Resource Links: Tucson Shooting Propaganda vs. the Truth


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Earlier this week, I suggested that the MSM had jumped the shark. They have been pushing the narrative that Conservatives, particularly the “Axis of Right,” consisting of Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh, had caused the shooting in Arizona. We know they are lying, and that they have not convinced anyone, other than the “progressive” base, that their claims are even remotely true. Through all of this, I have been convinced that the propaganda at work here would eventually backfire on the left. To that end, I proposed that we help that process along by creating a massive set of links to spread the word about this nonsense. The list has been compiled, and starts below.

Giffords shooting prompts proposed limits to freedom and hypocritical recriminations

‘An Attack on the Soul of the Nation’? I Don’t Think So

Gabrielle Giffords shooting: Frightening, twisted shrine in Arizona killer Jared Lee Loughner’s yard

Jared Loughner’s behavior recorded by college classmate in e-mails

Jared Lee Loughner, Alleged Tucson Shooting Gunman, Appears in Court

Arizona Assassin Obsessed With Mind Control

He Did Not Have a License to Kill Either

“Toning Down The Rhetoric” Means Obeying Big Government

On the weekend’s shooting–

Questioning the Legitimacy of the State

Jon Stewart: You Can’t Blame Political Rhetoric For What Happened In Tucson

SILENCE: RI Gov. bans state employees from speaking on talkradio…

Dem Congressman: If Violent Rhetoric Didn’t Cause This Shooting — It Will Cause Next One!

“Paul Krugman’s totalitarian temptation”

Jared Loughner’s supremacists tie debunked

Doctors give Giffords “100% chance” of survival

Rhode Island Governor Bans StateOfficials from Talk Radio

Kerry warns against a government ‘too limited to have invented the Internet’

Senate Sergeant-at-Arms to Congress: Leave Guns to Law Enforcement – and We Need Fewer Guns

The Left’s New Low

Falsely accusing the Tea Party of murder

Don’t Use My Daughter’s Murder as an Excuse to Attack Liberty

The War on Free Speech

The Politicization of a Crime

The Politics of Fear and Paranoia

The charlatans’ response to the Tucson tragedy

Stop blaming the Tea Party for the Arizona tragedy

“Sarah Palin made him do it!” means Narrative failure

While It Is Still Legal to Do So, Let Me Be Clear, Louise Slaughter Is a Dumbass

This would effectively ban guns.

Proximate Causes

Number One “with a bullet.”

Our handlers continue to squeeze the attempt on Giffords’ life for all it’s worth …

Dem planning bill that would outlaw threats to lawmakers

Why Not Gun Control for the Government?

Has An Arizona Sherrif Ever Been Recalled?

The original news story should have been “paranoid pothead goes on shooting rampage.”

Cops Stopped Loughner Day Of Shooting

Boehner sets 1000-foot perimeter around House to gun … legislation

The media tries to pin the Arizona shooting on the Tea Party and talk radio

Time for the left to get off its high horse

FALSE FLAG ALERT – Obama Needs Another Oklahoma City Bombing To ‘Click’ With The Country

Has An Arizona Sheriff Ever Been Recalled? – No Time Like The Present

Let’s Talk About Murder and Gun Control

Jared Loughner’s friend says suspect ‘Did not watch TV … disliked the news’


Memorial Service in Tucson has a name and a logo? Concession stands will be open… /w Update

Alex Jones’ Take on the AZ Shooter

Column – The framing of Sarah Palin

Keep Being Douchebags, Howard Fineman & Paul Krugman (KingShamus)

The Other McCain:

ARIZONA OUTRAGE: Rep. Giffords Shot in Tucson; U.S. Judge Killed; Gunman Identified as Jared Loughner, 22

Arizona Shooter ‘Seems to Be Someone Desperately Needing Mental Health Care’

Speculation Is Not Reporting

Text of Memo From the Department of Homeland Security on Arizona Shooting

‘Unbalanced People … Respond to the Vitriol That Comes Out of Certain Mouths’

A Thought Concerning The False Lefty Propaganda

A Very Special Comment

Can ‘Vitriol’ Be Cured by ‘Civility’? And What Does It Have to Do With Tucson?

The Suspect and the ‘Usual Suspects’

MSNBC’s Non Sequitur Marathon

Poll Shows MSM Spin on Tucson Shooting Rejected by Stupid American Majority

Mission Accomplished, Markos Moulitsas

When Did Sarah Palin Say ‘Put Him Against the Wall and Shoot Him’?

Vitriolic Rhetoric, Anyone?

News From the Department of Obvious: Jared Loughner ‘Was Sick in the Head’

When in Doubt, Blame Palin!

Jared Loughner: Beta Male

‘Vain in Their Imaginations’
God-Haters and the Tucson Massacre

The Cover-Up in Pima County

Zeitgeist: Watch the Conspiracy Movie That Had a ‘Profound Impact’ on Tucson Mass Murder Suspect Jared Loughner

‘The Most Bald-Faced Lie I Have Ever Read in the New York Times’

Conservative Hideout

Arizona Congresswoman Reportedly Shot at Public Event: UPDATED

A Giffords Update: When Lies Become the Narrative

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Monday Links: Leftist Hate Edition

Arizona Shooting Update: MSM Sets Shark Jumping Record

The Slate’s Jacob Weisberg’s Arguments are Shredded: Why Liberals Like Him Shouldn’t be Allowed to Write about the Giffords Shooting

MSM Still Jumping the Shark: New Poll Confirms that Majority of American are in Touch with Reality

Fleece Me

What the commies think about Arizona shooting

What the Arizona tragedy has taught me about Islam

Political Realities

The Aftermath Of The Arizona Shooting

Political Rhetoric From The Left


Rep. Peter King introduces the Put Your Congressman in a Bubble Act of 2011

As surely as the sun will rise in the east, Frank Lautenberg’s knee will jerk.

