Blog Focus: The Gloves are off


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Karen, at Eastern Right, has crafted one of the best posts I’ve read regarding last week’s shooting.  Here is an excerpt.

I must admit that I’m rather glad that the Soros sycophants have reacted the way they have.

It’s really about time that we came to grips with the fact that we have no common ground with these people.

Too often, many conservatives assume that those one the Left, though misguided, are sincere and acting in the best interest of their country and society. We’re quick to tell them that we know they love their country too and that we really want the same things. Sarah Palin even suggested this during her statement regarding the tragic shooting in Tucson (for which she was ridiculously assigned blame).

The Left’s cheap, disgusting slander in the face of a loner-loon-perpetrated massacre should put the lie to this.

Conservatives want liberty with personal responsibility, smaller government that does not seek to insert itself into our lives, and the freedom to worship the way we choose or not at all.

So-called “progressives” want global communism. They are very deliberately collapsing our society because, as Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci noted, people won’t accept Marxism if they have God, family, liberty, and economic prosperity.

Please go to Eastern Right for the rest of this post.  You won’t regret it.

  • You were spot-on Matt. That was a great post. The following is the comment I left: “Outstanding post! I 100 percent agree with everything you have said. I can we who love liberty and freedom find common ground with those who do not? We can’t. We need to stop kidding ourselves that there is a middle ground with these radicals. Those who believe that they can move the country forward by compromising with these leftists are delusional.”

  • I remember my grandfather saying years ago, “wait until these people have something to lose, like property. They’ll change their tune.” Turns out he was right. These people refuse to walk the walk, but they want to impose their ideology on everyone else. Do you think Obama’s kids will ever have to take the bus? Or Pelosi’s grandchildren will ever have their salary capped? Or any of Harry Reid’s clan will have to sit out a year or more of college because some DREAM Act beneficiary got the classes in front of them? Or any of them would end up in a hospice because they aren’t worth saving? No, those things would never happen. Different story for the rest of us.

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