberty at Stake is looking forward to 2011.

Lonely Conservative shows us the left has to be Cruel to be Kind.

Maggie is discussing the Death Panels.

Manhattan Infidel interviewed the haircut impaired Pete Best.

Mind Numbed Robot has A Friday Frolic, and that Bigger Government Causes More Poverty.

Motor City Times has some links of his own.

My Tea Party Chronicle is counting down the next two years.

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Nice Deb is showing the Great Global Warming Swindle.

NoSheeplesHere has a video of Tom Coburn.

NoOneOfAnyImport totally get’s it on the Death Panel issue! She has a great post on the topic.

Swampie is wishing us a Happy New Year.

Our Lives, Our Fortunes, and Our Sacred Honor has a great video from R. Lee Ermy.

ChillGuy33 has caught the POTUS in yet another lie.

Randy has a rather interesting picture of the week.

Republican Redefined asks, Who is Herman Cain?

Ruby Slippers, a new addition to the blogroll, has posted about Obama’s perceived failure. The perceptions of course, are correct.

Spellchek has Happy New Years wishes, as well as his take on earmarks.

At Soylent Green, C-Monster is offering some Happy New Years wishes. (NSFW)

Solomon has his quote of the year.

Start Thinking Right is discussing the NY union controversy.

Teresa has Happy New Years Wishes.

That’s Right has some commentary on the recent storm in his home state.

The Augur has some of their outstanding picks.

The Big Feed has some AGW lies.

The CL has his year in review.

The Daley Gator is talking about Herman Cain.

The Political Commentator shows us how al Qaeda rang in the new year.

The Conservative Lady wishes us a Happy 2011.

The Right Opinions has a book review.

The Silent Majority is talking about the Death Panels as well.

Totus is covering Big Sis and the border.

Trestin has his predictions for 2011.

Washington Rebel has Peace through Surrender.

Woodsterman has a funny video.

Wyblog has some ObamaCare damage.

Zilla of the Resistance has Barry’s mis-characterization of the church attack in Egypt.

Enjoy your Sunday, and keep fighting the good fight.

  • Thanks Matt. Good to hear some inspirational talk from the past rather than the empty promises garbage being spewed forth today.

    • Indeed. Reagan is a great source for that. He couldn’t deliver all that he promised, but he did deliver some wonderful stuff, he delayed the left by decades. They are only now catching up to where they were under Carter.

  • I’m not a fan of human cloning, but I might make an acceptation to bring him back.

    • I wish that were possible. Unfortunately it is not.

  • How I long for Reagan and his commitment to America! The pretended presently occupying the Oval Office is a disgrace.

    PS: Thanks for including my link in this linkfest.

    • No problem with the link. We do need somewhat that can articulate and explain what we are doing.

  • thanks for the link and the compliment, dude!

    • Certainly! I was feeling like a voice crying out in the wilderness. I saw your post and said, YES!!!

  • Thanks for the link…
    No matter where its always good to see and here the “The Great Communicator.”

    • No problem Mark.

      It is good, isn’t it?

  • Matt, thank you very much for the linkage.

    Like I said, I didn’t know Ken all that well, but everytime I read his stuff, I was struck by his passion for America and freedom.

    • He was a very passionate man. He was able to put it into words like very few I had ever seen.

  • Thanks for the link, Matt. I will be back later to watch the Reagan videos. He really was one of those leaders who comes along not so often. Thanks for sharing.

    • You’re welcome Larry, and thanks.

  • What a way to kick off the year! Looking back at Reagan should remind us that our fight to roll back liberalism has only begun.

    Thanks for the link!

    • Thanks Steve. We have to kick it off big, because we have big plans this year.

  • Thanks again for the linky thing. Always great to see what others are up to. Will spin back later to catch up…

    • No problem Bunkerville. Thanks for stopping by.

  • What a wonderful link fest and great way to start the New Year, Matt!

    It’s so inspiring to see Dear Mr. Reagan in his many glorious speeches. I miss him so, and the contrast with what we’re stuck with now is simply unthinkable. Every morning I wake up, and pray, “is the nightmare over yet”, sadly no! Oh well, at least we have our health. Thanks for linking me, my friend.

    Happy New Year to you and all your readers, and your family.

  • This is a great post! Thanks for linking me, Matt!
    I sure Miss Ronnie! Happy New Year!
    PS: I linked you.

    • Thanks Bunni! Have a Happy New Year.

  • -Thanks for the link, Matt.

    -The Raygun videos are a perfect way to start off what will be another year of War against the Bolshes.

    • I thought the same about Reagan. We need a nice focus. I can think of nothing better.

  • Thanks Matt. His library is 30 minutes from me. If you ever get a chance…

    • Conservative Blogger Field Trip!!

  • Thanks for the link, and Happy New Year.

    • Same to you, TCL!

  • Thanks for the link Matt! Oh how I long for a conservative leader like Reagan! I hope that someone comes out between now and 2012 who can inspire people like Ronald Reagan did, I don’t see that person on the horizon just yet.

    • I don’t see that person either. Perhaps Herman Cain will show us something to hope for.

  • wow MATT.outstanding as always! HAPPY NEW YEAR MY FRIEND!!..xxoo

    • Thanks Angel. Happy and safe New Year to you and yours!

  • Thanks for the link Matt. I sure do miss President Reagan.

    • You’re welcome John!