OMG! A nut shot some people! Quick, enact more gun control laws!

No rush to judgment here

The Camp of the Saints

Of Rabid Dogs, Wimpy Snakes In The Grass, And A Classy Dame

Markos Moulitsas: Blood Libelist

Bob’s Musings: Use Your Mentality, Step Up, Wake Up To Reality

The Battle Of The Bilge

Fantasists Attract

Sheriff Clarence Dupnik Is A Douche Nozzle

The Spot-On Quote Of The Day…

The Attempted Assassination of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords

Reaganite Republican

Duplicitous Dupnik in A WORLD of Hurt Now…

If There’s Still Any Hope of Salvaging the MSM’s Credibility… They’re Going to Have to STOP LYING First

UPDATE: Rep. Giffords Expected to Recover from Deranged Leftist Jared Loughner’s Rampage

Frugal Cafe Blogger

Tucson Tragedy and the Liberals’ “Don’t You Dare Blame the Murderer!” Game

Shame on You, Luke — Your Dad Tim Russert Would NEVER Have Aired an Opinion Connecting the AZ Shootings to ObamaCare Backlash Without Some Actual Evidence (video)

Give Peace a Chance, Unless You’re a Left-wing Twitter User Who Wants to Kill or Inflict Pain on Sarah Palin (video)

Fire Up the Cauldron of Tar for Liberals’ Witch Hunt of Sarah Palin… Hate-Filled Liberal Journalists & Bloggers Exploiting AZ Shootout to Destroy Palin

Rush Limbaugh: Jared Loughner & the Tucson Tragedy, Sheriff Dupnik’s Left-wing Politicizing, & Violence in Films & on TV (video)

Dem Nanny State: Rep Robert Brady Wants New Federal Law to Control “Free” Speech to Protect Members of Congress (video)

King Shamus

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Shot

The Giffords Shooting-No politics, just an atrocity

No Credibility, No Class-The Giffords Shooting and the American Left

Sherriff Clarence ‘RIGHT WING VITRIOL’ Dupnik might’ve shit the mattress

You Want To See Real Extremist Rhetoric?

Collating The Left’s Insanity

Legal Insurrection

Death Wishes Like It’s Party Time

Let’s Not Forget Who Among Many Has Coarsened The Conversation

Hil Unhinged

Person Tweeting Death Wish For Palin Now Wants Privacy

Blood Libel

Loughner Friend – “He Didn’t Listen to Political Radio”

The Worlds of Jared Loughner and Palin Haters

Palin Video: “America’s Enduring Strength”

Someone Worth Remembering

Hijacking A Massacre

David Brooks Fails To Name Names At The NY Times

First Post-Shooting Poll – Most Americans Still Sane

Dem Rep – Don’t Use Term “Job Killing” In Obamacare Repeal Bill

What David Frum Needed To Say After Giffords’ Shooting

The Three Media Stooges

The Palin “Target Map” Lie Has Traveled Far

Does Sheriff Clarence Dupnik Have No Shame?

Five Criminal Charges Filed Against Jared Lee Loughner

Gabrielle Giffords Shooting – Updates

Two Sicknesses On Display in Arizona

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords

Teresa’s America

Vitriolic Rhetoric by WHICH Party and Against WHICH President?

SICKOS Want Sarah Palin Dead: Twitter Users Wish Death on Palin

America’s Watchtower

The media tries to pin the Arizona shooting on the Tea Party and talk radio

Jim Clyburn wants to reinstate the “Fairness Doctrine” in response to the Arizona shooting

Friend claims that Jared Loughner didn’t watch television or listen to talk radio

Sarah Palin vs Barack Obama: Their differing reactions to the Arizona shooting according to Politico

Republican Redefined

Don’t be a “Dupnik” – New Addition to the Urban Dictionary

Blood Libel Blowback – Come on Ben Smith!! Do We Really Have to Go There?

Sarah Palin Uses the Phrase “Blood Libel”, Another Look at the Reference

Sarah Palin Releases Statement on Tuscon Tragedy: “America’s Enduring Strength” (Video)

Bill Clinton From Haiti, Republican Controlled House Should “Tone Down” Political Discourse

David Brooks on Jared Loughner: “The Politicized Mind”

Right Wing Extremists: Jared Loughner Nutbag Edition

Jared Loughner – Not the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, or Even American Renaissance – Shot Innocent People

Sarah Palin Target List Blamed for Giffords Shooting by Left and MSM

Michelle Malkin (Who takes the honor of crafting the post showing the greatest concentration of leftist hate ever compiled)

The progressive “climate of hate:” An illustrated primer, 2000-2010

I would encourage any blogger to republish this list as they see fit. This is about allowing people to see all of the evidence and commentary that the right bloggers have to offer. We have the truth on our side, so let’s get as many people to see it as possible.

I know that there are many more blogs than can be linked here. These posts were mostly user submitted in the prior post,  taken from sites that I read regularly, or I think are of merit. A special thanks goes out to The Classic Liberal for compiling a great list of links that became the backbone of this one.  If you have others to add, drop a comment, and let me know.  Note that if you submit more than two links, your comment will go to moderation, I’ll approve it when I am able.